I have been doing business with Dynacraft and Hireko Golf for years. They have quality products with great prices. R. S. Peterson DOUBLE EAGLE GOLF.

  2. BOB ROBERTS says:


  3. Jack Hayes says:

    When I try to download your flyer, I get a Google screen about sharing files. I have never been able to download your flyers . . . what is the problem?


    • Greetings,
      When you get to the Google screen, go up to the left hand side at top left where it says FILE. Then the drop down menu at bottom will say DOWNLOAD. See it? If you are still having problems, I can email it to you direct. Just give me your email. Mine is raltomonte@hirekogolf.com. Thank you.
      Rob Altomonte
      Hireko Golf

  4. John O'Donoghue says:

    Can’t download the flyer from this ridiculous Google Docs page.

  5. Richard Gingold says:

    I would like to recieve your catalog in the mail.
    Richard Gingold
    4817 Candy Lane
    Manlius,New York

  6. James says:

    When is the adjustable putter shaft going to be available? I don’t see it online yet.

  7. Paul Leighty says:

    I like your product lines, and I appreciate your prompt delivery of the things I have ordered. I have recommended your website to my golfing friends.
    Paul Leighty

  8. sharky inman says:

    great business to work with, service is great and you can always count on your order in a timely manner

  9. Jeff Summitt says:


    Sorry, I gave you the incorrect delivery date previously. They won’t be here until mid-October.

  10. Gene W Wines says:

    Rob and Jeff: Another fall catelog. I have been waiting on this program. Always, great buys, and best of all always professional service, from you two greats, in this industry. Over twenty years of faithful Chairman Service. Excellent guys. Oh My, we are getting mellow in our old age.. ha The Machine

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