Black Widow Grips Now In Stock!

Black Widow Grips are designed to meet the needs of golfers at all levels, from touring professionals to recreational golfers. The expansive product line features Grip Alignment Technology and Web-Traction TechnologyTM which are anti-slip design arrangements that maximize surface area for more traction.

All BW Grips Feature four branded markings unique to the famed Black Widow name. Look for these markings to identify 100% Authentic BW Golf Grips.

Web Traction Technology™
Black Widow Grips Web Traction Technology provides improved grip confidence and promotes proper grip pressure for greater swing speed.

Grip Alignment Technology™
All Ribbed Black Widow Grips feature a vertical alignment bar which promotes proper hand positioning to ensure longer, straighter and more accurate shots.

Black Widow Tour Silk Black #BWTS1-BL $3.19 each
Black Widow Tour Silk White #BWTS1-WH $3.19 each
Black Widow Tour Silk Midsize White #BWTS2-WH $3.39 each
Black Widow Widow Maker Black/White #BWWM1-BW $7.49 each
Black Widow Widow Maker Black/Red #BWWM1-BR $7.49 each
Black Widow Widow Maker Black/Black #BBWWM1-BB $7.49 each
Black Widow Widow Maker Midsize Black/Black #BWWM2-BB $8.16 each
Black Widow Fusion II Black #BWFS2-BL $5.99 each
Black Widow Fusion II White #BWFS2-WH $5.99 each
Black Widow Widow Maker Midsize Paddle Putter Black/White #BWPWM-BW $8.59 each



  1. Charles Teraoka says:

    Awesome! I called and asked about these 2yrs ago, and I’m glad that Hireko is finally getting these in stock.

  2. Lary says:

    What are the weight of the BW shafts?

  3. Jeff Summitt says:


    The standard men’s grips weigh between 47-49g and midsize is 60g. Putter grip is 88g.

  4. Daveydollars says:

    Does BW make 1/8″ oversized grips?

  5. Jeff Summitt says:


    The largest they offer is +1/16″ at the present time.

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