Allen Smashes Guinness World Record For Driver Ball Speed Using A Fairway Wood!

Batavia, IL USA- World records aren’t just being broken at the 2012 Olympic games in London. Maurice Allen, professional long drive competitor, recently set the Guinness world record for driver ball speed using an Exotics XCG5 fairway wood! In the Full Swing simulator at America’s Golf outlet in Orlando Florida, Allen swung an Exotics XCG5 fairway wood that bested the current record of 204 mph ball speed set with a driver. That’s right he broke driver ball speed record using a fairway wood. Allen’s shot produced a whopping ball speed of 211 mph. The Guinness world record for fastest golf drive with a driver was previously held by Jason Zuback who on January 1, 2007 hit a drive that generated a ball speed of 204 mph.

“Allen’s shot is a remarkable feat because he beat Zuback’s record by 7 mph using a fairway wood” says Andy Harris, Tour Edge Golf’s PGA Tour representative. “Allen’s incredible shot produced a stunningly-long 347 yard 3-wood hit with 336 yards of carry. That’s longer than PGA Tour players hit their driver. It is a testament to Maurice’s strength and skill as well as an endorsement of the Exotics XCG5 fairway wood as being the longest hitting fairway wood in golf.”

To set the record, Allen used an Exotics XCG5 #3 (15 degree) fairway wood with a stock regular flex Aldila RIP graphite shaft complimented with a custom Black Widow grip, and a Volvik Vista golf ball.

At 30 years of age, Maurice is only 5′ 8″ tall and 185 lbs. but he generates an incredible 164 mph of club speed. A goal setter by nature, Maurice has aspirations to play on the PGA Tour. In the meantime, Maurice will compete in the ReMax Long Drive Nationals, the International Long Drive Challenge, and the Aldila Match Play in Switzerland in hopes of setting some more records.

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  1. Denny says:

    WOW! That’s a lot of club head speed. It is not especially surprising though that hitting a smaller club head would generate extra club head speed. Many pros hit a driver small than the 460 cc club head most of us play. Less resistance and lighter weight. This shot probably lost some distance due to higher launch angle than a driver would generate, but 347 yards. Pretty impressive.

  2. Tony Panneton says:

    I don’t know which pros you’re talking about Denny, but all the ones I see on TV use 460cc drivers. There may be some who use one of the Titleist drivers that has a Slightly reduced volume (~440CC), but most of them are pretty much the same heads you see in the pro shops. More often they may have a particular shaft that’s not available on stock versions. On the other hand, I can see a #3 fairway producing long shots. I’d be interested to see what that guy could do with one of the Cobra Long Tom #2 woods (w/45″ shaft).

  3. Norman says:

    Hey Denny, the piece did not give all the component specs on on the club that Mr. Allen used to accomplish his Herculean feat, but we know that 3-wood heads are generally 10 grams heavier than drivers. And since we don’t know the length of the shaft, or the specs on the ‘custom’ grip, it is impossible to say that the club he used is ‘lighter weight’ than a driver would have been – though unlikely.
    Otherwise, your comment was spot-on with my thinking. Like you say, ‘347…Pretty impressive.’

  4. Charles says:

    Amazing ball speed. In this case, total distance has a lot more to do with other factors than ball speed. Thus, “only” 347 yards. He won’t be using a 3 wood at ReMax long drive contests, that’s for sure. Good luck to the young man, he has a lot of talent/potential.

  5. Justin says:

    Tiger Woods and Anthony Kim use 380cc models, per Golf Digest and Golf magazine. I’m pretty sure Bubba Watson uses a 460cc Ping. Briny Baird was gaming an old TMaG 300 driver. I do agree the majority are using 430cc+ models, though.

    It’s pretty safe to say though, that our results will vary from Mr. Allen’s.

  6. packy paulson says:

    To bad I didn’t have an official handy when I drove my (titalist) #3 (10 gram) wood 351yards!! Lucky for me I had plenty of credible golfers handy!

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