Power Play Caiman X2 Tour Irons Receive Golf Tips Mag “Editors’ Pick”!

In the August issue of Golf Tips Magazine the Power Play Caiman X2 Tour Irons received an “Editors’ Picks” writeup. Golf Tips magazine is one the top 3 golf magazines in the industry and their acknowledgement only adds to the growing positive reviews received about the Power Play Caiman X2 Tour Irons.

Here’s what Golf Tips Magazine said about the X2 Tour Irons:

“We think these are some of the best-looking irons this year, and they just so happen to perform beautifully, as well. The Caiman X2 Tour Irons ($33/head) feature a copper-toned PVD finish, a muscle-back design and a top-line profile that better players will love. In our trial, shotshaping was a breeze and although not forged, they sure feel like it. We also dig the near endless options of custom grips and shafts to choose from at Hireko Golf.
– Golf Tips Magazine, August Edition

The writeup can be viewed on the Golf Tips website here.

Make no bones about it, the Caiman X2 Tour irons with the razor thin topline, low offset and the tremendous amount of mass concentrated directly behind the sweet spot for that unmistakable pure feel at impact are specifically designed for the better player. The luxurious copper PVD plating bestows a one-of-a-kind appearance.

Power Play Caiman X2 Tour Blade – Custom Assembled  Model #XI3680 $32.95 each
Power Play Caiman X2 Tour Blade – Clubhead  Model #I3680 $17.95 each

The New Adams Golf Idea CMB Irons Have Arrived!

Idea CMB Irons Technology Features
The Most Playable Player’s Iron.

The incredible look and feel achieved through the multi-material construction and design of the Idea CMB Irons raises the bar for the future of the players’ iron category. The good looks are striking, the feel amazing, and the performance is world-class. The unique placement of tungsten weight plugs will minimize twisting at impact so that mis-hits feel better and fly more accurately. The CMB Irons appeal to the best golfers in the world and can be played by skilled amateurs that need additional forgiveness through technology and design.

Performance Advantage Through Multi-Material Design

Forged 1025 carbon steel body provides exceptional feel.

Unique tungsten weight inserts strategically placed low in the toe to position the center of gravity in the exact center of the scorelines. This creates enhanced feel and minimal twisting at impact.

Two-piece, laser plasma-welded forged construction.

Nickel-chrome satin finish gives these irons a unique and better player look.

3-way cambered sole improves turf interaction.

Triple-milled (face, grooves & cavity) improves the scoreline design.

Progressive performance provides consistent forgiveness and ball flight control from long irons to scoring clubs.

Adams Idea CMB Forged Iron Set – Graphite Shafted  $1,099.99 set 4-GW Model #AD049G
Adams Idea CMB Forged Iron Set – Steel Shafted  $999.99 set 4-GW Model #AD049S

Introducing the New Adams Golf Speedline Tech UL Driver

6G Aerodynamics.
FASTfit Adjustability.
3DS Face Technology.

Get 11 More Yards Distance and 54% Better Accuracy.
Introducing the new Adams Golf Speedline Tech UL Driver

The Adams Speedline Tech UL Driver is Adams’ most advanced driver ever. Only 310g, fully assembled with Speedline airfoil technology and featuring Matrix RUL 54 graphite shaft. You’ swing it faster, easier, and with more confidence than ever before. Dial it in for distance, Speedline Tech is tuned for you.

6G Aerodynamic Technology improves shaping and size that helps this clubhead cut through the air faster than ever for more distance.


FASTfit Adjustability allows you to quickly tune the clubhead for your individual swing and preferred ball flight for more distance.

3DS Face Technology is a change in the bulge and roll of the face for ideal launch conditions for on-center and off-center hits resulting in 54% improvement in accuracy and more distance.

Adams Speedline Tech UL Driver $399.99 Model #AD048


Yes Putters Now Available at Hireko Golf!

81 Total Tour Wins.

Owners of the patented C-Groove Technology.

Robot testing was also conducted to compare consistency of distance and line for balls struck with identical force numerous times on a 50′ putt. These tests substantiated the fact that the C-Groove putter, due to its truer roll, was more consistent in distance and line. By hitting the ball

Yes! Golf is the emerging leader in the field of advanced putter design and related technology. Today, Yes! putters, with C-Groove Technology are played on every major professional tour in the U.S, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Yes! putters are steadily helping hundreds of tour pros and thousands of amateur golfers worldwide reach their highest putting potential.

How C-Grooves Work

By gripping the back of the ball and lifting it forward on impact, the C-Grooves of a Yes putter create almost instant stabilization, causing the ball to roll forward much sooner than any other putter. In fact, as much as six times sooner.

The naked eye can’t see it, but when a regular putter face impacts a golf ball it results in loft causing skidding, side- and even back-spinning before the ball can begin rolling forward on the green. So the ball is more apt to be affected by any miniscule aberration it encounters. Even when struck on the right line, these effects are the principal causes of missed putts

The C-Groove on every Yes! putter solves this problem better than any other putter on the market. Which is why it’s covered by multiple patents.

The secret is the 20-degree upward slant of the C-Groove’s concentric edges. Upon contact, these edges grip the ball surface and apply physical forces that simultaneously lift the ball out of its resting position and impart an over-the-top rolling motion.

The illustration to the right is a detailed summary of multiple 20′ test putts as conducted by an independent testing firm. Using a putting robot and a 100-frame-per-second video camera, they were able to show how the C-Groove putter dramatically and consistently outperforms the putters of other major golf companies.

Balls struck with the Yes! C-Grooves invariably achieved forward roll quicker than balls struck by competitive putters which repeatedly skidded, skipped and spun before settling into forward roll in approximately 18 inches.

And the sooner a ball achieves smooth forward roll, the better the line it will have and the less likely it is to be affected by aberrations in the green. In short, more putts will drop in.

Even when struck up to a quarter of an inch off center, the C-Groove putter rolls the ball sooner and more consistently.

Yes! Blade Style Putters
Name Stroke Profile Available Finishes Price
Bella -12 For players with a slight arc path. The stroke profile of a majority of golfers. Satin, White Starts $149.99 each
Callie -12 For players with a slight arc path. The stroke profile of a majority of golfers. Satin, White, Manganese-Bronze, Satin Womens Starts $149.99 each
Satin Womens
Jennie -12 For players with a slight arc path. The stroke profile of a majority of golfers. Black $159.99 each
Sophia -12 For players with a full arc path. Satin $149.99 each
Yes! Mallet Style Putters
Eleanor -12 For players with a slight arc path. The stroke profile of a majority of golfers. Black $159.99 each
Sara -12 For players with a straight path. Satin $149.99 each
Sandy -12 For players with a slight arc path or straight path. White, Satin, Satin Womens Starts $149.99 each
Satin Womens
Yes! Belly Mid Putters
Pippi -12 Mid For players with a slight arc path. The stroke profile of a majority of golfers. Satin $199.99 each
Sara -12 Mid For players with a slight arc path. Satin $199.99 each
Sandy -12 Mid For players with a slight arc path. Satin, White Starts at $199.99 each
Yes! Long Putters
Sally – 12M Long For players with a straight path. White $299.99 each
Sara – 12M Long For players with a straight path. Satin $199.99 each



How Did You Stay Cool While Playing Golf in the Extreme Heat?

With record breaking temperatures being set on what seemed like a daily basis for the better part of the US this past week, golf courses and driving ranges remained opened for those brave enough to endure the blistering heat.  While parking lots were sparsely populated with cars, a few die hard golfers found means to enjoy a round of golf or try to hone their skills.

For those that like to walk like me, you have to be very careful not to overdo it and end up with some heat-related illness.  This is one time I would encourage riding in a cart or at least renting or using a push cart to take the load off.  The most important carry-ons in your bag are likely to be bottled water (or a sport’s drink) and maybe a few ice packs to keep them cool and you hydrated.  Save the malted hops until afterwards as they can dehydrate you. Don’t forget to wet a towel before heading to the first tee.  This isn’t necessarily to clean your clubs, but rather place around your neck between holes or while waiting for your next shot.

Apply sunscreen and wear loose fitting, light-colored clothing and a hat to protect you from the elements.  Even with low humidity you are bound to sweat which will make your hands and grip slip.  Remember to bring additional gloves to change out when they are no longer effective. Lastly, play golf early when it is coolest or possibly very late in the evening for a quick 9 when the sun subsides.  Remember to take it easy.  With the fewer number of players on the course, chances are you won’t be pushed by the group behind you.  If so, let them through as they probably don’t want to be out in the heat any longer than they have to.

For you die-hard golfers out there, share some of your secrets on how you beat the heat and still enjoy golf.

The Power Play Raw Spin Wedge – Your Short Game Never Looked So Good

The Power Play Raw Spin wedge series is a stylish, multi-tiered muscle back design with an exceptionally functional sole grind and straighter leading edge for easier alignment at address. The Power Play Raw Spin wedges are equipped with semi-U grooves to conform to the 2010 groove regulations. Lastly, the luxurious copper PVD plating bestows a one of a kind appearance.

Watch Below Hireko’s Technical Director Jeff Summitt Videoblog on the Power Play Raw Spin Wedge

Power Play Raw Spin Wedge – Clubhead  $19.95 each
Model #3675
Power Play Raw Spin Wedge – Custom Assembled  $34.95 each
Model #XI3675


New Colored Ferrules In Stock!

Go Beyond The Conventional
New Colored Ferrules Available In A Rainbow Of Colors

Hireko now offers a wide assortment of colored ferrules. Choose between red, pink, royal blue, green, purple, orange, yellow and sky blue. Fits standard parallel tipped shafts. Pre-sized outer diameter (OD) for a better fit. Sold 12 per package.

Iron Ferrule – 13.6mm OD (fits stainless irons, wedge and hybrids)
Driver Ferrule – 12.6mm OD (fits titanium drivers)
Fairway Wood Ferrule – 12.2mm OD (fits stainless fairway woods)

Red Ferrule (doz) #FR1038 $4.65 ea.
Pink Ferrule (doz) #FR1039 $4.65 ea.
Royal Blue Ferrule (doz) #FR1040 $4.65 ea.
Green Ferrule (doz) #FR1041 $4.65 ea.
Purple Ferrule (doz) #FR1042 $4.65 ea.
Orange Ferrule (doz) #FR1043 $4.65 ea.
Yellow Ferrule (doz) #FR1044 $4.65 ea.
Sky Blue Ferrule (doz) #FR1045 $4.65 ea.