Introducing the Bionik Nano-White Belly Putter

Due to the popularity of belly putters, Hireko has added another option to the fold. It is actually a modified version of the Bionik 207 we brought earlier this year. The new belly version shares several similarities such as the bold alignment lines and dots atop of the crown for alignment, the milled aluminum insert for feel and the hollowed out undercarriage to raise the center of gravity so it coincides closer to the equator of the golf ball for a truer roll. And yes, it is the high optic white as the name implies to contract nicely with the color of the green (or brownish if you are unfortunate to live in a drought area).

The biggest difference between the two models is the weight has been pumped up substantially by using the two heavier stainless steel weighted rods. This brings the weight up to 400g or what is necessary to make a very functional belly putter. This is also a center-shafted model which utilizes a straight shaft compared to the sister model which required the compound double bend model making it easier to install. But that is not the reason we made it that way. The center-shafted position was selected for alignment purposes as well as to create a face-balanced design plus work with a new product hopefully that will be available later this year.

Because this model falls into our Bionik line, you can be assured of one thing – it is an economic model but doesn’t necessarily look or play like one. If you are in the market for a belly putter or knows someone that is and doesn’t spend an arm and a leg for one, then the Bionik 207 Nano-White Belly putter should be at the top of that list.

Bionik 207 Nano Mallet Belly Putter – Custom Assembled Model #XAP94218 $43.95 ea.
Bionik 207 Nano Mallet Putter – Component Clubhead
Model #AP94218 $15.95 ea.