Are Long Putters Here to Stay?

After the heart-wrenching loss by Adam Scott over the weekend, I hope the USGA paid attention and sees that a putter anchored to the body does not give a competitive advantage. Long putters have been around far longer than oversized titanium drivers, hybrids, cavity back irons, rangefinder, etc. all of which provide more of an advantage to golfers everywhere than the long putter. You don’t hear rumbling those will go anytime soon, so let the long putter saga die and go away and give it the credit it deserves. It has been a part of golf history and should continue – don’t take 2 steps forward and then one back.

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  1. Justin says:

    My thoughts exactly!

  2. Barry McCarthy says:

    I disagree. The putter should be the shortest club in the bag. I you nerves go and you can’t putt any longer that is the way it goes. I’m 75 and sure can’t putt like I once did.

  3. rOB kEELING says:

    Jeff, Just because Adam choked down the stretch does not in anyway prove that long putters do not help……it just proves that choking can be done with a long or a short putter, or with a driver or a wedge….plain and simple choking is choking!

    Point is………
    Long putters were here b/4 V grooves and balata balls, Grooves were changed by Ping to accomadate the harder 3 piece ball ………Now the V groove is gone! And we still have the 3 piece ball…….Sometimes going backwards is not so bad!

  4. Broder says:

    Hopefully your common-sense-attitude will prevail, Jeff.
    To my opion there is far too much “ideology” in that discussion.
    I do play both – normal and chest-putters. They both have their strengthes and disadvantages: for me with a long put (>20 ft) length-judgement seems to be easier with a normal putter, while short puts within 3-10 ft. seem to be easier to sink with a chest-putter. So, my experience tells me there is no granted overall-advantage in using a chest-putter.
    Since i am 53y of age, my preference for the chest-putter derives far more from its allowance of a more upright upperbody-position, decisively protecting my back during play and training.
    So, for seniors like me but also for any younger player there is an important health-issue involved in that debate, which should be taken in consideration

    Another point to mention: while playing with a chest-putter I do not (!) “anchor the putter to my body”. What I – and probably others, too – do is to anchor my fist, wrapped around the grip, to my chest. The putter itself never touches my upperbody. So, after a rule-change what would that considered to be: legal or illegal?
    Last point: have a look at Arnold Palmers putting-stroke during the 60s. (f.i.: It seems to me he was anchoring his arms partly to his body to stabilize his posture. The R&A and USGA won’t rule out the KING, will they?
    So, to my opion, in a golf-world that allows heavily bounced sandwedges, ultralight graphite-shafts instead of hickory, loft-lie-adjustable titanium driver-heads instead of persimmons and anchored arms while putting there should be room for a simple chestputter. Even more if its played not directly anchored to the body – as I do.
    Enjoy your game
    Broder / Germany

  5. Dan says:

    At 53, and playing from the age of 12/13, so say 40 years and getting to a h’cap of 4, now mid twenties,primarily due to poor putting. I agree with Jack Nicklaus BAN THEM !!!! The stroke is a sweep not a putt. Or lets look at two sets of rules Amateur and Professional. Maybe it will speed up the game for the average club player and how about we increase the size of the cup ???? Shafts,grips,clubheads,balls,gps, all good but putting a broom in your bag, go play bolle, bowls, or simply get off your acre and work on your putting. BAN THE BROOM AND GUT PUTTERS !!! Aussie Dan

  6. Curt says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Could you please post an overhead pic looking down at address for the Santa Cruz Long Putter? I would like to build a long putter but want to make sure I am comfortable of how it looks at address before purchasing and also being use to heel putters. As always, thanks for your outstanding service and support.

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