Adams Staff Claim Top 2 in Mexico




Lee Williams Wins His First Nationwide Tour Title
The 1-stroke victory was Lee’s first win since turning pro in 2005. He played a full bag of Adams clubs including:

Adams Speedline Fast 12 LS Driver $399.99 each
Adams Speedline Fast 12 Fairway Wood $199.99 each
Adams Idea Super XTD Hybrid $299.99 each
Adams Idea Pro A12 Hybrid $199.99 each
Adams Pro A12 Iron Set $999.99 set

Paul Haley II Moves To Top of Money List With Runner-Up Finish

Paul Haley II came one stroke away from picking up win #2 this year – although he did move to the top of the Nationwide Tour Money List. In Paul’s bag:

Adams Speedline Fast 12 LS Driver $399.99 each
Adams Idea Super XTD Hybrid $299.99 each

Also, Adams salutes 3 of its tour staff players preparing for the US Open this week.

Aaron Baddeley is coming into his 7th US Open playing well after his Top 10 finish at The Memorial. Always a strong putter, Badds leads the PGA Tour this season in Strokes Gained putting at .808.

Robert Karisson will be playing in his 8th US Open. The big Swede is back at the Olympic Club, the site of the first US Open he played in 1998.

Michael Allen is playing on his home turf this week at Olympic Club. The 53 year old has been a member there since the age of 14. Good luck to all three Adams Staffers.

Westwood, Feng and Lehman Lead Titleist to Five-Win Week With Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls

Winning demands consistency, and the Titleist golf ball’s global momentum continued again this week with five more wins across the worldwide professional tours. Pro V1x loyalist Lee Westwood advanced to the Titleist Winners’ Circle by capturing the European Tour’s Nordea Masters in Sweden. At the Wegmans LPGA Championship, Shanshan Feng relied upon the Pro V1x en route to becoming the first-ever player from mainland China to win an LPGA event. And on the Champions Tour, Tom Lehman trusted the Pro V1 to successfully defend his title at the Regions Tradition. Additional victories on the Nationwide and Canadian Tours advanced Titleist’s 2012 win count to 75, more than seven times the nearest competitor with 10.

Personalized Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls $47.99 a dozen
Personalized Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls $47.99 a dozen

Hybrids Going Ultralight

If you thought the ultralight phenomenon was strictly for drivers, you better think again. Two new shafts available this year might make you want to consider upgrading your hybrids soon. Those two shafts (in alphabetical order to show no favoritism) are the Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue with Speedcoat and the UST MP5 Hybrid Lite and both shocked me as how well they performed.

Comparison amongst the typical hybrid shaft
If you look at the majority of hybrid-specific shafts on the market today, they will tip the scales at 85, 95 and even 105 grams. Both the Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue with Speedcoat and the UST MP5 Hybrid Lite are in the low 60 gram range meaning once cut to normal playing length will weigh about the same as an ordinary grip. To be truthful when the manufacturers came out with them, I kind of scoffed feeling they will be just too light for the average player to control. After all, the shaft that I had been using in my hybrids was close to 100g.

Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue Hybrid Speedcoat Graphite #GRFMSCBHY $37.99 each
UST-Mamiya MP5 Hybrid Graphite #USTMP5HY $44.99 each

I should start out by stating both of these shafts are not for full sets of hybrids like our Acer XDS React or perennial best sell Power Play Select 5000, but primarily for the #2, 3, 4 and 5 hybrids. A quick look at the trimming instruction should tip you off since you don’t see trimming option for the higher lofts. But this is usually true with whichever hybrid-specific shaft you find on the market since those seem to be the only ones the major name brand club manufacturer’s offer.

Assembly tips
I shafted these with two older Acer XP905 hybrids I had squirreled away as the heads have identical specification to conduct testing in a scientific way as possible. One item to point out is assembly lengths. Since these shafts are a good 20g lighter than the typical hybrid shaft you have a couple choices to make regarding assembly. One, you can add weight to the head to achieve a normal swingweight or you can do as I did and assemble them ½” longer as I prefer a slightly longer club to begin with. Also, to offset the lightness of the shaft, I made sure to build the clubs with a slightly heavier swingweight to give me a sense of where the club was rather having a feather in my hands.

Tale of the Tape
To give you a little better insight on the playing characteristics, here is the information we publish in our annual Shaft Fitting Addendum.

As you can see, the DSFI (our rating system to tell how stiff a shaft is relative to others) were both fairly close to one another. But upon closer inspection, you can clearly understand there is a lot of difference on how they got there. The ProLaunch Blue is a little more tip heavy than the MP5 that will cause a higher swingweight with else being equal. But the major difference is stiffness / torque relationship. The ProLaunch Blue is a very low frequency / low torque design while the MP5 must utilize more longitudinal to increase the stiffness rather than for torque reduction.

Ball flight
The Grafalloy had a little more kick and produced more of a draw biased flight path (which I like and comes in handy from time to time). The best I can describe it was smooth and yet as light and flexible as it was provided a very predictable and controllable ball flight. The hybrid I had it in featured a semi-offset hosel. If I would have placed it in a non-offset hybrid such as our Acer XF and I bet the ball flight would have been dead straight.

There is a stiffer tipped version from Grafalloy called the ProLaunch Red with Speedcoat which I did not try yet as I haven’t fared well with stiffer tipped shafts in the past but might have with that particular hybrid and hosel configuration. It is slightly heavier than the Blue, but still far lighter than any other lower launching hybrid shaft available today.

The MP5 shaft in combination with the hybrid I used had a firmer feel as you can expect, but even with the high torque, the ball flight was remarkable straight and high too. With a shaft almost half the weight I was using, I was able to produce the same results with very little effort on my part.

The Skinny

No longer am I going to scoff at using such lightweight shafts in a hybrid as both of the shafts have been part of my rotation since the early spring when I first conducted the experiment. No longer are shafts this light relegated for slower swinging ladies and senior men. The shaft manufacturers have figured out how to lessen the weight and provide a performance-based shaft for average golfers like myself. The best part about these two shafts – they are affordable too.

Tiger Wins Memorial With Graphite Design Tour AD DI 6 Graphite Driver Shaft

Tiger Woods won the Memorial Tournament playing with a Graphite Design Tour AD DI 6 Graphite shaft in his driver. You can purchase this shaft direct from Hireko Golf.

The Tour AD DI (DEEP IMPACT) shaft is designed to provide more power and stability. The Tour AD DI manufactured exclusively at Graphite Design Japan has been integrated with Toray Company’s new Nanomaterial technology in the tip section of the shaft. This unique technology allows the player to create an epic IMPACT on ball speed while still providing exceptional feel and control.

Graphite Design Tour AD DI 6 Graphite $380 each

The mid bend profile of the Tour AD DI allows the player to load the shaft properly, yet maintains a firm enough tip section through IMPACT producing optimal spin and launch conditions. Result: the Graphite Design Tour AD DI will deliver players to the next level in shaft performance and impress an epic IMPACT on your game!

The Tour AD DI shaft carries the Tour AD moniker which stands for Tour Accuracy and Distance and has long been known for high quality and superior performance.

Note: This is a special order item. Please allow for longer delivery time.

What Lengths Do I Make Junior Clubs?

One of the more difficult questions I get is “What lengths do I make junior clubs?” Believe me this can be frustrating to explain to a customer or doting parent because there are no standards when it comes to kids clubs. Let me take this time to the reasons why.

First, we have to define what a junior player is. For a parent, junior means their son or daughter is under 18, leaving at home, probably on the couch watching TV, texting and eating snacks when they should be doing homework and picking up their room. For the golf industry that picture is quite different. Junior clubs are primarily designed for pre-teens or for kids that are 12 years old or younger. Usually when they reach 60 inches or 5 foot tall, then they no longer fit into junior clubs. At that point they go to clubs labeled as Teen such as this complete set from Adams Golf. The other option is to use adult clubs, albeit at a shorter length.

Another major difference in clubs marketed as junior, the club heads often made (for the most part) to lighter head weights as younger kids haven’t developed the strength to swing adults clubs. I say for the most part because the larger sized driver head may not always be lighter than an adult head. The other major problem is unlike adult head weights that often don’t change from manufacturer to manufacturer the same cannot be said about junior models. Their head weights can vary greatly.

Any time you change club head weight, guess what? Length also changes as the two are interrelated as you want to maintain the same balance or heft in the player’s hands. Let’s say we were to make two junior clubs at the same length, but one with an adult head and one with a very lightweight junior model. Depending on the length, one might feel like a sledgehammer and the other a feather. This is why the recommended length should be proportional to the head weight.

To gain a better understanding, I have two different length charts. One is for the new Pal Joey Versa junior components. Below each club head is its weight for reference.

Pal Joey Versa Junior – Component Clubheads #VERSA Starts at $5.95 each

For example, we have a child who is 48″ tall. We really don’t care if the child is a boy or girl or what aged they are as we are only concerned with their height. In our case we would recommend a 33″ driver because the driver weighs 190g. If it had been 200g, we would have made it 32″ like the fairway wood listed.

Now here is a chart for our assembled Acer XK Protege and iBella Daisy sets. Note there are fewer clubs in the set so some of the columns will not be filled in. We added the weights below each clubhead number for reference.

Acer XK Protege Junior Clubs for Age 9-12 – Preassembled #ACERXK912 Starts at $8.15 each
iBella Daisy Junior Clubs for Age 9-12 – Preassembled #DAISY912 Starts at $8.15 each

The common clubhead is the #5 hybrid which weighs 232g in both sets. To give you a perspective of how light this is, most adult #5-hybrids on the market range in weight between 242g and 256g. When we look at the Pal Joey Versa chart, the 30″ #5-hybrid weighing 232g would suggested for a child of 50″ in height while the 34″ #5-hybrid would be suggest for a 58″ tall player.

However, let’s look at the other club lengths in the set. The driver in the XK Protege and Daisy set is 200g and 10g heavier than the Versa driver, thus the length was made at a shorter length so it wouldn’t feel like a sledgehammer. On the opposite extreme, the #7-iron in the XK Protege and Daisy set only tipped the scales at 238g versus 250g for the Pal Joey set. In this case the suggested playing length was longer so it wouldn’t feel like a feather and balance the same weigh as the driver and #5-hybrid.

If you feel like you might need to take an aspirin after discussing junior lengths, you understandably have a valid reason. Until you know the weight of heads you will be using, you really have no starting point from which to begin.

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