Our Ferrule Block Is The Breakthrough Device That Is Guaranteed To Save You Time & Money

The Ferrule Block is more than just a fast, efficient way of installing ferrules onto the shaft; it is an indispensable combination measuring tool that will become a mainstay on any clubmaker’s workbench.

The top of The Ferrule Block features a counterbored recess for the ferrule to sit without slipping and will accept all standard sized ferrules from 0.335” to oversized 0.370” iron ferrules (however, not designed for specialty adapter ferrules). Once you have started the ferrule onto your shaft, simply line up the shaft over the hole with the ferrule in the recess and push down until the shaft is seated into The Ferrule Block. This pushes the ferrule precisely ¾” each and every time without going too far to allow for shorter hosel bores and tip pins. Now the ferrule is installed safely enough onto the shaft that you can use the head to drive it on the rest of the way.

The Ferrule Block is also a handy measurement tool to help identify the most common sized tip and butt diameters used in the industry today. Don’t know if the shaft is a 0.335” or .350”wood shaft from your inventory or one you just pulled from a head? No problem, simply slide the tip into the holes to determine the size. Non-abraded graphite shafts may have excessive paint build up. But with The Ferrule Block, that is not a problem. If the shaft won’t quite fit the 0.335” hole and the shaft is loose in the 0.350” shaft, you know you have a 0.335” shaft. The same holds true for identifying the difference between 0.355” taper tip and 0.370” parallel tip shafts.


The Ferrule Block even helps with gripping clubs by allowing clubmakers a quick way to determining the butt diameter of the shaft so they can order the appropriate core size grip or be able to figure final grip size or how many wraps of build up tape will be necessary by looking at common grip sizing charts.

Whether you are installing ferrules or identifying shaft tip or butt diameters, The Ferrule Block will become your most trusted and used tool in your shop!

The Ferrule Block $19.95 each