Introducing Two New Shafts from Apollo




Apollo has unveiled two new shafts to focus on your short game as well as your intermediate distances. So let’s start on the putting surface first.

Curved Belly Putter Shaft
This is an extended length version of the AP46CP model made especially for belly length putters. This 44” shaft has a compound double bend for right handed putters with a 90° socket or post to create an offset and a 72° lie angle. Examples of these putters are the Dynacraft On-Line and Bionik 501 which for many golfers might be heavy enough for a belly putter. Finally, no more need to extend a curved shaft to get the desired length and bends.

If you need help on how to properly align a curved putter shaft, here is a link that will help.

Apollo Curved Belly Putter Shaft #APPN43CP $6.90 each

Coppersteel  Stepped Iron shaft

This new steel shaft from Apollo brings a touch of color and elegance to virtually any iron or wedge. The following video will highlight the key features.

Apollo CopperSteel Stepped Steel Shaft #APMCOP $11.85 each


  1. Ronniemac says:

    Pretty good golf swing Jeff.

  2. Moe Selchen says:

    Are these shafts appropriate for the Caiman x2 irons or are they not lightweight enough? Thanks,

  3. Jeff Summitt says:


    As long as the player has no problems getting the ball airborne, I don’t see an issue. It is not as high hitting of a shaft compared to the majority of lightweight steel shafts on the market and remember the Caiman X2 (not the Tour) have stronger lofts.

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