Introducing 2 New Super Lite Karma Grips – As Low as 30 Grams!

The Karma Super Lite grips feature a multi-textured surface to provide various amounts of slip-resistance for the thumbs and upper/lower parts of the hands where it is needed most. Now in a lighter weight to decrease overall weight while increasing swingweight by 3 (white) or 4 points (black) verses a standard weight grip.

Karma Super Light Grip – Black
Weight 30 grams
.600 Round
Model #RF136 $1.95 each
Karma Super Light Grip – White
Weight 34 grams
.600 Round
Model #RF137 $2.15 each


  1. John W Lane says:

    How many grams do these grips weigh?

  2. Jim Davis says:

    I realize they won’t be quite as light, but any chance Karma will be producing these in a jumbo size?

  3. Mr. Rogers says:

    What would be your top 5 picks for a graphite shaft with a low kick point for driver and fairway woods. Clubhead speed of 105 to 110, but too low of a trajectory. 6 handicap.

  4. Jeff Summitt says:


    I am trying to see if we can get midsize, but I don’t think we will have a jumbo sized offering any time in the near future.

  5. Jeff Summitt says:

    Mr. Rogers:

    Is there a preference for a particular brand, budget or weight range?

  6. Angelo says:

    Do these come in Mid Size or Oversize?

  7. Jeff Summitt says:


    At this time, we only have them available in Men’s standard size.

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