A Little Insight on the Acer i-Sight Putters

Let’s face it, putting is hard enough. As a result, golfers are always seeking that magic wand on the green and toward a lower score.  The Acer i-Sight series was designed to improve upon alignment so you or your customers can lock and load on your target.  With five models in all there is bound to be one model that will pique your interest whether your choice of weapon is a conventional, belly or long broomstick putter.  Even I made a very recent switch to one of the models after testing a new experimental shaft.  Check out our latest video as Rob and I will explain the features and benefits of the hot new putter series available from Hireko and see which model I might have switched to.  Hint: A two club relief will never be the same again.

Press Play Below To Play The Acer i-Sight Putter Videoblog!

Acer i-Sight Putter Santa Barbara – Clubhead $24.95 ea.
Acer i-Sight Putter Anacapa – Clubhead $24.95 ea.
Acer i-Sight Putter San Miguel – Clubhead $24.95 ea.
Acer i-Sight Long Putter Santa Cruz – Clubhead $34.95 ea.
Acer i-Sight Belly Putter Santa Rosa – Clubhead $29.95 ea.


  1. Jerry Radwanski says:

    I prefer a center shafted putter. Can the Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa heads be installed on a standard length shaft and still have the benefit of the I-Sight system? In other words, will the two red lines still be visible when setting up for a putt using either of these heads on a standard length shaft?

  2. Jeff Summitt says:


    The Santa Rosa would be OK as the lie would be as normal, but the Santa Cruz with it’s upright light might force you to position your eyes forward.

  3. lfnute says:

    Which of the standard length putters has the most toe drop ( toe hang)?

  4. Jeff Summitt says:

    The San Miguel has by far the most toe hang.

  5. lfnute says:

    Thanks for the prompt response. Your former student from Pittsburg.

  6. Bryant Wilson says:

    Will Hireko install a shaft and oversized grip? If so how would I go about placing the order?

  7. Jeff Summitt says:


    Make sure to click on the Golf Clubs tab at the top of our home page rather than the Golf Components tab. From there go on the left hand navigation and click on Golf Putters. Theses are all assembled. If you want to change to a different grip or length, then in step 2, click the blue Change and from there you can pick the oversized grip of your choice.

  8. lfnute says:

    Which putter shaft fits the San Miguel?

  9. Jeff Summitt says:

    Hi Lee:

    Any standard 0.370″ putter shaft will work.

  10. lfnute says:

    Thanks, Jeff.

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