A Little Insight on the Acer i-Sight Putters

Let’s face it, putting is hard enough. As a result, golfers are always seeking that magic wand on the green and toward a lower score.  The Acer i-Sight series was designed to improve upon alignment so you or your customers can lock and load on your target.  With five models in all there is bound to be one model that will pique your interest whether your choice of weapon is a conventional, belly or long broomstick putter.  Even I made a very recent switch to one of the models after testing a new experimental shaft.  Check out our latest video as Rob and I will explain the features and benefits of the hot new putter series available from Hireko and see which model I might have switched to.  Hint: A two club relief will never be the same again.

Press Play Below To Play The Acer i-Sight Putter Videoblog!

Acer i-Sight Putter Santa Barbara – Clubhead $24.95 ea.
Acer i-Sight Putter Anacapa – Clubhead $24.95 ea.
Acer i-Sight Putter San Miguel – Clubhead $24.95 ea.
Acer i-Sight Long Putter Santa Cruz – Clubhead $34.95 ea.
Acer i-Sight Belly Putter Santa Rosa – Clubhead $29.95 ea.

Introducing 2 New Super Lite Karma Grips – As Low as 30 Grams!

The Karma Super Lite grips feature a multi-textured surface to provide various amounts of slip-resistance for the thumbs and upper/lower parts of the hands where it is needed most. Now in a lighter weight to decrease overall weight while increasing swingweight by 3 (white) or 4 points (black) verses a standard weight grip.

Karma Super Light Grip – Black
Weight 30 grams
.600 Round
Model #RF136 $1.95 each
Karma Super Light Grip – White
Weight 34 grams
.600 Round
Model #RF137 $2.15 each

Guy Spears Retiring from Golf Pride

While employees retire all the time with little, if no fanfare whatsoever, this is one retirement announcements that should bring smiles to the many people that Guy Spears had a pleasure to meet.  Guy is deservedly retiring on June 29th after 25 years of service from Golf Pride as the Key Accounts/Sales Programs Manager.  Guy was truly a great ambassador for Golf Pride.  If any of you fellow clubmakers out there attended the annual PGA merchandise show or the likes of a professional trade show such as the PCS (Professional Clubmaker’s Society), Guy was the one in the Golf Pride booth with the infectious smile that was just a pleasure to have met.

For those that knew Guy, he was more than a great ambassador for golf. He was extremely insightful and had a pulse on the overall health industry. More importantly, he is a good caring person who always saw a positive.  Guy, you will be sorely missed, but if anyone deserves to retire and enjoy life, it is you my friend.

True Temper Shafts Score Victories On PGA And Nationwide Tours

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – True Temper, the world’s leading manufacturer of golf shafts, is pleased to announce that its Dynamic Gold and Project X PXi iron shafts chalked up two more victories this weekend. Dynamic Gold, which is well-known as the Number One selling shaft in golf, delivered the win at the Travelers Championship on the PGA Tour, while the company’s new PXi shafts earned the top honor at the Wichita Open on the Nationwide Tour.

At the Travelers Championship, the winner began six strokes behind the leaders on Sunday and then fired off eight birdies in a bogey-free round with his Dynamic Gold X100 shafts in Titleist irons. He captured his first win on the PGA Tour and his 62 on Sunday was the lowest score in a final round by a champion on TOUR this season. The victory moved him to No. 23 in the FedExCup standings.

True Temper Dynamic Gold $14.99 each
Project X PXi Tapered Steel $38.99 each

Meanwhile on the Nationwide Tour, the Memphis-born champion also rallied from behind for his second Nationwide Tour victory of the season. Playing PXi shafts in his TaylorMade irons, he became the first player to win multiple titles on the Nationwide Tour this year.

“Two tours, two dramatic come-from-behind victories, and two industry leading shaft designs delivering the wins…this was another great weekend for True Temper,” says Chad Hall, director of product marketing and global tour operations for True Temper Sports. “We’re particularly excited by the quick success of the PXi iron shafts on the pro tours. It’s been remarkable to see, but probably not that surprising based on its superior performance benefits. The PXi is a high-powered combination that produces greater distance and improved feel beyond anything in the game today.”

Truth in Numbers:

• True Temper 127 sets in play at the Travelers Championship; Nearest competitor 18

• Travelers Championship winner’s bag: Dynamic Gold X100 in his irons

• True Temper shafts have won 48 tour events on the PGA, Nationwide & European Tours this year.

• Wichita Open winner’s bag: Project X PXi in his irons

• Project X, Grafalloy and Rifle were other True Temper shafts dominating the U.S. Open leaderboard.

Introduced earlier this year, the all-new Project X PXi now have already tallied victories on the PGA and Nationwide Tour. The new PXi iron shaft incorporates the hallmarks of the Project X brand-tour-caliber spin control and tip stability-in a lightweight package. Project X PXi’s lighter weight produces greater distance and improved feel through an optimized butt to tip stiffness calibration.

Introducing Two New Shafts from Apollo




Apollo has unveiled two new shafts to focus on your short game as well as your intermediate distances. So let’s start on the putting surface first.

Curved Belly Putter Shaft
This is an extended length version of the AP46CP model made especially for belly length putters. This 44” shaft has a compound double bend for right handed putters with a 90° socket or post to create an offset and a 72° lie angle. Examples of these putters are the Dynacraft On-Line and Bionik 501 which for many golfers might be heavy enough for a belly putter. Finally, no more need to extend a curved shaft to get the desired length and bends.

If you need help on how to properly align a curved putter shaft, here is a link that will help.

Apollo Curved Belly Putter Shaft #APPN43CP $6.90 each

Coppersteel  Stepped Iron shaft

This new steel shaft from Apollo brings a touch of color and elegance to virtually any iron or wedge. The following video will highlight the key features.

Apollo CopperSteel Stepped Steel Shaft #APMCOP $11.85 each

Golf Pride Ranks Number One Grip Choice At The U.S. Open

SOUTHERN PINES, N.C.  Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton Corporation announced today that the majority of golfers who competed in the 2012 U.S. Open relied on Golf Pride grips to play their best. According to data compiled by the authoritative Darrell Survey Company, Golf Pride grips were used by 83 percent of all players at the tournament, held June 14-17, 2012 in San Francisco, California.

The data showed that 129 of the 156 players in the field had Golf Pride grips on the majority of clubs in the bag, with 87 players – more than half the field – using the Golf Pride Tour Velvet model. Additionally, 23 players – more than were using any single competitor brand – played with high-performance and colorful Golf Pride New Decade MultiCompound grip models.

Golf Pride Tour Velvet $4.19 each
Golf Pride MCC Whiteout White/Black

$9.39 ea.
Golf Pride MCC Whiteout White/Blue $9.39 ea.
Golf Pride MCC Whiteout White/Red

$9.39 ea.

“The U.S. Open is one of the most prestigious and exciting golf tournaments in the world,” said Jim Ulrich, global tour promotions manager for Eaton’s Golf Grip Division. “The fact that so many elite players consistently trust our grips under these intense conditions speaks to the quality and performance of Golf Pride grips.”

Eaton’s Golf Grip Division is the world’s largest manufacturer of golf grips, with manufacturing, sales and distribution facilities on five continents. The division’s Golf Pride brand is recognized globally as the number one choice in grips among tour and recreational players, competitive amateur golfers, club manufacturers and club repairmen.

Webb Simpson Wins 2012 US Open with UST-Mamiya Proforce VTS Tour 85 Shafts In His Fairway Woods

2012 US Open winner Webb Simpson used the UST-Mamiya VTS Black Graphite 85 Stiff graphite shaft in his 3 and 5 woods over the weekend at the Olympic Club. Proforce VTS shafts with 3DFitting Technology are the latest advance in shaft performance from UST Mamiya. Years in the making, the new Proforce VTS shafts were developed almost entirely through research and player feedback. UST Mamiya spent years researching the significant influence that torque has on distance, control and feel. The feedback revealed how players could control dispersion based on adjusting torque to their swing style. Perhaps more importantly, the research confirmed that the relationship that feel has to torque is infinitely more complex. Players who thought shafts were stiff or soft were not necessarily feeling the flex or weight, but were actually feeling torque. And when players are matched to the proper torque shaft, ball speed increases of up to 6 mph with dispersion reduced up to 30%!

UST-Mamiya VTS Black Graphite #USTVTSBK $149.99 each

Celebrate US Independence Day With Super Savings!

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Dynacraft Hindsight Putter – Custom Assembled #XP430S $44.95 each $40.45 each

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Use Coupon Code 15OFFJULY at checkout to receive your discount. Put a smile on your child’s face and make golf fun with this cute Hello Kitty Golf set. Designed for the beginner player with club heads that are lighter and more flexible shafts to help the developing player get the ball up in the air with ease. Sale not applicable to Chairmen Club members or Hireko Distributors.

Item Model # Regular Price Sale Price!
Hello Kitty Golf Junior Set for Ages 3-5 #HK002 $119.95 each $101.96 each
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15% Off Select Nextt & Trend Package Sets!
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Nextt Pro Score Mens Package Set #PSESMRH $141.53 each $120.30 each
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Acer XDS Cabriolet Iron – Clubhead #I252A $6.95 each $5.91 each
Dynacraft Prophet ICT Hybrid – Clubhead #IW1250 $10.95 each $9.31 each
American Open Zinc Wedge – Preassembled #ASHZW71514 $19.99 each $16.99 each
Acer XC Wedge – Clubhead #I286C $6.95 each $5.91 each
Acer CB6 Putter – Clubhead #P179 $19.95 each $16.96 each

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Apollo Acculite 80 Graphite Wood Shafts #APGAC80 $9.95 each $8.46 each

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Golf Pride VYNE Undersize Grape Grip #RE109 $3.49 each $2.97 each
Cadero Good Luck Japan Grip #RF124 $4.59 each $3.90 each
Winn LITE Soft Oversize Grip #RW105 $8.99 each $7.64 each
Winn LITE Medium Standard Grip #RW106 $6.69 each $5.69 each
Winn LITE Medium Midsize Grip #RW107 $6.99 each $5.94 each

$ .30 Off Winn XI7 XF AVS V17 Golf Grips!
Use Coupon Code WINNSALE at checkout to receive discount. Designed for higher swing speeds, the new Xi7 features a highly textured, firm feel with optimum torque resistance resulting in a cord-like feel while minimizing hand-wear and fatique.

Item Model # Regular Price Sale Price!
Winn Xi7 XF AVS V17 Black Grip #RW48 $3.25 each $2.95 each
Winn Xi7 XF AVS V17 Black/Red Grip #RW49 $3.25 each $2.95 each

Our Ferrule Block Is The Breakthrough Device That Is Guaranteed To Save You Time & Money

The Ferrule Block is more than just a fast, efficient way of installing ferrules onto the shaft; it is an indispensable combination measuring tool that will become a mainstay on any clubmaker’s workbench.

The top of The Ferrule Block features a counterbored recess for the ferrule to sit without slipping and will accept all standard sized ferrules from 0.335” to oversized 0.370” iron ferrules (however, not designed for specialty adapter ferrules). Once you have started the ferrule onto your shaft, simply line up the shaft over the hole with the ferrule in the recess and push down until the shaft is seated into The Ferrule Block. This pushes the ferrule precisely ¾” each and every time without going too far to allow for shorter hosel bores and tip pins. Now the ferrule is installed safely enough onto the shaft that you can use the head to drive it on the rest of the way.

The Ferrule Block is also a handy measurement tool to help identify the most common sized tip and butt diameters used in the industry today. Don’t know if the shaft is a 0.335” or .350”wood shaft from your inventory or one you just pulled from a head? No problem, simply slide the tip into the holes to determine the size. Non-abraded graphite shafts may have excessive paint build up. But with The Ferrule Block, that is not a problem. If the shaft won’t quite fit the 0.335” hole and the shaft is loose in the 0.350” shaft, you know you have a 0.335” shaft. The same holds true for identifying the difference between 0.355” taper tip and 0.370” parallel tip shafts.


The Ferrule Block even helps with gripping clubs by allowing clubmakers a quick way to determining the butt diameter of the shaft so they can order the appropriate core size grip or be able to figure final grip size or how many wraps of build up tape will be necessary by looking at common grip sizing charts.

Whether you are installing ferrules or identifying shaft tip or butt diameters, The Ferrule Block will become your most trusted and used tool in your shop!

The Ferrule Block $19.95 each

What To Do With All Those Spare #3-Irons?

I’ll be honest, I can’t remember the last time I carried a #3-iron in my bag even though just about every set we make includes one.  I’ll make confession #2, I am a pack rat.  I have sample heads from each set we have developed over the years squirreled away in boxes.  Even the used ones often get dismantled from the shaft, cleaned up and stored away.  So this leaved me with a whole bunch of shiny #3-irons just itching to find a good use for once and for all.

It finally dawned on me Father’s Day was around the corner (hey, the US Open was on). My Dad loves working on projects in his workshop and what better way to celebrate Father’s Day weekend by spending some quality time with him?  So I gathered up some items to take with me.  I had an old stained piece of oak baseboard when my house was built over a dozen years ago (I told you I was a pack rat).  I gathered up several old steel shaft tip pieces that were lying by my chop saw that I hadn’t gotten around to cleaning up yet.  3/8” wood doweling would have worked, but this saved a few items from going to the local landfill. Lastly I found some old ferrules along with epoxy and a collection of #3-irons.

Have you guessed what we were going to make? That’s right, a coatrack or maybe it will be a tie rack, umbrella rack or rack of some type of rack. I’ll figure that later.  If you are looking to do something with those odds and ends irons, spend some time with your Dad, or son, uncle, nephew or maybe the kid next-door who mows your lawn, be creative and make a quick and simple project such as this.

I started out but cutting the shaft pieces so there were long enough to insert fully into the hosel, accommodate the length of the ferrule and be 0.1” thinner than the board. The shaft tips were abraded and epoxied along with the ferrule. They were allowed to dry and remember no good clubmaker could forget to turn down the ferrules! Next, we simply measured our board and marked and center punched where we needed to drill our holes. Once drilled, the shaft stubs were epoxied into the holes and the faces aligned.

Here is the final result.  Total cost of project – Zero. Spending time with Dad – Priceless!