New Lower Prices On Graphite Design Tour AD YS-Q 65 & 75 Graphite Wood Shafts!

Just a few pieces left so buy now!

The YSQ shafts incorporate an exclusive technology called AXIAL COMPOSITE INTERLACE (ACI) technology. Graphite Design engineers have discovered that strategic orientation of fibers in multiple angles gives the golfer ultimate performance. The ACI technology stabilizes the club eliminating shaft deformation to enhance the playability of today’s larger club heads. The enhancement leads to superior distance and unmatched accuracy in every shot.

Graphite Design Tour AD YS-Q 65 Graphite Wood X Flex Only Reg. $99.99 each On Sale For $59.95 each! That’s 40% Off!
Graphite Design Tour AD YS-Q 75 Graphite Wood S Flex Only Reg. $99.99 each On Sale For $59.95 each! That’s 40% Off!

One comment

  1. Joe Anderson says:

    I Have been building clubs since 1966, you would think that
    by now i would have learned something, But “NO” I used
    GRAPHITE DESIGN YS-Q 75 shafts again. In a special customers
    set of “woods: “Metals” driver, #3, #5, They still are JUNK!
    I re-shafted them with UST Pro Force AXIVCore blue 69’s they
    now play great! And I have a very happy customer.

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