Introducing the Acer XS Wedge Series Videoblog

Are you a mid or high handicapped golfer? Do you need help when you are not on top of your game? Then listen up if you want to improve your short game! When it comes to wedges, golfers usually have a choice between either the matching cavity back wedges to their set or a blade style wedge with little to no game improvement – at least until now. Watch the following video to see if the new Acer XS wedges might just be the ticket to more confidence and toward a better game.

Acer XS Wedge – Custom Assembled #XI3677A $24.95 each
Acer XS Wedge – Clubhead
#I3677A $9.95 each


  1. Glenn says:

    These look nice. Hopefully you will offer a stain or unpolished finish. I hate the glare from chromed wedges.

  2. Glenn says:

    stain = satin

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