Become Intimate with the Products You Sell

One of the things I take great pride in is being able to explain how a particular clubhead plays even if it is a model that I personally may not put in my own bag because I don’t care for the looks or various other reasons.  Let’s face it Hireko carries a lot of products.  Most clubmaking shops are not going to carry every model or even every brand as they will cherry pick items they want to stock based on their demographics and clientele.  If the customer wants a specific model, our customers know that they can always get that in a hurry.

What I mean by being intimate with the products you sell is more than just reading the description or specifications in the catalog or on the website or even watching one of my cheesy product videos.  Although those are important to help you decide which products to offer, you should really hit them to have a first-hand experience when a customer asks how it plays or what it does.

QuikFit method
One such service we offer is our QuikFit program.  We developed this system so you can fit or demonstrate (hence the term “demo”) how products play to your customers.  There are select drivers and 6-irons in the QuikFit program along with extra adapters for multiple shafts.  How it works is easy.  A shaft (or multiple shafts) are already gripped and epoxied into an adapter and simply screws into a head and tightened.  The player can experience first-hand how that combination works.

Want to know how a reduced offset iron Acer XF Pro hits the ball different from the standard Acer XF with a lot of offset, well now you can find out.  Make sure to use the same shaft so you or your customer is isolating only one parameter which happens to be the club head.  Once you nail down what clubhead works best and suitable to the desires of the customer, then you can try different shafts in the same head.  You can also do this on you own to gain the knowledge of what each head or shaft does so when a customer asks you can confidently explain your results.

Fast-setting Epoxy Method
If you don’t have the QuikFit method or you want to test products other than drivers and 6-irons, there is another option.  In my office I have a number different shafts cut to length for certain clubs like a #3 hybrid, 9-irons or wedges.  Each of those has the grip already installed so I have an itch to scratch and want to find out how this shaft plays with that head, I grab my fast-setting epoxy and put the combination together.  In as little as 10 minutes, I can go out and hit the product whether into my net or out on the range.  Heck, I don’t even install ferrules for the sake of time.  The shafts might get pulled and cleaned once I get back and put back in storage for the next time I get curious.

Fast Setting Shafting Epoxy #8POLYAHB $19.95 each


Prepare to be surprised
You or you your customer’s idea of what you need may be the complete polar opposite of what performs best.  You can read and study as much you like on clubhead specifications, shaft fitting parameters, etc. until you can cite passage from the book you read it from.  But believe me you will be surprised from time to time when you begin to become intimate with the products you sell.

How can two clubs with the same loft but one with less offset give you 15 more yards with the exact same shaft, grip and length? Or how can a blade style iron with little in the way of game improvement features hit the ball as straight and accurate as a model boasting all the game improvement benefits tied up into one club?  These and many more possibilities can and do occur. Each player responds to each of the clubmaking parameters differently.  Only first-hand knowledge will tell if a product is suited to you or your customer as we all have unique swings and why custom fitting is all so important.

Advice for the end consumer
Golfers are always thinking to themselves “What if”? Such as, what if I used this shaft or that head, will it help improve my game?  You can vacillate back and forth and look at pictures, descriptions and specs all you want, but in the back of your mind you are always going to have that seed planted “What if”?   Take action and find out first-hand.  That is the beauty of companies such as Hireko or our customers who fit and sell our products to fit their local clientele. You can buy single clubs and not be forced to buy a full set.  If you like it, you can buy the rest of the clubs around it.  If not, you are not out much monetarily, but you were able to satisfy your question on whether or not the product was right for you.  That is in my honest opinion a small pittance to pay for valuable information and remove any doubt that has been lingering in the back of your mind.