The New 2012 Acer XDS React Driver Has Arrived!

Believe or not, at Hireko we do try to design clubs based upon the feedback of our customers. We have many channels of communication such as our forum, blog, emails, telephone conversations and even surveys to sort through. In fact I probably pay more attention to our customers than I do my wife (Now what was I supposed to pick up at the store tonight?) Anyway, I’m proud to say the latest result of your comments and suggestions is the all new Acer XDS React driver.

I learned this a long time ago, it is impossible to please all the people all of the time.  That is not only why we offer such a variety of products, but the golf industry as a whole.  But the popular products do the best at pleasing a good percentage of the people the majority of the time or something along those lines.   The biggest factor all starts with cosmetics.  Let’s face it if a product doesn’t look good, then no matter how well it plays it will never get into someone’s hands to find out.

One of the most frequent comments I hear from fellow golfers is they want to see a square appearance at address as opposed to a driver that looks closed. But first you need to realize that the vast majority of titanium drivers are slightly closed for a very good reason.  If you look at the diagram you will see the profiles of two different sized drivers. You will see the larger head has its center of gravity moved further away from the centerline axis of the shaft making it harder to square the face at impact.  Think of a figure skater spinning around.  When the arms are out they spin at a slower rate than when the arms are closer to the body.

Even with the slightly closed face angle to compensate for the center of gravity location, the majority of golfers still hit the ball off of the tee with a push, a fade or even a slice.  Part of that can be explained by the fact that golfers may manipulate the face angle or moving the ball back further in the stance so the club has the square appearance they covet and end up defeating the purpose of the closed face the manufacturer added to begin with.

To assist in these undesirable ball flights, manufacturers occasionally add internal weighting within the head to create a draw bias in lieu of a (more) closed face angle.  This was done with the Acer XDS React. This was only possible by using a new technology we starting using in the Acer XF Leggera driver to shed a bunch of needless weight from the crown.  The weight ultimately saved was added back to the sole closest to the heel to create our draw bias. In this case everyone is a winner. The golfer gets the appearance they want but with the game improvement features they truly need.

I did mention earlier that cosmetics matter. I have to admit this is one pretty darn good looking driver.  First, it has a great classic shape and the clean, unobtrusive crown appears normal at address.  Add in the white skirt area, matte black sole and red rails and the Acer XDS React really pops. These will be available in RH, LH and even special versions to go into our QuikFit program.  The XDS React is another example of how we can help you drive down the straight and narrow fairways.


Acer XDS React Titanium Driver – Clubhead $59.95 each
Acer XDS React Titanium Driver – Custom Assembled

$99.95 each


  1. Ron Smith sr says:

    Sir, glad to see youy make LH clubs. But, do you make OFFSET drivers???? I like about a 2% offset. Thanks.

  2. Jeff Summitt says:


    We have LH offset drivers in both the Acer XF Draw and XK Draw models. The XF Draw has a 2º closed face on top of the offset.

  3. Johnny says:

    Why don’t you have lower lofted drivers? 8.5* 9.0* 9.5* ????


  4. Jeff Summitt says:


    We offer 9.5º in many of the other lines, but beyond that the market is too small to invest into tooling and inventory.

  5. Bernard Lebeau III says:

    Ive noticed that I play better with Low Center of Gravity style clubs, But I can’t seem to find a Driver of that style, do you have any recommendations?

  6. Jeff Summitt says:


    Most of our new drivers will have a lower CG due to the crown construction. These include the XDS React, XF Leggera, Caiman X2 and Dynacraft Evolution. But the dimension from the sole to the top of the crown also plays a role as a shallower driver will naturally have a lower CG. That is why the React may be the best choice from our current line up of drivers.

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