KBS Tour & C-Taper Shafts T3 At The Masters

BOULDER, CO (April 9th, 2012)

KBS shafts played a significant role Sunday at the 2012 Masters Invitational with either player in the final pair trusting steel shafts from the signature KBS TOUR Series throughout their irons. Both these professionals competed extraordinarily well despite setbacks during Sunday’s round costing them a chance to win. Sunday ended with 4 players in KBS shafts rounding out the top 10 finishers including two players tied for third place just two shots off the lead. In total, KBS had 17 sets in play at the 2012 Masters Invitational, an additional 9 players compared to the field in 2011.

KBS Tour Steel $25 each
KBS C-Tapered Steel $35 each

– T3 WITB: KBS TOUR Shafts X flex 3-PW
– T3 WITB: KBS C-TAPER Shafts S+ flex 3-PW

The KBS TOUR Series incorporates a new and advanced mix of shaft technologies that collectively improve performance through enhanced energy transfer while maintaining a firm total shaft flex. This unique design mix ensures players achieve the optimal blend of club feel and shot control while maximizing total distance. As a complete catalog, the KBS TOUR Series consists of three integrated performance options delivering a balanced progression in trajectory, ball spin, shaft weight and flex. This logical progression allows for a simple yet versatile fitting solution for a wide range of golfers, including many of the best players in the world.

As explained by renowned shaft designer Kim Braly, “The KBS TOUR Series incorporates state-of-the-art technology that builds on a rich history working with top tour players as well as leading golf club manufacturers. In four years, KBS has achieved unprecedented success due to the advanced performance of our product line and the enjoyment golfers express when they switch. I’m proud of the strides we’ve made already this year oftentimes showing twice the number of players at PGA Tour events as in 2011.”

True Temper Shafts Dominate The Masters Tournament

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – The No. 1 shaft manufacturer in golf, True Temper Sports is proud to report that the 76th Masters Tournament champion followed in the footsteps of every previous Masters champion by playing and winning with shafts by True Temper.

With Dynamic Gold in his irons, Grafalloy BiMatrix in his driver and Project X graphite in his woods, the Masters champion thrilled the crowd with spectacular shot placement and consistency. The long-hitting left-hander shot a final round 68 for a 10-under-par 278 to force an exciting sudden death playoff, in which both pros played Dynamic Gold and Project X graphite.

True Temper Dynamic Gold $14.99 each
Project X Graphite $149.99 each

With 70 sets in play, True Temper shafts were the clear favorite among professionals at The Masters. The victory marked the 76th consecutive win at The Masters for shafts designed and manufactured by True Temper, an incredible distinction for the company and its golf shafts.

“The Masters is clearly one of the most revered tournaments in the history of golf, and the dramatic finish in the final two holes on Sunday and the subsequent playoff really lived up to the event’s reputation,” says Scott Hennessy, president and CEO of True Temper Sports. “Shafts by True Temper are clearly favored by the best players in the world and that is why every Masters Champion for the past 76 years has had our shafts in their bags.”

Featuring an internal tip reinforcement technology and tighter weight sorting tolerance for precision custom fitting, Dynamic Gold shafts are preferred by skilled players who often want a low, penetrating ball flight. Dynamic Gold shafts are available in tapered and parallel irons and parallel woods.

Riding the rails to success: The Acer XDS React hybrids

If you are shopping for a hybrid with exceptional forgiveness, want a model that is not draw biased or one that might be shank-proof then you have been seeking the all-new Acer XDS React hybrids.  These fun-to-hit hybrids are available individually or as a complete full set all the way to a sand wedge for both right and left handed players. Now we got your attention, let’s tell you a little bit more about them.

Consistent set up at address
To help understand how to breed consistency into your game, the Acer XDS React boasts a constant face progression throughout the set. Face progression is simply a term for the distance between the centerline axis of the shaft and the leading edge of the head. This short video will go over it along with some of the other features.

In brief, the XDS React is a whole new design concept to encourage consistency. With most clubs on the market, you need to position the ball differently in the stance. For example, on a lower lofted club like #3 or 4 hybrids, the ball may be positioned closer to your front foot. As the loft increases, the ball position shifts begins to shift farther back until it is closer to the center of your stance at least for the wedges. For the vast majority of golfers who aren’t able to hone their swing from continuous practice remembering the correct ball placement is very hard to duplicate from one day to the next let alone one shot to the next.

By having a constant face progression throughout the set, even into the matching fairway woods, it is easier to establish a single ball position that makes it easier to set up to the ball at address.

Shank you very little
As you can see from the diagram as well, the leading edge of the head is forward of the leading edge of the hosel (part of club where shaft enters). This means that the head has onset or the opposition of offset like you would see in an iron. This positions the hosel back away from the face making it virtually impossible to (sorry to even say this) shank the ball.  Another byproduct of the hosel being out of the way is this increases your effective hitting as you have the whole face to use.  For those with a tendency to sh*&k the ball, you will be thanking the XDS React hybrids very much instead of cursing it.

Rails, really?
No gimmicks here, rails really do work to help minimize surface contact with the ground which can cause decreased acceleration into the ball.  In addition, the railed sole has a very high concentration of weight to make getting the ball airborne a snap.

Sized to please
When you need more forgiveness the Acer XDS React delivers.  The #3 hybrid is larger like a 7 wood which it would replace distance-wise.  Gradually the size from front-to-back decreases as the loft increases so they not only look the right size but give the proper amount of for forgiveness.

I have found that no one hybrid will satisfy every golfer because some golfers prefer certain sizes or appearance at address or they need a certain amount of offset to prevent pushing or fading the ball. The Acer XDS is truly a unique model with no peers in the golf industry.  It is designed with forgiveness in mind due to their size and weight distribution, lack of any offset so it is not prone to pulling or hooking the ball plus offers a larger effective hitting area for added confidence. If you struggle with irons and the hybrids you have hit in the past just don’t seem to cut the mustard, try out at least one of the XDS React hybrids to see if they will improve that part of your game.

Acer XDS React Hybrid – Custom Assembled $44.95 each
Acer XDS React Hybrid – Clubhead $17.95 each

Looking to Re-Grip? Check Out the New 2012 Lamkin X10 Grips

For golfers looking for a low-profile grip on their clubs at a great price, the new Lamkin X10 is the perfect choice. The X10 is made of a durable proprietary synthetic rubber material designed to last round after round. All black, with only its logo painted, the X10 features hand positioning guides and a well spaced surface pattern for great traction and shot control. Because one size definitely does not fit all, the X10 is available in a complete assortment of grip sizes.

Lamkin X10 Undersize – 13pc Grip Kit (with tape, solvent, vise clamp)
$38.95 per kit
Lamkin X10 Oversize – 13pc Grip Kit (with tape, solvent, vise clamp)
$45.95 per kit
Lamkin X10 Undersize
$2.99 each
Lamkin X10 Standard $2.99 each
Lamkin X10 Midsize
$3.29 each
Lamkin X10 Midsize – 13pc Grip Kit (with tape, solvent, vise clamp) $42.95 each
Lamkin X10 Standard – 13pc Grip Kit (with tape, solvent, vise clamp) $38.95 each
Lamkin X10 Oversize
$3.49 each



Adams Golf Tour Player Yani Tseng Wins RR Donnelley LPGA Founders Cup

She keeps adding to her incredible portfolio. Yani Tseng battled the conditions and weather delays at Wildfire Golf Club in Phoenix to capture her second win of 2012 and 34th career victory worldwide. She’s on an unprecedented path of success and continues to pad her #1 World Rankings with every win. We congratulate Yani on another amazing and impressive performance.


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Graphite Design Shafts Help Win Tournaments On Two Pro Tours

SAN DIEGO — Graphite Design, maker of some of the most widely played premium golf shafts on the PGA Tour, announced today that the winners of both the LPGA Kraft Nabisco Championship and the European Tour Sicilian Open played Graphite Design shafts.

“Our new G Series shaft is becoming more popular on all tours and we are pleased that the winner of the Kraft Nabisco Championship opted to play this shaft during her first major championship,” said Tak Yamada, President, Graphite Design. “We congratulate her on her second LPGA career victory and we congratulate the winner of the Sicilian Open on his first European Tour victory.”

The winner of the 2012 Kraft Nabisco Championship beat out the second place finisher in a one-hole playoff to claim her second career victory and first major championship. She played a Graphite Design G Series 50 shaft in her driver and a Tour AD UT 65 in her hybrid. Five other top-ten finishers at the event also played a variety of Graphite Design shafts. The winner of the Sicilian Open carded a 15-under 273 to post his first European Tour victory. He played a Graphite Design Tour AD DI 7X shaft in his driver.

Graphite Design G-Series 40 Graphite $169 ea.
Graphite Design G-Series 50 Graphite

$169 ea.
Graphite Design G-Series 60 Graphite

$169 ea.
Graphite Design G-Series 70 Graphite $169 ea.
Graphite Design G-Series 80 Graphite $169 ea.
Graphite Design G-Series Hybrid 85 Graphite

$69 ea.
Graphite Design G-Series Hybrid 95 Graphite

$69 ea.
Graphite Design UT Hybrid 55 Graphite

$230 ea.
Graphite Design UT Hybrid 65 Graphite

$230 ea.
Graphite Design UT Hybrid 85 Graphite $170 ea.
Graphite Design UT Hybrid 95 Graphite $170 ea.

The new G Series shaft is the next generation of premium Graphite Design shafts and is very adaptable to today’s new head technology. The G Series performance characteristics favor a low to mid launch trajectory and mid ball spin. The new X Directional Technology – XDT – incorporates the use of the already proven Graphite Design MSI (Material Stiffness Integration) design method as well as this new and unique application of graphite fiber alignment throughout the shaft structure. During the development phase of XDT, measurable performance gains were discovered through a more balanced distribution of the graphite fibers within the plies of the shaft design. This proprietary application of XDT has made the new G Series the most balanced, versatile high performance golf shaft available today.

The popular Tour AD DI shaft is designed to provide more power and stability. Manufactured exclusively at Graphite Design Japan, the Tour AD DI shaft has been integrated with Toray Company’s Nanomaterial technology in the tip section of the shaft. This unique tip technology creates optimal launch and spin conditions to produce increased accuracy and distance. Tour players have been impressed by the fact that when using the Tour AD DI shaft they can increase ball speed and accuracy without giving up distance.

The mid bend profile of the Tour AD DI allows the player to load the shaft properly, yet maintains a firm enough tip section through impact, producing optimal spin and launch conditions. Golfers using the shaft will experience the feel of the ball leaving the club head with a lot of speed while maintaining exceptional feel and control.

UST Mamiya Profroce VTS Catapults Winner Of Shell Houston Open

FORT WORTH, TX – April 2, 2012 – UST Mamiya, maker of the world’s finest carbon fiber golf shafts – reports the winner of the Shell Houston Open relied on PROFORCE VTS shafts in his fairway wood (VTS Silver 85x) and hybrid (VTS Black 85x) to earn his second PGA win of the year. ATTAS 85x was also used by the second place finisher in his hybrid.

The winner came from behind on Sunday to earn his second victory of the year and the fifth of his career. The win catapults him into #1 in the FedEx Cup Points Race and #4 in the Official World Golf Ranking.

“UST Mamiya wants to congratulate the winner of the Shell Houston Open,” says Robb Schikner, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “PROFORCE VTS shafts continue to get more play every week on all tours proving that torque does change everything. Our shafts continue to find their way into the winners circle. They are realizing the benefit of a complete shaft fitting (torque, weight and flex) to optimize distance, control and feel.”

All UST Mamiya carbon-fiber shafts are made using handcrafted, repeatable production techniques that incorporate world-class engineering and premium-selected raw materials. This combines with tight tolerances, constant taper design and low-resin content to enhance feel during the golf swing.

The company produces a variety of shaft models, including the renowned PROFORCE and ATTAS lines, which have received significant usage on major professional tours internationally. Paralleling its achievements at the professional level, the company’s shafts have remained the top-selling aftermarket option in the United States the past five years.

UST-Mamiya VTS Silver Graphite $149.99 ea.
UST-Mamiya VTS Red Graphite $149.99 ea.
UST-Mamiya VTS Black Graphite $149.99 ea.
UST-Mamiya VTS Hybrid Silver Graphite $79.99 ea.
UST-Mamiya VTS Hybrid Red Graphite $79.99 ea.
UST-Mamiya VTS Hybrid Black Graphite $79.99 ea.

New Sahara Golf Bags In Stock!

Better Features. Better Price.

Sahara is an all-new brand of golf bags, designed with premium features at a value price.  Ultra lightweight, comfortable, and stylish, the Sahara bags are perfect for all types of golfers.

Model SKU Price
Sahara Explorer Cart Bag Black/Blue #BAG215 $59.95 each
Sahara Safari Cart Bag Black/White #BAG216 $79.95 each
Sahara Recon Stand Bag Black/Red #BAG211 $54.95 each
Sahara Recon Stand Bag Black/Blue #BAG212 $54.95 each
Sahara Explorer Cart Bag Black/Black #BAG213 $59.95 each
Sahara Explorer Cart Bag Black/Red #BAG214 $59.95 each
Sahara Safari Cart Bag Black/Orange #BAG217 $79.95 each
Sahara Recon Stand Bag Black/Black #BAG210 $54.95 each

The New 2012 Acer XDS React Driver Has Arrived!

Believe or not, at Hireko we do try to design clubs based upon the feedback of our customers. We have many channels of communication such as our forum, blog, emails, telephone conversations and even surveys to sort through. In fact I probably pay more attention to our customers than I do my wife (Now what was I supposed to pick up at the store tonight?) Anyway, I’m proud to say the latest result of your comments and suggestions is the all new Acer XDS React driver.

I learned this a long time ago, it is impossible to please all the people all of the time.  That is not only why we offer such a variety of products, but the golf industry as a whole.  But the popular products do the best at pleasing a good percentage of the people the majority of the time or something along those lines.   The biggest factor all starts with cosmetics.  Let’s face it if a product doesn’t look good, then no matter how well it plays it will never get into someone’s hands to find out.

One of the most frequent comments I hear from fellow golfers is they want to see a square appearance at address as opposed to a driver that looks closed. But first you need to realize that the vast majority of titanium drivers are slightly closed for a very good reason.  If you look at the diagram you will see the profiles of two different sized drivers. You will see the larger head has its center of gravity moved further away from the centerline axis of the shaft making it harder to square the face at impact.  Think of a figure skater spinning around.  When the arms are out they spin at a slower rate than when the arms are closer to the body.

Even with the slightly closed face angle to compensate for the center of gravity location, the majority of golfers still hit the ball off of the tee with a push, a fade or even a slice.  Part of that can be explained by the fact that golfers may manipulate the face angle or moving the ball back further in the stance so the club has the square appearance they covet and end up defeating the purpose of the closed face the manufacturer added to begin with.

To assist in these undesirable ball flights, manufacturers occasionally add internal weighting within the head to create a draw bias in lieu of a (more) closed face angle.  This was done with the Acer XDS React. This was only possible by using a new technology we starting using in the Acer XF Leggera driver to shed a bunch of needless weight from the crown.  The weight ultimately saved was added back to the sole closest to the heel to create our draw bias. In this case everyone is a winner. The golfer gets the appearance they want but with the game improvement features they truly need.

I did mention earlier that cosmetics matter. I have to admit this is one pretty darn good looking driver.  First, it has a great classic shape and the clean, unobtrusive crown appears normal at address.  Add in the white skirt area, matte black sole and red rails and the Acer XDS React really pops. These will be available in RH, LH and even special versions to go into our QuikFit program.  The XDS React is another example of how we can help you drive down the straight and narrow fairways.


Acer XDS React Titanium Driver – Clubhead $59.95 each
Acer XDS React Titanium Driver – Custom Assembled

$99.95 each

Buy 8 UST Soft Touch Grips and Get an Awesome ST1 Putter Grip for Free!

The Enhanced designs of the UST Soft Touch grips distribute a superior, relaxed feel while limiting shock through advanced technology and materials. Wet or dry, the Soft Touch grips perform like a champion. Undersized is designed for ladies or for men with smaller hands.

Use coupon code APRILUSTFREE at checkout to receive the free grip. You must purchase 8 each of either model RU23, RU24 or RU25 to receive the free grip. The free UST ST1 Putter grips is the model #RU28 White Standard. Sale not valid for Chairmen Club members or Hireko Distributors. Sale expires April 30, 2012.

Model SKU Price
UST-Mamiya Soft Touch Black/White Undersize #RU23 $5.99 each
UST-Mamiya Soft Touch Black/White Standard #RU24 $5.99 each
UST-Mamiya Soft Touch Black/White Midsize #RU25 $6.49 each