Hireko is Proud to Introduce the New Acer XDS React Fairway Wood Series

Look at a typical set of clubs and what will you find?  You’ll find a myriad of club types all at various lengths.  Over the years the set make up has changed and in some cases dramatically.  Long irons are now replaced by hybrids in a vast majority of bags today to the point that 1 and 2 irons are only found in the old periodicals or museum pieces.  Are 3-irons far behind?  Fairway woods of long ago consisted of 3, 4 and 5 woods and later became 3, 5 and 7 woods.  However, that change was more a renumbering of the clubs themselves when you look closely at the lofts. The number of fairway woods carried in the bag has diminished as less 7 woods are in play by golfers in favor of the #3 hybrid. This shift in buying habits is being paid attention by manufacturers including Hireko.

When developing the Acer XDS series the idea was to offer a comprehensive set that wouldn’t create confusion on what to order or even carry in the bag.  Therefore a 7 wood wasn’t ever conceived as the matching XDS React #3 hybrid would essentially offer the same benefits.


That is why you will only see two fairways woods in the React series – there is a traditional 3 wood and a club called a Machete.  The Machete is a cross between a 5 and 7 woods in terms of loft and weight. To fully understand, in a traditional set make up a golfer has to choose between a longer 7 wood and a shorter 3 hybrid. These two clubs vie for the same distance hit and you certainly don’t want to carry two clubs in the bag that do.  So somewhere there is a large gap in terms of club length between 5W and 3HY or the 7W and 4HY.

The Acer XDS React set spaces the lengths and lofts so it bridges the distance gap more evenly between the #3-wood and #3-hybrid in this set and create a nice smooth transition making this the “modern” set.

The following video will explain many of the other features such as the rails, variable wall thickness and weight distribution that will make this a great fairway series to invest into and help lower your score.

Assembly side note

For clubmakers, remember to tip trim and cut the Machete to the length of a 7 wood in order to achieve the proper swingweight and flex.  Even though it is a shorter assembly length, expect the distance as an ordinary 5 wood.

Acer XDS React Fairway Wood – Custom Assembled $49.95 ea.
Acer XDS React Fairway Wood – Clubhead $19.95 ea.  


  1. Mike French says:


    I like the concept you are trying to create, and you did a great job explaining it, but you seem to have over-looked one important component to the Fairway wood-hybrid-long iron replacement issue. Most of the high to mid handicap golfers I build and fit clubs for come to me with one of two existing problems. They either hit woods well or they hit irons well, but hardly ever, both. The golfer who hits irons well is going to be more successful if I build him a 4 hybrid-iron. The golfer who hits woods well is going to be more successful if I build him a 7-wood. Your design and marketing plan for the React line takes away that option from me as a club-builder. Of course at this point of the process I haven’t had a chance to assemble and hit any of the React line so I’m only assuming that the React woods and the React hybrids will still require the golfer to make swing adjustments to hit each type of club well, but if they do, then we are still faced with same problem of trying to get a club in the hands of a weekend golfer that they can be successful with.

    Thanks for this opportunity to express my concerns.

    Mike French

  2. Jeff Summitt says:


    Well noted. The Acer XDS React hybrids were partially patterned off of the old Acer XDS Wide Sole hybrids we sold for some time and with a lot of frequency. The body shape of the lower lofted hybrids were very fairway wood-like. We wanted to offer something a little different in this line that the Acer XF didn’t.

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