New Hello Kitty Easter Sale! Get 15% Off!

Readers of our forum are probably not the target audience of our topic today but maybe they should pay close attention for a moment in the greater interest of golf.  Hireko has added the Hello Kitty Collection to our website which may see a bit odd to our core customers, but once we saw them first hand we said what a great idea to get one group of individuals interested in playing golf.

If you are not hip to Hello Kitty, she is a cut female white bobtail cat with a big red bow that originated in Japan and now grown into a billion dollar global business.  The market is targeted for pre-adolescent girls but has cast a much wider audience than that.  All sorts of products are licensed featuring Hello Kitty – now including golf clubs.

We all know the benefits of playing golf.  But getting people to pick up their first club takes a little persuading.  Young girls are more apt to pick up the game if they see something they are familiar with and what would look fun to have. Yes, it means more people on the golf course and competition for tee times.  But I am not going to live forever.  I want the youth of today to enjoy the great outdoors as I have along with experiencing the high points plus the humiliation that golf teaches us.

The Hello Kitty line is not exclusive to junior girls either.  There are complete packaged sets for adult women too so Mom can enjoy some quality time with their daughter on the links. There is a whole line of golf accessories too from balls, tee, head covers, bags and much more.

As golf participation has been on the decline, finally there is one company who is after a target market most other companies don’t serve.  While I might not personally be donning any products with a cute white cat with a bow on her left ear, it is an opportunity for my nieces, neighbor girls or someone you know start to play the game of a lifetime.

To get 15% off your Hello Kitty purchase, just use coupon code 15KITTY at checkout. Sale ends April 9, 2012 so buy now! Sale not applicable to Chairmen Club members or Hireko Distributors.

Model # Item Price Easter Sale Price!
HK001 Hello Kitty Golf “The Collection” Golf Balls Master Case 36 Balls $59.95 $50.96
HK002 Hello Kitty Golf Junior Set 3-5 $119.95 $101.96
HK003 Hello Kitty Golf Junior Set 6-8 $159.95 $135.96
HK004 Hello Kitty Golf Junior Set 9-12 $179.95 $152.96
HK005 Hello Kitty Golf “The Collection” Headcover Combo Set $20.95 $17.81 
HK006 Hello Kitty Golf “The Collection” Driver Headcover $11.95 $10.16 
HK007 Hello Kitty Golf “The Collection” Fairway Headcover #3 $11.95 $10.16 
HK008 Hello Kitty Golf “The Collection” Fairway Headcover #5 $11.95 $10.16 
HK009 Hello Kitty Golf “The Collection” Ball & Tee Holder – Pink $12.95 $11.01 
HK010 Hello Kitty Golf “The Collection” Ball & Tee Holder – Red $12.95 $11.01 
HK011 Hello Kitty Golf Ladies Complete Set $599.95 $509.96 
HK012 Hello Kitty Golf Pink Pearl Golf Balls – 12 Balls $27.95 $23.76 
HK013 Hello Kitty Golf Tour Towel – Pink $19.95 $16.96 
HK014 Hello Kitty Golf Tour Towel – Red $19.95 $16.96 
HK015 Hello Kitty Golf Tri-Fold Towel – Pink $13.95 $11.86 
HK016 Hello Kitty Golf Tri-Fold Towel – Red $13.95 $11.86 
HK017 Hello Kitty Golf Cleaning Brush Light Pink $10.95 $9.31 
HK018 Hello Kitty Golf Cleaning Brush Red $10.95 $9.31 
HK019 Hello Kitty Golf Hat Clip & Ball Marker – Kisses $14.95 $12.71 
HK020 Hello Kitty Golf Hat Clip & Ball Marker – Hugs $14.95 $12.71 
HK021 Hello Kitty Golf Hat Clip & Ball Marker – Bow $14.95 $12.71 
HK022 Hello Kitty Golf Divot Tool $10.95 $9.31 
HK023 Hello Kitty Golf Plastic Practice Balls $10.95 $9.31 
HK024 Hello Kitty Golf Wood Tee 2-1/8″ (30pcs) $6.95 $5.91 
HK025 Hello Kitty Golf Wood Tee 2-3/4″ (30pcs) $6.95 $5.91 
HK026 Hello Kitty Golf Wood Tee 3-1/4″ (30pcs) $6.95 $5.91 
HK027 Hello Kitty Golf Wood Tee Combo 2-1/8″ + 2-3/4″ + 3-1/4″ (30 pc., 10 pc each) $6.99 $5.94 
HK028 Hello Kitty Golf Rubber Tipped Plastic Tee (15 pc. Pack) $10.95 $9.31 
HK031 Hello Kitty Golf “Mix & Match” Cart Bag Pink/White $139.95 $118.96 
HK032 Hello Kitty Golf “Mix & Match” Cart Bag Red/White $139.95 $118.96 
HK033 Hello Kitty Golf “Mix & Match” Cart Bag Grey/Pink $139.95 $118.96 
HK034 Hello Kitty Golf “Mix & Match” Cart Bag Black/Pink $139.95 $118.96 
HK039 Hello Kitty Golf Driver “Mix & Match” Red/White Headcover $23.95 $20.36 
HK040 Hello Kitty Golf Driver “Mix & Match” Pink/White Headcover $23.95 $20.36 
HK041 Hello Kitty Golf Driver “Mix & Match” Black/Pink Headcover $23.95 $20.36 
HK042 Hello Kitty Golf Driver “Mix & Match” Pink/Grey Headcover $23.95 $20.36 
HK043 Hello Kitty Golf “Mix & Match” Fairway Red/White Headcover $19.95 $16.96 
HK044 Hello Kitty Golf “Mix & Match” Fairway Pink/White Headcover $19.95 $16.96 
HK045 Hello Kitty Golf “Mix & Match” Fairway Black/Pink Headcover $19.95 $16.96 
HK046 Hello Kitty Golf “Mix & Match” Fairway Pink/Grey Headcover $19.95 $16.96 
HK047 Hello Kitty Golf “Mix & Match” Putter Headcover Red/White $23.95 $20.36 
HK048 Hello Kitty Golf “Mix & Match” Putter Headcover Pink/White $23.95 $20.36 
HK049 Hello Kitty Golf “Mix & Match” Putter Headcover Black/Pink $23.95 $20.36 
HK050 Hello Kitty Golf “Mix & Match” Putter Headcover Grey/Pink $23.95 $20.36 
HK051 Hello Kitty Golf “Mix & Match” Putter Mallet Headcover Red/White $23.95 $20.36 
HK052 Hello Kitty Golf “Mix & Match” Putter Mallet Headcover Pink/White $23.95 $20.36 
HK053 Hello Kitty Golf “Mix & Match” Putter Mallet Headcover Black/Pink $23.95 $20.36 
HK054 Hello Kitty Golf “Mix & Match” Putter Mallet Headcover Grey/Pink $23.95 $20.36 
HK055 Hello Kitty Golf “Mix & Match” Hybrid Headcover Red/White $19.95 $16.96 
HK056 Hello Kitty Golf “Mix & Match” Hybrid Headcover Pink/White $19.95 $16.96 
HK057 Hello Kitty Golf “Mix & Match” Hybrid Headcover Black/Pink $19.95 $16.96 
HK058 Hello Kitty Golf “Mix & Match” Hybrid Headcover Grey/Pink $19.95 $16.96 
HK060 Hello Kitty Golf “Mix & Match” Iron Headcovers Black $62.95 $53.51 
HK061 Hello Kitty Golf “Mix & Match” Iron Headcovers Grey $62.95 $53.51 
HK062 Hello Kitty Golf “Mix & Match” Iron Headcovers Pink $62.95 $53.51 
HK063 Hello Kitty Golf “Mix & Match” Iron Headcovers Red $62.95 $53.51 
HK067 Hello Kitty Ladies Golf Glove “Pair” – Large $19.95 $16.96 
HKC001 Hello Kitty Couture Pink Golf Balls – 12 Balls $39.95 $33.96 
HKC002 Hello Kitty Couture – Cleaning Brush Set $19.95 $16.96 
HKC003 Hello Kitty Couture Crystal Hat Clip & Ball Marker $19.95 $16.96 
HKC004 Hello Kitty Couture Crystal Divot Tool $19.95 $16.96 
HKC005 Hello Kitty Couture Tri Fold Towel $28.95 $24.61 
HKC013 Hello Kitty Couture Character Collection Driver Headcover – Red $28.95 $24.61 
HKC014 Hello Kitty Couture Character Collection Driver Headcover – Pink $28.95 $24.61 




RIP Helps Aldila Win Wood, Hybrid Shaft Manufacturer Counts At WGC-Cadillac Championship And Puerto Rico Open

POWAY, Calif. – For the 11th time in the past 12 PGA events, Aldila has captured the wood and hybrid shaft manufacturer counts. Led by their latest shaft technology, RIP® (Reverse Interlaminar Placement), “The Hottest Shafts In Golf” had nine more wood shafts and six more hybrid shafts in play at the WGC-Cadillac Championship than the next leading shaft manufacturer, according to the Darrell Survey. At the Puerto Rico Open, Aldila had 26 more wood shafts in play than their closest competitor and tied for the most hybrid shafts in play.

When designing the RIP®, Aldila completely turned golf shaft design and performance inside out through the use of computer modeling technology and exclusive carbon fiber materials. Aldila’s Tour proven RIP Technology provides a shaft design with optimum flex and torque characteristics with increased cross-sectional stability throughout the tip area for greater shot control.

Aldila’s latest addition to the RIP series is the Phenom featuring the Hyperbolic Flex Zone. The RIP Phenom has proven to be extremely accurate on the Tour. The Most Accurate Driver on the PGA Tour plays the Phenom in his driver and leads the Tour with an overall Driving Accuracy Percentage of 74.58 percent compared to the Tour’s average of 58.52 percent.

Aldila RIP Phenom 50 Graphite $199.95 each

“The new RIP Phenom incorporates Aldila’s Tour proven RIP Technology® with a unique shaft design to create a new and innovative flex profile for maximum distance and control known as the Hyperbolic Flex Zone,” said Stewart Bahl, Aldila’s Marketing Manager. “This new technology features a stiff tip section for optimal launch and spin control with a very firm butt section for an incredible stable feel, while the center section of the shaft is softer to provide unmatched kick through impact for maximum ball speed.”

At the Puerto Rico Open, the second most accurate driver was also playing the RIP Phenom in his Driver. He finished the tournament with an average of 78.6 percent compared to the Field’s average of 60.71 percent.

Aldila also had three sets of their new RIP irons in play at the Puerto Rico Open.

Aldila catapults power to an unprecedented level. High performance technology harnessed and perfected from a special blend of materials, design and expertise. They are continually on the leading edge of the golf world through their relentless pursuit of the next best innovation. They do the experimenting so you don’t have to. Pushing success to the edge and redefining how power should feel. Are you playing Aldila, or just graphite?

KBS C-Taper Shafts Win WGC-Cadillac Championship

This week’s champion of the WGC Cadillac Championship trusted the low trajectory, smooth feel, and total performance of KBS C-TAPER ™ shafts. En route to his 4th PGA TOUR victory, this professional led the field in birdies. Following the event, he has moved up to 7th in the Official World Rankings and 8th in the FedEx Cup Rankings. Since changing into KBS Shafts late last season, this professional has won twice on the PGA TOUR including the 2011 BMW Championship. This win marks the third overall for KBS in 2012 in addition to several runner ups and top ten finishes. KBS staff congratulates this week’s champion on a brilliant golf performance.

– WITB: KBS C-TAPER ™ shafts (S+ flex / 3-LW)
– WINNING STATS: 1st in Birdies | 23 Total Birdies | T17 in GIR | 65.3% GIR

KBS C-Tapered Steel $35 each

The KBS TOUR Series incorporates a new and advanced mix of shaft technologies that collectively improve performance through enhanced energy transfer while maintaining a firm total shaft flex. This unique design mix ensures players achieve the optimal blend of club feel and shot control while maximizing total distance. As a complete catalog, the KBS TOUR Series consists of three integrated performance options that deliver a balanced progression in trajectory, ball spin, shaft weight and flex. This logical progression allows for a simple yet versatile fitting solution for a wide range of golfers, including many of the best players in the world.

As explained by renowned shaft designer Kim Braly, “The KBS TOUR Series incorporates state-of-the-art technology that builds on a rich history working with top tour players as well as leading golf club manufacturers. In four years, KBS shafts have exceeded all our expectations and we’re proud of the performance KBS shafts deliver for a growing number of top tour professionals. This week, we proudly congratulate the champion at the WGC and look forward to more unfolding stories in the weeks to come.”

What is that Cotton-Pickin’ Sound?

How to quiet a driver’s sound by “Cottoning” it

Do you have a driver that you love, but the sound is so high pitched that your playing partners have started to play without you?  Or every time you hit the ball off of the tee it reminds you of the sound of a little league baseball game? OK, you get the hint, your driver is loud as heck and you want to do something about it before you get arrested for disturbing the peace.

Many golfers might not realize this, but as drivers have become larger and larger up to the point they are today, the head weight hasn’t changed compared to those puny little drivers we (us old folks) played growing up.  Two things occurred to make this possible.  First the materials became lighter and stronger and secondly the walls have been stretched thin to the max.  Depending upon the shape and wall thickness in certain areas of the club, a driver’s sound at impact can range somewhat from muted to sounding like a cowbell.

And remember a very important fact – sound is “feel”.  Unfortunately there is no way to please every golfer. What one person claims is music to one’s ear; the next golfer may be totally turned off by it so engineering a particular sound into a driver is becoming a more important factor into the design.

The Days of the “Thud”

For years after the advent of the “metal” wood (1979), the hollow heads were foam filled. The reason was two-fold.  One was to prevent the faces from caving in.  Secondly and most importantly was to dampen the sound at impact as the metal woods were fast replacing wooden woods whose sound what muted or more of a “thud” sound.  That lightweight density foam added a good percentage of weight in those heads too.

Over time manufacturers began to realize the stainless steel drivers and fairways would hold up quite well without the foam and as a result the clubhead could be made larger after the weight savings. As a result, clubheads became much more forgiving on off-center shots.  And yes, the complaint was those foamless heads made a louder pitch as impact, but over time that became the norm.


Now back to our potential problem of reducing the sound of a driver.  We could look back at our past and consider foam filling the heads.  Well that is not exactly an option today as lightweight density foam could easily add 20g back to these voluminous titanium driver heads.  And for you do-it-yourselfers, foam filling an existing clubhead is messy.  My old workshop had foam that exploded out of one club covering the ceiling and one wall during an experiment.

One alternative is cotton and it is cheap, readily available and easy to do. I think I have been experimenting with “cottoning” metal woods since the first foamless head appeared. The weight of a single cotton ball is @ 6/10ths of a gram and it doesn’t take too many to alter the sound.  The key is getting it into the head.

Getting started

First the shaft needs to be safely removed using a puller (assuming it is graphite-shafted).  Next, the plastic stop at the bottom of the hosel needs removed if it doesn’t come out during the shaft removal process.  The stop is there to prevent epoxy from entering the head and causing a rattle at a later date.

To remove a plastic hosel stop it is as simple as using a hand drill with a small drill bit (1/8”). The bit may catch and pull the stop right out or at least provide relief to use a thin object to fish it out.  It is best not to use a large drill bit otherwise you will just end up pushing it into the head.  If the hosel stop is metal, then you might not be able to access to hollow chamber to add the cotton.  But once you can see access into the head you are ready to start.


It takes a little bit of patience to add the cotton as the first instinct you will have is to try to shove the entire cotton ball down inside the hosel.  You will find out soon it only creates a clog and you have to fish it back out and start again.

Let me take a step back and tell you a little trick first. Take a golf ball and tap it on the face of the club while holding onto the hosel.  You will hear the pitch of the clubhead.  Each time you add a cotton ball inside repeat this step until you get the acoustics you want.

This video will show you what the change of sound is when comparing the same driver heads.

I find it easier to unroll the cotton ball and shred it into strips.  That way you can get the cotton started in the hosel and you can push it through the bottom of the hosel with a long narrow instrument.  For example, 1/8” pins punch works great.  Proceed inserting the cotton balls until you get your desired sound.

Whoa, don’t overdo it!

Each cotton ball you add you are also increases the weight.  On a driver you are looking at approximately 1.6g of weight to equal a 1 swingweight point increase.  By adding just 3 cotton balls, you will exceed that slightly.  Luckily, most golfers have a hard time telling the difference by adding 2-3 swingweights. If you start to add 9 or more cotton balls, then you may want to consider shortening the club after you have time to hit the freshly cottoned driver.  Hey, it may be time to re-grip as well.

One word of caution, you can get carried away and add too much.  The volume of a driver might allow you to stuff 20 cotton balls inside if you tried.  But you may go from one extreme (cowbell) to the other (dead thud).  Use them sparingly and use the tap test on the face to test for the sound.

There are always to solutions to virtually any problem.  Some clubmakers have resorted to hot-melting material into the head to do the same thing.  But for less than $2 at my local pharmacy I can have a whole bag of cotton balls to experiment with. Adding cotton to an existing driver you like but don’t like its’ current sound or pitch at impact is one practical solution.

Introducing the Power Play Caiman X2 Fairway Woods

This is one of my favorite times of the year.  For starters we get an extra hour of daylight to play golf, but also you finally get a chance to put your hands on the final products we have been working on the past year.  That is why I am proud to introduce to you one of the newest additions to our extensive product line –  the all new and improved Power Play Caiman X2 fairways.


While the original version served our customers extremely well for the past three year by providing outstanding accuracy and a solid feel, the newest version will make your toes curl. The X2 or second generation is actually a totally new model and not just the same clubhead with new cosmetics. We kept many of the principles that made it popular like the variable face structure for the incredible sound and feel at impact and the reduced crown thickness for improved weight distribution.  And if you just glance at the pictures the shape is similar, but we refined it to give a more grown up look.

The Caiman X2 fairways have a slightly shallower profile and are broader from front-to-back than previously to lower the center of gravity and make it even more forgiving.  Since there is more weight lower, this allowed us to strengthen the loft and still get the ball off the fairway with ease.  But this time around, with a little more distance.

Plus there is something about the black PVD finish that makes a statement.  This time we added this finish to match the Caiman X2 driver and the special Caiman X2 Raw Power 3 wood we will blog about a little later.

For those of you that haven’t had the Caiman experience before and wonder what all the fuss about a new and improved version, it’s time you did.  Match them with your favorite shaft and grip (or perhaps some of the new orange grips to match the color scheme) so you can look and play your best this golf season.

Power Play Caiman X2 Fairway Wood – Custom Assembled $54.95 each
Power Play Caiman X2 Fairway Wood – Component Clubhead $24.95 each

Vote for the Dynacraft Spot Putter Now!

Walmart is having a unique contest in which folks vote for their favorite, new and innovative product that they would like to be sold through Walmart Stores. The winner will be chosen by popularity! Hireko has submitted its adjustable Dynacraft Spot Putter for this contest so click on the link below and vote for us now! We appreciate your support.


Vote in Get On The Shelf

Buy Now! Component Driver Clubheads Under $10!

Club SKU Regular Price Closeout Price
Acer XDS 2+ Titanium Wood – Clubhead TM650 $49.95 each $6.95 each
Impex Offset – Clubhead


TML688 $19.95 each $9.95 each
Impex Plus Titanium Driver 450c (LH) – Clubhead


TM664 $19.95 each $9.95 each
Oxygen RST 900 Titanium Driver – Clubhead TM900 $49.95 each $7.95 each
Oxygen Series 6 Titanium Driver – Clubhead


TM633B $29.95 each $6.95 each
Pro Tour Fit 395cc Titanium Driver – Clubhead


TM88028 $27.50 each $9.95 each
Synchron Medic Titanium Driver 360cc (RH) – Clubhead TM85020 $23.40 each $7.95 each
Acer XP Stainless Woods – Clubhead M400 $14.95 each $3.95 each
Waino Golf 13° Driving Club – Clubhead M027A $19.95 each $3.95 each


Last Chance For Closeout Component Iron Clubheads Under 4 Bucks!

Club SKU Regular Price Closeout Price
Acer Mantara Iron – Clubhead I320512C $7.95 each $3.95 each
Tour Gear Zinc Iron – Clubhead  ZI0033 $4.95 each $3.95 each
Acer XP905 Iron – Clubhead  I3300 $7.95 each $3.95 each
Acer XP 905 Pro Iron – Clubhead I3450 $7.95 each $3.95 each
Acer XDS Wide Sole Iron – Clubhead I1230 $8.95 each $1.95 each
Acer XP Hollow Core Ti Face – Clubhead  TI3175 $18 each $2.95 each
Acer XP Step Cavity Iron – Clubhead  I3030 $8.95 each $3.95 each
Dynacraft Avatar HL Iron – Clubhead I32026 $8.95 each $2.95 each
Dynacraft Avatar ML Iron – Clubhead I3345 $9 each $3.49 each
Dynacraft Genesis Iron – Clubhead I30891 $27.95 each $3.49 each
Oxygen Series 6 Stainless Iron – Clubhead I1077B $5.95 each $3.50 each
Peerless SCI Iron – Clubhead I30721D $5.95 each $3.30 each
Power Play Select SL Iron – Clubhead  I311015 $5.95 each $2.95 each
Power Play System Q Dual Iron – Clubhead  I3294B $5.95 each $2.95 each


True Temper Takes Win At The Honda Classic

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – In the hands of the new No. 1 player this weekend, Project X proved again why it is the shaft of choice for players who demand pinpoint accuracy from their iron shafts. The Honda Classic champion won his first PGA TOUR event of the year and rose to first in the Official World Golf Ranking with two clutch saves at the end of an exciting final round on Sunday.

The champion wasn’t the only player to rely on Project X this weekend. The Honda Classic’s runner up was playing a Project X PXi shaft in his 2-iron and he shot the lowest final round of his career to edge within one shot of the lead.

Project X Steel #UPROJX $34.99 each
Project X PXi Tapered Steel #PROJXPXI $38.99 each

“The Honda Classic was another great win for the Project X brand which revolutionized steel golf shafts,” says Chad Hall, director of product marketing and global tour operations for True Temper Sports. “We continue to push the envelope with new innovations such as PXi, which is the most sophisticated steel shaft design in the game today. It was exciting to see Project X continue its winning legacy and I’m confident this weekend’s second-place finish is just the beginning for PXi.”

The PXi shafts incorporate the hallmarks of the Project X line – tour-caliber spin control, penetrating trajectory and unrivaled tip stability – with the benefits of a 10 percent weight reduction. The end result is an iron shaft that delivers maximum club speed with the shot control demanded by the best players in the world.

True Temper Shafts Shine At The WGC-Accenture And Mayakoba

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Dynamic Gold, Project X and Grafalloy contributed to wins at the WGC-Accenture Match Golf Championship and the Mayakoba Golf Classic, proving once again why more pros trust shafts by designed and manufactured by True Temper Sports.

Relying on Dynamic Gold, the WGC-Accenture Match Play winner beat out a tough field to earn his second World Golf Championship win. He scored 35 birdies in 96 holes over six matches and defeated the reigning U.S. Open champion in the final match.

Meanwhile at the Mayakoba Golf Classic, a 21-year-old PGA TOUR rookie, playing Grafalloy ProLaunch Red in his driver and Project X in his irons, pared all eight holes in the playoff. He led the field in iron play, hitting an impressive 81.9 percent of greens in regulation for his first career PGA victory.

True Temper Dynamic Gold $14.99 each
Grafalloy ProLaunch Red Driver  $49.99 each
True Temper Project X $34.99 each

“The PGA TOUR events this season have offered drama and excitement, and this weekend’s impressive play at the WGC Accenture Match Play and eight-hole playoff at the Mayakoba Classic were certainly no exception. The solid play at both events demonstrated how perseverance, talent and the right equipment can overcome the odds,” says Scott Hennessy, president and CEO of True Temper Sports. “True Temper has set the industry standard for more than 70 years, and our Dynamic Gold, Project X and Grafalloy brands deliver a proven combination of accuracy, distance and consistency that wins on the pro tours week after week.”

The Number One selling shaft in golf, Dynamic Gold is preferred by skilled players seeking a low, penetrating ball flight. The straight taper and short tip section of the Project X iron shafts provides maximum energy transfer with low spin rates required for penetrating iron shots. Grafalloy has been an industry-leading innovator in graphite shaft technology for nearly two decades. ProLaunch Red is launch-monitor-tuned to promote a low, boring trajectory.