New 2012 Power Play Caiman X2 Driver Arrives March 9th!

Caiman X2 Driver

I would like to introduce to you one of our newest and hottest drivers that will be in stock very shortly called the Power Play Caiman X2.  The X2 is the reference to the second generation of one of Hireko’s all-time favorite products. Being the lead product developer for our company I have certain advantages that I am sure the majority of you would just love to have.  I get to play and test products long before they are available to the public.  It is a tough job, but someone has got to do it.

I had the privilege of testing the first samples back in June of last year. Yes, it does take a lot longer than most people realize for a product to make it to market (which is scheduled to arrive on March 9th).  So the arrival of the X2 may seem long overdue for me.  Now the pressure is always on when you take a popular model like the original Caiman driver and come out with its replacement.  In order for it make the catalog it had to cut the mustard in terms of performance because that’s all you really care about anyway.

What’s different about the second generation?

Good question.  The first thing one will probably notice is the cosmetics.  We didn’t want to mess too much with success so it still had the geometric shape reminiscent of its namesake – an Amazonian Black Caiman or the most feared beast in all of South America.  But this version has more of refined shape by softening the toe area.

We removed the decal on the crown too.  While some customers liked it from an alignment standpoint, it made it a little too busy to the liking of enough golfers to nix it from the X2 version.  However, by doing this it made the head look a little bigger, which it is since the original version was really only 452cc and the X2 has a true 460cc volume. Who doesn’t want more confidence off of the tee?


What makes the X2 version outperform the original is what you can’t see.  We eliminated approximately 9 grams of weight from the crown using a new manufacturing technique which puts that weight to better use.  For those of you asking how do you know it outperformed the original, I took both versions out with identical shafts and did head to head testing with various golfers and it didn’t matter if it was the first version or the fourth and final one that you will get your hands on soon.

Is it time for an upgrade?

Listen up all those previous satisfied users of the Caiman driver; I got a quick few word for you – upgrade. For those of you who hadn’t played the original version but are looking for a new driver to improve your game, the Caiman X2 is probably the best bang for your buck you will find anywhere. If the head R&D guy is bagging one that should say a little about how good this driver is.

Power Play Caiman X2 Titanium Driver – Custom Assembled

$109.95 each
Power Play Caiman X2 Titanium Driver – Clubhead $69.95 each


  1. Ronniemac says:

    Looks like you are showing off your swing also. I have the old Caiman and the decals are the only thing I did not like. It is long and accurate. Mmmm, wonder if I could take the decals off?

  2. Mike Blanton says:

    Do you have comparison testing for distance with any of the brand name drivers?

  3. Jeff Summitt says:

    The swing is somewhat rusty right now. As far as the decal on your older driver, it might be difficult to remove without needing to completely refinish the top of the head as the decal is underneath the urethane coating.

  4. Jeff Summitt says:


    Distance with drivers today all comes down to fitting. That is why we offer a plethora of shafts, flexes, grips, grip sizing, lengths, lofts etc.

  5. Norm Peters says:

    What are the specs for the new Caiman X2?

  6. Jim Benjamin says:

    What is the best you can do for shaft fitting? I have an R9 with a pro launch shaft that is tipped for a lower ball flight in regular flex and I like it. Would that work with this driver? My R9 is 10.5 but I would like at least a 9.5 if not an 8.5.

  7. Jeff Summitt says:


    The original R9 used a .350″ shaft unless you had it shafted with the proper adapter and a .335″ shaft. In that case, you could pull the shaft and install it into the Caiman 9.5º as that is the lowest loft we offer. However, if you are looking for a new shaft, I first need to know which shaft you have as Grafalloy has made many different ProLaunch shafts.

  8. Jim Benjamin says:


    The shaft on my burner is a prolaunch red regular flex that is supposed to be tipped for a lower ball floight.

  9. Jeff Summitt says:


    We do offer the ProLaunch Red:

    You would have to hold the shaft against the older one to see how much was tip trimmed. You will need to factor the insertion depth of the shaft to be 1.5″ below the top of the ferrule.

    However, if you are pulling the shaft from the R9, make sure it is a 0.335″ otherwise it won’t fit the Caiman.

  10. Jim Benjamin says:

    So could I just get the X2 with your guy’s ProLaunch Red? I’m not a club mechanic, just a frustrated user.

  11. Jeff Summitt says:


    That is what I would do since the shaft is no different. However, we have no idea how much was tip trimmed so we would simply butt trim to length unless you can get that information from the person who re-shafted your R9. The 9.5º loft will automatically lower the trajectory compared to what you have.

  12. Jim Benjamin says:

    The ProLaunch Red shaft measures 42 inches from top of grip to top of head hosel.


  13. Jeff Summitt says:


    That is only going to help give the overall length. Since I don’t have an R9 driver handy, there is no way to calculate the length. Our standard driver length is 45″ for your reference which is measured from the end of the grip to the groundline measuring along the back side of the shaft.

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