New 2012 iSight Putters Just Arrived!

The Acer i-Sight is a premium series of stainless steel putters combining classic designs with new age ideas. The key feature is the alignment feature. Located in the center of the cavity, the side walls of the raised alignment bar are painted red. If you only see one red side wall, then your eyes are either too far inside or over the line of sight which will make it more difficult to hole your putt. However, if you see both red sides with the putter resting on the ground at the center of the sole, you know your eyes are directly over the line of sight and more likely to drain your putt. Each Acer i-Sight putter features an exquisite silver glass bead finish and the face has been CNC milled with horizontal micro-grooves giving the machined look of today’s high end putters. There are dedicated models available specifically for belly and long putters.
Acer i-Sight Putter Santa Barbara – Clubhead $24.95 ea.
Acer i-Sight Putter Anacapa – Clubhead $24.95 ea.
Acer i-Sight Putter San Miguel – Clubhead $24.95 ea.
Acer i-Sight Long Putter Santa Cruz – Clubhead $34.95 ea.
Acer i-Sight Belly Putter Santa Rosa – Clubhead $29.95 ea.