New for 2012 Apollo Shadow Graphite Series In Stock!

Often information in a catalog gets buried or there just isn’t enough room to provide additional explanation about a product. A prime example is in the case of the Apollo Shadow graphite series. Many of you who may be familiar with the Shadow and Shadow UL shafts which have been staples for Apollo for many, many years will just assume the shaft has a new look. The graphics were a little dated (OK, maybe a lot) and needed a cosmetic facelift to bring them into this century. But it is much more than that.

Apollo Shadow Graphite $13 ea.

The new graphics have more meaning below the freshly coats of paint and polyurethane. For those who have used the shafts rest assured the playability of the shafts are unchanged. What has changed is the construction or how the layers are wrapped onto the forming mandrel. Clubmakers who frequency match or find the spine and orientate the shaft into a desired location will notice that the shafts are much more consistent than in the past.

Apollo Shadow UL Graphite $13.50 ea.

From shaft-to-shaft as well as checking the shaft in a 360º fashion you will notice how uniform they are making the assembly operation more efficient. The best part for clubmakers and end consumers, you are getting a better product and for slightly less money than last year. Not too many companies can make that claim.

Joining the Family

While the Shadow Junior is no longer a part of the line, there is a new addition called the Shadow FL (short for Feather Light). The Shadow is standard weight, the Shadow UL is ultralight, and the new Shadow FL is the lightest of the series tipping the scales at a mere 55g. These will also be the most economical shafts in their weight class.

Apollo Shadow FL Graphite $14 ea.

As all the Shadow graphite shafts, the Shadow FL shafts are made for both woods and irons (which will work for hybrids too) in convenient combination flex version to cut down on inventory plus give you options to create custom flexes.


  1. gary m schmidt says:

    i am debating buying a full set of xds irons, an xf fairway and hybrid, and two or three xb wedges. i want all the clubs assembled using the same shaft. this is the first time i have considered graphite shafts. i will be leaving my old set of dynamic gold stiffs for something with a regular flex. my question is, are the apollo acculite 60’s, significantally better than the apollo shadow’s other than the torque differences? like i said earlier, this is the first i have looked at switching to graphite and i want to buy a good product, not just a “pretty” face. are the acculite 60’s an old shaft? thank you in advance, gary m. schmidt

  2. Jeff Summitt says:


    The Acculite is more of the performance series in the Apollo line using slightly higher strength materials and all the shafts are filament wound as opposed to sheet-wrapping in the Shadow series. The Acculite 60 would be more along the line of the Shadow UL than the Shadow, but a huge departure from the Dynamic Golds.

  3. James says:

    If you are playing a stiff Dynamic Gold shaft now, then you may want to consider the Apollo Balistik shaft. That is the most stable feeling graphite shaft in the Apollo lineup, in my opinion. They can handle much higher swing speeds than either the Apollo Shadow or Acculite 60. Check out the DSFI ratings before jumping from a stiff DG to a regular flex graphite – there is typically a HUGE difference in swing speed ratings between the two. The Balisitk is without question the lightest weight shaft which will handle higher swing speeds, and it’s basically in the same swing speed range as a regular flex DG steel shaft.

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