New 2012 SK Fiber Shafts

Fury 65
A proprietory composite layer with higher resistance to a torque and stress is used to reinforce the mid and tip sections for reduced ball spin and exceptional feel.
Coming Soon!

Quantum PL
Proprietary fiber distribution and orientation work in concert with the structural enhancement within the shaft that Balance Certified? Power Link generates to produce a well-balanced shaft that provides optimum swing repeatability and shot consistency.

SK Fiber Quantum PL Graphite $99 ea.


Lite Revolution
The ultimate ultra-lightweight shaft for consistency and customization, the Lite Revolution offers a low torque, high bend point shaft that produces low trajectory and control. Extended raw length and long parallel tip section to create customized flexes. Extremely tight tolerances.

SK Fiber Lite Revolution $59 ea.


Javelin 50″ Long Drive Series
Low torque and high kick point in a tour weight (78g) shaft promotes stability for greater control and distance.

SK Fiber Javelin Graphite $145 ea.


Mutant Revolution 50″ Long Drive Series
Tour weight, low torque and stiff tip delivers penetrating shots with exceptional roll.

SK Fiber Mutant Revoulution Graphite $135 ea.


Power Revolution 50″ Long Drive Series
Light weight, mid torque and high kick point promotes increased clubhead speed for superior distance.

SK Fiber Power Revolution Graphite $115 ea.


Pure Adrenaline 50″ Long Drive Series
Long Drivers looking for a 50-inch mid-torque and mid-high kick point will love the performance of this shaft.

SK Fiber Pure Adrenaline Graphite $115 ea.


Tour Trac 95
Low torque, firm butt and responsive tip in a tour weight iron shaft makes this perfect for the player making the transition from steel to graphite.

SK Fiber Tour Trac 95 Graphite $37 ea.


Tour Performance
Lightweight taper tip iron shaft offers consistent power and performance that golfers of all skill levels demand in an iron shaft.

SK Fiber Tour Performance Taper Graphite $26 ea.


Hybrid Force
Designed specifically for today’s technically advanced hybrids and fairway metals, the low to mid kick point delivers a mid to high ball trajectory for pin point accuracy. Available in .370 and 335. tip.

SK Fiber Hybrid Force Graphite Starts at $35 ea.


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