New 2012 Golf Pride Grips

New Decade MCC Whiteout
Golf Pride’s most popular grip. This innovative hybrid grip fuses the positive performance of rubber and cord for an exciting new look and feel. The MultiCompound boasts Golf Pride’s exclusive black Velvet Cord in the upper hand area for firm all-weather control, and a soft rubber material in the lower.

All-new Whiteout grips feature white material in top half of grip with black cord for allweather control and responsiveness.

Golf Pride MCC Whiteout White/Black

$9.39 ea.
Golf Pride MCC Whiteout White/Blue $9.39 ea.
Golf Pride MCC Whiteout White/Red

$9.39 ea.


Tour Wrap 2G Midsize White
With a modernized look and fresh, new colors, the Tour Wrap 2G now features enhanced tackiness and an even softer material for a great new feel. This one-piece, simulated wrap grip combines the look and feel of luxury leather with the durability, economy, and performance of high-tack rubber.

Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Midsize White $4.29 ea.


Tour Velvet BCT Cord Standard White
The Tour Velvet BCT (Brushed Cotton Technology) cord grip is constructed with tighter weave cotton twill fiber that offers great traction and all-weather performance, but with new improved feel for the ultimate in comfort.

Tour Velvet BCT Cord Standard White $9.59 ea.


Tour Velvet 360 Standard
Features the proven performance of the Tour Velvet with 360 degree design for use with adjustable drivers, fairway woods, hybrids. Adjust shaft to any position and look of grip remains consistent Tour Velvet look and feel.

Tour Velvet 360 Standard $4.19 ea.


Tour 25 Standard
At 25g, the Tour 25 is the lightest rubber grip in the category. Increase swing weight 4-5 points when installed on standard weighted club or use as an excellent replacement grip for lightweight OEM driver programs.

Tour 25 Standard $9.79 ea.


Z-grip Cord Standard
The Z-Grip Cord features aggressive textural design for ultimate feedback and control. Smaller tri-dash pattern provides secondary level of texture for added control. 65 durometer compound is the firmest, stiffest rubber compound in product range.

Z-grip Cord Standard $9.59 ea.


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  2. Mike says:

    I’m sorry, there is no grip worth that price. I have been using Golf Pride for years, but not any more. I don’t feel I need to spend $140.00 a year for new grips. Your competition (not sure which one yet) will be getting my money. When your grips return to where they should be priced, I will be happy to buy them again.

  3. Jerry says:

    I agree with Mike. The price of these grips is getting way out of hand. I won’t buy Golf Pride again until the price is reasonable.

  4. Ron Forrest says:

    I agree that golf pride grips are priced way to high

  5. Jim Durand says:

    Thease grips become hard as a rock in 6 months and need to be changed

  6. Jeff Summitt says:

    If they are rock hard, they may just need a good cleaning with soap and water and a bristle brush to remove the oils from your hand that deposited onto the grip.

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