Check Out The New Lamkin E.B.L. Putter Grips

If you look at putters at your local golf store or in the bags of your fellow golfers you will probably notice that most of the grips are made with a soft synthetic polyurethane outer material – most notably from Winn Grips.  Not only are these grips soft, but they are also lightweight, dampen vibration, come in various sizes and of course can be very colorful.

For hundreds of years putter grips were made of leather.  In the 1950s, rubber slip-on grips began to replace leather and became the standard material offered until sometime in the last decade.  To get a rubber grip on a putter today has in many cases become a custom order unless it is perhaps a Scotty Cameron model.

This year Odyssey Golf will release several new models in the Metal-X, ProType Tour Series and FlipFace putter.  But instead of a synthetic grip, the stock putters will be equipped with a rubber grip from Lamkin with the Odyssey name and logo.  The same grip is offered by Hireko’s called the E.B.L. 3GEN Pistol. This uses Lamkin’s proprietary 3GEN material, which is the company’s softest rubber compound.  Plus this is part of a family of grips that come in different sizes and shapes as well.

A synthetic rubber putter grip offered as a stock option on a major OEM’s product may not become front page news, but it should serve as a reminder to golfers and clubmakers everywhere that rubber grips are still a viable option for your or your customer’s new flatstick. Synthetic rubber grips can be made to different degrees of firmness, dampen vibration, come in various sizes and now are becoming more decorative using the multi-layer construction.

Lamkin E.B.L. Pistol 3GEN Gray/Black #RL174 $7.99 ea.
Lamkin E.B.L. Paddle 3GEN Red/Black #RL175 $7.99 ea.
Lamkin E.B.L. Paddle 3GEN White/Black Midsize #RL176 $8.99 ea.
Lamkin E.B.L. Smooth Pistol 3GEN White #RL177 $5.99 ea.