New for 2012 Bionik 207 Nano Mallet Putter Just Arrived!

This unique wide mallet design with two weighted rods located in the undercarriage creates a higher center of gravity to coincide with the ball’s equator for more consistent roll. The very broad design from face-to-back helps stabilize putts, resulting into fewer strokes on the green. The milled aluminum insert provides a more solid feel with today’s ultra-soft urethane covered golf balls. This face-balanced putter model also features a bold alignment line against a contrasting white body for easy alignment. Slightly lighter head weight for a mallet design preferred for those who putt on faster greens.
RH putter: Use putter shaft AP46CP, USTP2B and USTFFDB2; LH putter use putter shaft APL46CP
Bionik 207 Nano Mallet Putter – Clubhead $14.95 ea.
Bionik 207 Nano Mallet Putter – Custom Assembled $34.95 ea.


  1. Landon Black says:

    Looks like a straight shaft? I sure hope it’s straight or center shafted.

    Jeff, I want this straight or center shafted, please tell me it’s 1 or the other!?


  2. steve says:

    Can the bionik 207 putter be assembled with a offset shaft?

  3. Jim McHugh says:

    What type of putter shaft is required for Bionik 207 Nano Mallet Putter head

  4. Gary Konop says:

    Can the new Bionik 207 Nano Mallet Putter be custom ordered from Hireko as a Belly Putter?

  5. Rodger Smith says:

    Can this be made into a long broomstick style putter? I’m short and my current putter is 43″. Thanks

  6. Jeff Summitt says:

    The head was designed for a double bend shaft. Here are the codes:
    RH putter: Use putter shaft Apollo AP46CP, True Temper USTP2B and UST Mamiya USTFFDB2; LH putter use putter shaft Apollo APL46CP. You can also use the single bend shafts we offer but it will not have any offset.

    As far as a belly putter the head will be too light by itself. But you could use the hosel adapters H002 and H003 and that will increase the weight and allow a straight shaft assembly.

    This putter would not be even close to being enough weight even with the H001 adapter to set the lie more upright.

  7. Max Blake says:

    Is this a face-balanced putter? Thanks.

  8. Sharkey says:

    What lengths will be available with the assembled unit? I’m 6ft 5″ tall. What shaft would you suggest for a 38″ shaft and total cost?

  9. Jeff Summitt says:


    Yes, it is a face balance design with the double bend shaft.

  10. Jeff Summitt says:


    Putter length is about individual comfort. Some players like their arms to hand straight down and other like to have their elbows outward. The latter would require a longer assembly length. I am 6’2″ and use only a 34″ putter but my arms are straight to ensure I use the big muscles rather than my wrists to put the club in motion. You may be fine at 36″, but measure your existing putter and ask yourself if it feel too long, too short or just right. The cost is the same at 36″ as it is standard length. At 38″, there may be an upcharge for a longer shaft or an extender to achieve the length.

  11. Winston Faust says:

    The Hireko Golf Summer Quarterly 2012 shows a 400g version of the Bionik 207 head. When will it be available on the web site?

  12. Jeff Summitt says:


    We expect them to be in stock in mid July. However, we probably won’t put them on-line until it is closer to their arrival date.

  13. Wendell says:

    I’m somewhat of a DIY’er and I have a number of putters and putter heads. I’ve replaced my putter with this one and I can’t tell you how easy and accurate it is to putt with. I feel as if I can’t miss with it.

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