Hybrid Confusion

One question I field with regularity is regarding hybrids and which club they replace.  There are two common misconceptions.  The first involves the engraving on the sole.  For instance, if a hybrid has the number 3 engraved on its’ sole, then a #3 wood would be the equivalent.  The other involves loft; if the loft is the same so too will the distance.  Well, in neither case this is true and let me explain why.

Below is a quick conversion chart to give you a little guideline on what hybrid (plus loft) replaces a particular fairway wood or iron. Your mileage (or I should say distance) may vary as some players are better fairway wood players than they are with a hybrid or iron and vice versa, but I find the chart is more right than wrong. As you can see, there is no direct replacement for a #3 wood with a hybrid.

The conversion is for overall distance which takes in account the roll. Often times the fairway wood will produce a higher trajectory for more carry but less roll than the corresponding hybrid or iron to produce the same overall distance. This fact may be a consideration for those that play in windy conditions. Most hybrids also possess larger tip diameter shafts which are stiffer tipped and produce a lower trajectory than a fairway wood shaft.

The centers of gravity of a fairway wood, hybrid and iron are also quite different due to their size and shape.  Even with the same lofts, the trajectory and spin of the ball coming off the face may differ.  Comparing #3 hybrids and 3-irons can also be misleading as the hybrids often are less lofted and will create more distance.  It is not uncommon that a #3-hybrid may be 19 or 20 degrees loft where the added loft will lead to proportionally longer distances.  In addition, not all 7-woods will have 21° loft angles some may be greater such as 22 or 23.  The added loft will lead to proportionally shorter distances.  This is why in some cases a 7-wood and a #3-hybrid may be overlapping clubs that produce the same distance, but if they are the lofts will not be identical.

Hybrid heads are also heavier than fairway woods.  As a result, their assembly lengths are different which subsequently creates slightly different swing speeds.  While the shorter length hybrids may be swung a little slower, the shorter assembly length does increase the chance of solidness of contact.  This is one reason why hybrids are so popular today.

When selecting a hybrid to replace a particular fairway wood, pay close attention to the loft. By utilizing the chart, you should be able to select the proper club(s) for your set and toward a lower score.  Hopefully this will take some of the confusion out of your next purchase.

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Welcome Hello Kitty Golf Merchandise!

Hello Kitty Golf Merchandise Has Arrived!

Hello Kitty is hot, fun and in stock at Hireko Golf! From junior sets to accessories, headcovers, divot tools, ball markers, balls and full ladies’ sets we have it all.

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HK009 Hello Kitty Golf “The Collection” Ball & Tee Holder – Pink $12.95
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HK011 Hello Kitty Golf Ladies Complete Set $599.95
HK012 Hello Kitty Golf Pink Pearl Golf Balls – 12 Balls $27.95
HK013 Hello Kitty Golf Tour Towel – Pink $19.95
HK014 Hello Kitty Golf Tour Towel – Red $19.95
HK015 Hello Kitty Golf Tri-Fold Towel – Pink $13.95
HK016 Hello Kitty Golf Tri-Fold Towel – Red $13.95
HK017 Hello Kitty Golf Cleaning Brush Light Pink $10.95
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HK019 Hello Kitty Golf Hat Clip & Ball Marker – Kisses $14.95
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HK024 Hello Kitty Golf Wood Tee 2-1/8″ (30pcs) $6.95
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HK028 Hello Kitty Golf Rubber Tipped Plastic Tee (15 pc. Pack) $10.95
HK031 Hello Kitty Golf “Mix & Match” Cart Bag Pink/White $139.95
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HK039 Hello Kitty Golf Driver “Mix & Match” Red/White Headcover $23.95
HK040 Hello Kitty Golf Driver “Mix & Match” Pink/White Headcover $23.95
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HKC001 Hello Kitty Couture Pink Golf Balls – 12 Balls $39.95
HKC002 Hello Kitty Couture – Cleaning Brush Set $19.95
HKC003 Hello Kitty Couture Crystal Hat Clip & Ball Marker $19.95
HKC004 Hello Kitty Couture Crystal Divot Tool $19.95
HKC005 Hello Kitty Couture Tri Fold Towel $28.95
HKC013 Hello Kitty Couture Character Collection Driver Headcover – Red $28.95
HKC014 Hello Kitty Couture Character Collection Driver Headcover – Pink $28.95




Orientation-Free Grips

Sorry to disappoint you my friends, we are not giving away any free grips. But we are introducing you to “orientation- free” grips. You are probably asking what are orientation-free grips and why should I care? Right after the USGA relaxed the Rules of Golf regarding club adjustability in 2007, it opened up a whole new grip category, but it would take several years for these types of grips to come to fruition or at least coin the term.

Take a look at virtually any grip on the market you will see the manufacturer’s or grip’s name engraved somewhere on the outside body of the grip. Typically that name is designed to be in the “up” position or pointing toward the toe of the club at address. This may be in conjunction with some sort of hand placement details to assist with alignment. Occasionally players have preferred to put the name “down” or underneath so it is not visible at address. Of course the latter would not be the case pertaining to ribbed or putter grips.

For grip manufacturers displaying the name is a way of advertising their product which is no different from what club head and shaft manufacturers do. However, there are some grips that have been around for a while which do not have any name on them (except on the end cap). Here is a short list of them:

Lamkin Arthritic Grip
$4.99 ea.
Tacki-Mac Standard
$1.55 ea.
Tacki-Mac Oversize
$1.70 ea.
Tacki-Mac Arthritic OS $2.00 ea.

These grips make it easy for someone to install without worrying about installation as the grips wouldn’t be on crooked, because regardless how they are installed, they would look the same at address. The only telling sign that these grips were not properly aligned is to look at the end cap as the writing should be uniform from club to club. There are probably a lot of golfers out there who have never paid attention there was any writing there at all.

Now getting back to the adjustability part, there are several clubs that have been introduced in the past 3 or 4 years that are equipped with a hosel adapter that can be removed and switched to another position to create a different lie, face angle or effective loft. However, when this occurs the name engraved on the grip will no longer be aligned properly at address. In some cases one might be lucky the engraving on the grip is underneath where you are not able to see if and for others it will be a distraction when it is cocked to one side or another.

This lead grip manufactures upon the request of club head manufacturers to produce grips that didn’t require any sort of orientation. Fitting carts by the major manufacturers were first to have these types of grips and this year Golf Pride and Lamkin both offered one for the aftermarket. After the grips start to wear out and need re-gripped, there was a need for more of these types of grips.

New Orientation-Free grips
Lamkin offers two orientation-free grips in the R.E.L. 3GEN 360º series; one in standard size and another that is midsize. Golf Pride introduced the Tour Velvet 360 which does say Golf Pride on the outside of the grip, but it has been repeated right below the end cap so that orientation is not an issue. These along with the grips mentioned previously will make re-gripping the growing number of clubs which use an adjustable adapter such as TaylorMade, Titleist, Cobra, Nike, Adams Golf and Hireko a breeze.

Professional Fitting
For professional club fitters, the use of orientation-free grips is a wise investment if you are using a system where you interchange heads and shafts such as Hireko’s QuikFit system. It is one less distraction for your customers to be concerned with so you can fit them to the best of your ability.

Check Out The New Lamkin E.B.L. Putter Grips

If you look at putters at your local golf store or in the bags of your fellow golfers you will probably notice that most of the grips are made with a soft synthetic polyurethane outer material – most notably from Winn Grips.  Not only are these grips soft, but they are also lightweight, dampen vibration, come in various sizes and of course can be very colorful.

For hundreds of years putter grips were made of leather.  In the 1950s, rubber slip-on grips began to replace leather and became the standard material offered until sometime in the last decade.  To get a rubber grip on a putter today has in many cases become a custom order unless it is perhaps a Scotty Cameron model.

This year Odyssey Golf will release several new models in the Metal-X, ProType Tour Series and FlipFace putter.  But instead of a synthetic grip, the stock putters will be equipped with a rubber grip from Lamkin with the Odyssey name and logo.  The same grip is offered by Hireko’s called the E.B.L. 3GEN Pistol. This uses Lamkin’s proprietary 3GEN material, which is the company’s softest rubber compound.  Plus this is part of a family of grips that come in different sizes and shapes as well.

A synthetic rubber putter grip offered as a stock option on a major OEM’s product may not become front page news, but it should serve as a reminder to golfers and clubmakers everywhere that rubber grips are still a viable option for your or your customer’s new flatstick. Synthetic rubber grips can be made to different degrees of firmness, dampen vibration, come in various sizes and now are becoming more decorative using the multi-layer construction.

Lamkin E.B.L. Pistol 3GEN Gray/Black #RL174 $7.99 ea.
Lamkin E.B.L. Paddle 3GEN Red/Black #RL175 $7.99 ea.
Lamkin E.B.L. Paddle 3GEN White/Black Midsize #RL176 $8.99 ea.
Lamkin E.B.L. Smooth Pistol 3GEN White #RL177 $5.99 ea.

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Putter Shaft Terminology

One product category you here so very little about is the lowly putter shaft. Well if you are building or repairing putters there is more to know about them than you might think. Today, I want to go over some of the terminologies you may not have heard about or were even aware that existed.

Nearly all putters today are equipped with a steel shaft. The only exceptions are the UST Mamiya Frequency Filtered shafts which combine carbon fiber in the butt section to diffuse unwanted vibrations. Putter shafts of the past have also been made of wood, aluminum and graphite too. Some may be designed for conventional, belly and chest length putters and come either straight or with one or multiple bends to create a specific lie and/or offset. Thousands of putter shafts exist; many of which are proprietary to a single model or putter series such as in cases to make the club face balance.

The majority of putters on the market today require a 0.370” shaft, but as always there are exceptions – even a difference in 0.370” shafts.

Controlled I.D. shafts
The Controlled I.D. shaft category was designed to fit putters with a post, stem, tang, spud or whatever you want to call it that would normally take a 0.370” parallel tip shaft. When you normally order a 0.370” shaft, the manufacturer is only concerned that the O.D. or outside diameter be 0.370”. But due to weight and tolerances, the I.D. or inside diameter of the shaft can vary.

If you do enough assembly of over-the-hosel putters, you will find in some cases a normal 0.370” shaft fits and many other times it doesn’t and requires you to either sand the stem or shim the stem so the shaft is nice and tight. With the Controlled I.D. shaft, this eliminates the tolerances to make the assembly process more efficient.

This year we carry two Controlled I.D. shafts from True Temper for the growing number of putters designed with a post. There is a 38” straight stepless model (code USTPO-38) and a 35” straight stepped model (code UCA9160PO-35) to choose from. The USTPO-38 has an I.D. of 0.328” and the UCA9160PO-35 has an I.D. of 0.324”.

For your reference, Hireko putter models designed for an over-fit assembly have a 0.320” stem. With a couple thousands of an inch clearance for epoxy, the UCA9160PO-35 would be the better choice. But if you have one to re-shaft a model by another manufacturer, it is best to measure the stem carefully with your calipers.

Flared Tip shafts
Flare tipped shafts fall under the same umbrella as Controlled I.D. shaft in that they are designed to fit over a post or stem. The difference is the diameters. As the name implies, the shaft flares out (think of bell-bottomed pants). The inside diameter nearest the tip measures 0.382” whereas the outside diameter is in the range of 0.422”. Being flared, the shaft would fit snug when forced over the tapered post.

The flare tip putter shaft is not commonplace but clubmakers and club technicians need to be aware of them.

Taper Tip shafts
Certain major manufacturer’s iron and hybrid club heads aren’t the only category that requires 0.355” taper tip shafts, but select putters as well. Among them are current models from Ping and Scotty Cameron as well as classic putters. The 0.355” taper tip shaft is the opposite of the flared tip but does essentially the same thing. In this case the taper tip is force fit into the tapered bored to possess a mechanical lock in addition to the epoxy bond.

NCAA logo shafts
If you look at pages 100-101 of the 2012 Hireko catalog you will find a large selection of NCAA colleges and universities that are custom logoed over a straight 38” steel shaft. Now you or your customers can have a customized flatsick to show off your school colors instead of the same boring high polished chrome finish you have been accustomed to seeing.

New Adams Golf Speedline Fast 12 Drivers Have Arrived!

Adams Speedline Fast 12 Driver
Adams Golf announces the new Speedline Fast 12 driver – the fastest, longest and most forgiving Speedline driver ever developed. The Fast 12 incorporates the new Airfoil Design to produce a 460cc driver with 14% less drag for an increase of up to 3 mph in club head speed and, at the same time, a nearly 10% increase in forgiveness.

“The Speedline Fast 12 driver is a significant technological step forward in the quest for large footprint and high MOI driver that also provides the speed of modern aerodynamic designs,” said Scott Burnett, Director of Advanced Product Development for Adams Golf.

Aerodynamic Enhancements
Adams Golf led the industry into the aerodynamic revolution with the original Speedline in 2009 and continues to make refinements for better airflow attachment. The Airfoil Design of the Fast 12 driver incorporates crown elements such as the trip steps seen in its predecessor, the Fast 11, along with new design elements on the sole and skirt of the club that provide maximum aerodynamic benefits throughout the entire swing path. The result is 14% less drag and up to a 3 mph increase in club head speed.

More Forgiveness
The Airfoil design in the new Fast 12 driver provides forgiveness never seen before in a aerodynamically designed driver, an increases of nearly 10%. It has the MOI equivalent to the square drivers of the past, which were extremely forgiving, but had such high drag that they slowed down swing speeds causing much less distance. In addition to its technical enhancements, the Fast 12 features a satin silver crown color to inspire confidence at address.

Adams Speedline Fast 12 Driver  $299.99 ea.

Adams Speedline Fast 12 LS Driver
Adams Golf (NasdaqCM:ADGF) announces the new Speedline Fast 12 LS (Low Spin) driver – combining Adams’ industry leading aerodynamic technology with adjustability. The Fast 12 LS driver is Adams Golf’s lowest spinning aerodynamic driver ever, and is the only driver in the industry with length adjustability.

“In the Speedline Fast 12 LS, we developed a low spinning, adjustable and aerodynamic driver that appeals to the better player,” said Justin Honea, Director of Product Development for Adams Golf.  “Combining all of the performance characteristics with adjustability was the best way to do this.  Giving players the option of changing lengths as well as loft and lie gives us a competitive advantage over the rest of the industry.”

The Fast 12 LS provides extensive adjustability in a very discreet hosel design.  Golfers can adjust loft and face angle, lie, and length.  The loft can be adjusted up to +/- 1 degree.  The lie can be adjusted upright to +2 degrees.  The standard length of the Fast 12 LS is 45”, but can be adjusted to 45.5”.  There is also a removable weight in the back of the club head to allow the golfer to change to a lighter weight when the club is lengthened in order to maintain the same swingweight.  Adding a half inch in length provides increased ball speed, increased launch angle, and additional carry distance.

Adams Speedline Fast 12 LS Driver  $399.99 ea.

New 2012 Golf Pride Grips

New Decade MCC Whiteout
Golf Pride’s most popular grip. This innovative hybrid grip fuses the positive performance of rubber and cord for an exciting new look and feel. The MultiCompound boasts Golf Pride’s exclusive black Velvet Cord in the upper hand area for firm all-weather control, and a soft rubber material in the lower.

All-new Whiteout grips feature white material in top half of grip with black cord for allweather control and responsiveness.

Golf Pride MCC Whiteout White/Black

$9.39 ea.
Golf Pride MCC Whiteout White/Blue $9.39 ea.
Golf Pride MCC Whiteout White/Red

$9.39 ea.


Tour Wrap 2G Midsize White
With a modernized look and fresh, new colors, the Tour Wrap 2G now features enhanced tackiness and an even softer material for a great new feel. This one-piece, simulated wrap grip combines the look and feel of luxury leather with the durability, economy, and performance of high-tack rubber.

Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Midsize White $4.29 ea.


Tour Velvet BCT Cord Standard White
The Tour Velvet BCT (Brushed Cotton Technology) cord grip is constructed with tighter weave cotton twill fiber that offers great traction and all-weather performance, but with new improved feel for the ultimate in comfort.

Tour Velvet BCT Cord Standard White $9.59 ea.


Tour Velvet 360 Standard
Features the proven performance of the Tour Velvet with 360 degree design for use with adjustable drivers, fairway woods, hybrids. Adjust shaft to any position and look of grip remains consistent Tour Velvet look and feel.

Tour Velvet 360 Standard $4.19 ea.


Tour 25 Standard
At 25g, the Tour 25 is the lightest rubber grip in the category. Increase swing weight 4-5 points when installed on standard weighted club or use as an excellent replacement grip for lightweight OEM driver programs.

Tour 25 Standard $9.79 ea.


Z-grip Cord Standard
The Z-Grip Cord features aggressive textural design for ultimate feedback and control. Smaller tri-dash pattern provides secondary level of texture for added control. 65 durometer compound is the firmest, stiffest rubber compound in product range.

Z-grip Cord Standard $9.59 ea.

New for 2012 Apollo Shadow Graphite Series In Stock!

Often information in a catalog gets buried or there just isn’t enough room to provide additional explanation about a product. A prime example is in the case of the Apollo Shadow graphite series. Many of you who may be familiar with the Shadow and Shadow UL shafts which have been staples for Apollo for many, many years will just assume the shaft has a new look. The graphics were a little dated (OK, maybe a lot) and needed a cosmetic facelift to bring them into this century. But it is much more than that.

Apollo Shadow Graphite $13 ea.

The new graphics have more meaning below the freshly coats of paint and polyurethane. For those who have used the shafts rest assured the playability of the shafts are unchanged. What has changed is the construction or how the layers are wrapped onto the forming mandrel. Clubmakers who frequency match or find the spine and orientate the shaft into a desired location will notice that the shafts are much more consistent than in the past.

Apollo Shadow UL Graphite $13.50 ea.

From shaft-to-shaft as well as checking the shaft in a 360º fashion you will notice how uniform they are making the assembly operation more efficient. The best part for clubmakers and end consumers, you are getting a better product and for slightly less money than last year. Not too many companies can make that claim.

Joining the Family

While the Shadow Junior is no longer a part of the line, there is a new addition called the Shadow FL (short for Feather Light). The Shadow is standard weight, the Shadow UL is ultralight, and the new Shadow FL is the lightest of the series tipping the scales at a mere 55g. These will also be the most economical shafts in their weight class.

Apollo Shadow FL Graphite $14 ea.

As all the Shadow graphite shafts, the Shadow FL shafts are made for both woods and irons (which will work for hybrids too) in convenient combination flex version to cut down on inventory plus give you options to create custom flexes.