Ordering Tips: Use The Search Feature On Our Website

One way to navigate our website and find things fast is to use the keyword search feature on our shopping site.

For example, if you want to find 0.350” tip shafts, just type 0.350 and then go and you will find the shafts quickly without having to navigate through 22 pages of shafts.  How about belly putters?  No problem, type in belly putter and then go.  You will find all the components to make them or assembled ones as well.

If you already know a product you want like a Golf Pride New Decade Multi-Compound Red grip and you have the code from the catalog or recent invoice, just type that in.  However, don’t try to type RE-34, just type in RE34 (without the hyphen) and it will pop right up.


  1. James says:

    If only the search feature worked like it should! Here’s an example: try searching for a Winn DriTac Gray grip. Logically, you would type in Winn DriTac Gray, right? Or even simplify it by shortening it to DriTac Gray? Nope, nothing comes up. And that’s because the title of that item on your website is “Winn DriTac Standard Dark Gray”, and the only way to find it is to type a string of words in the exact order that they appear in the title. With the above example, if I were to type “DriTac Gray”, Winn Gray” or even “Winn DriTac Standard Gray” nothing would come up because those words aren’t listed in that exact order in the title.

    Your web store must have the search settings turned on for EXACT PHRASES only, which searches the item title for words in the exact order that they were typed, rather than a BASIC SEARCH which would search the title of the item for those words in any order. And that makes it very difficult for anyone to find what they are looking for because not many people are likely going to type in the exact matching title of an item when they are searching for something.

    Ironically enough, on your old website it was the exact opposite – a search for something like “DriTac Gray” would yield 50+ results because the website was set up to search the entire title AND description for those search words, and therefore any assembled club which offered DriTac Gray grips as an option would come up.

    The best way to have the search set up, as 99% of websites in the world do, is to have a BASIC SEARCH of just the TITLE ONLY of the item, and this will search just the title for all of the words typed in the search in any order. You can go one step further by added additional search words for any item in case of mis-spellings (such as adding Dri Tac, Win, Gray, Grey) to the particular item mentioned above – just make sure to separate all of the words with a comma or else it will result in an exact phrase search only, which is what you want to avoid).

    I mentioned all of this to Gineta when the new site first launched but it looks like it still hasn’t been fixed. It honestly shouldn’t be that hard, one simple global setting on how the search is applied should fix it. Or if you want to get more detailed you can alter the search settings for each item individually as outlined above. Hope this gets fixed soon, it is very frustrating!!! 🙂

  2. James says:

    By the way, the date you put on this blog post is Jan 12 2012 instead of 2013.

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