What Ever Happened to the Word Surprise?

With Christmas just around the corner, it got me thinking back to my childhood. Magically on Christmas Day my sister and I would awake at the crack of dawn and run to the living room to ogle at all the presents that Santa had left under the tree.  We knew it had to be Santa because the glass of milk and tray of cookies we left the night before was all but a few drops of warm milk and couple of crumbs left behind.

We would see each other point and say “what could be in that package, or this one or that one?”  Our minds wandered for what seemed like hours and hours until Mom and Dad finally got up and allowed us to open our presents.  Wait…now that I think about it, it was hours and hours.  Anyway, once were given permission am sure all one could see was a whirling dervish with shreds of colorful wrapping paper strewn across the room until all our presents were opened.  The best part was the surprise of the one gift we really, really wanted.

Every once in a while this blog gives me a perfect opportunity to rail against something.  That something today is whatever happened to surprise in the golf industry?  At Hireko, we are all in full catalog mode putting the finishing touches on it so it will be in your hands by the end of January.  That is traditionally when our customers usually get their first chance to see what we had been working on the year before or even longer than that. Image the enjoyment of sitting down in your comfy chair and thumbing through page by page thinking to oneself “I want that, no, I want that…ooh, I really want that!”

In my neck of the woods, golf season is done and I won’t get to play until March, except the occasional days I can go my local range to knock off the rust. Maybe my opinion would be different if I lived in an area where I could play 365 days out of the year. But in this digital age I see leaked photographs of clubs, shafts and grips long before they come available to the market.  Sometimes so long, by the time they reach the market it seems like they a dated product.  Who wants yesterday’s new?

The annual PGA Merchandise show at the end of January also happens to coincide when our catalog will be ready.  It used to be attendees and even fellow vendors were so excited to be surprised by what hot new product will be unveiled.  Those days are sadly over as magazines and websites are vying to be first to show such and such’s new product if the manufacturer doesn’t beat them to it.

For those who want to know what Hireko has coming out ahead of the catalog, PGA Show or our 2012 Clubhead Preview Webinar, I have one statement for you – let it be a surprise.  Revisit your childhood and get back the feeling of starring underneath the Christmas tree and wondering what might be there.