2011 Year In Review

To a certain degree, 2011 seemed like it was déjà vu all over again compared to 2010.  Many of the same stories and trends repeated themselves.


The biggest image of 2011 had to be the devastating earthquakes and the tsunami in Japan. While those in the gulf are recovering from the oil spill from last year, this tragedy will last much longer. There may have been a temporary shortage of products like high end graphite golf shafts coming out of Japan at the beginning of the year, but it all seemed so inconsequential compared to the toll on life in that region.


If you were a meteorologist, once again you had job security. On the other hand, groundskeepers had to work double time at least when they could. There was more violent weather in general as some places were so sweltering hot and dry and in other places the ground was super-saturated.  All those lost golf days are sadly never made up.  I am beginning to think Mother Nature isn’t a golfer.


The Arab Spring prompted protesters across the world to stand up against dictators and create change. That latter spread to depose of ideologues and then to Occupy (Fill in the Blank). There was economic turmoil creating high gas pricing and just about everything else you can think of.  To top it off, our Do-nothing Congress is in perpetual gridlock.

That got me wondering imagine if we had the Do-Nothing Congress design a golf club. Just think of what it would look like.  For one, no one would agree on anything so you wouldn’t have any new products for the coming year(s).  In the case they actually did, it would be full of promises, delivery on none and end up costing taxpayers for decades to come.

Yet in all that chaos, Hireko fared exceptionally well and we would like to thank you for that support. While we can’t do anything about the weather, Hireko can do something to settle uncertainty to golfers everywhere. We stayed committed to serve the 99% with affordable, trendy and high quality products that golfers really want.

Golf Trends – White, light and long

White continued to be the popular color (I know it is not technically a color). But I sense more vivid and non-traditional golf colors to help identify heads/brands like the graphite shaft market did for next year.

More and more lighter shafts, grips and clubs options sprang up all in the name of squeaking out a little more yardage out on the course. Expect more of the same for 2012.

Belly Putters
Drivers crept up in length as a result of the lighter shafts selected, but maybe more noticeable were all the longer putters on the professional tours sparking another craze of belly putters and a resurgence in long putters too.

While traditionalists think they should be banned, let’s face it, longer putters are now part of the game. History was made when a longer putter was used to win a major championship (PGA).  Several other tournaments were won with longer putters and up to two dozen players in the field per week sported one.

I for one am glad to seem more options to help struggling golfers.


There is an app for that!  Who’d a thunk it, but your iPhone is now able to track your swing. Ping developed their iPing putting application to help identify a player’s stroke among other information. They weren’t alone. Another company is developing an interface to work with your iPhone to measure speed and distance while at the range.  I guess that is why they call it a “smart” phone.

Move on over 2011

What does 2012 have in store for you?  Only time will tell, but expect many changes for the positive for your favorite supplier – Hireko Golf.  We will continue to provide you even more products for the coming year at the lowest price, plus keep you abreast of the latest trends in components, clubmaking and fitting.

Best wishes and Happy New Year to all, especially to our troops who proudly served overseas and are finally headed home.