Winn Grip Blowout!

Up To 30% Off! Supplies Limited. Once They Are Gone, They Are Gone!

Model Description CLOSEOUT PRICE! Orig. Save!
RW127 Winn PCi Black Ribbed
$5.30 $7.49 29%
RW128 Winn PCi Hybrid Black/Red Ribbed $5.30 $7.49 29%
RW50 Winn Xi7 XF AVS V17 Midsize $4.50 $6.39 30%
RW55 Winn DSi AVS V17 Black/Red $4.20 $5.99 30%
RW58 Winn PCI Standard Black $5.30 $7.49 29%
RW59 Winn PCI Standard Copper $5.30 $7.49 29%
RW82 Winn PCi TL V17 Polymer Cord Standard Red $5.30 $7.49 29%
RW83 Winn PCi TL V17 Polymer Cord Midsize Blue $5.65 $7.99 29%
RW111 Winn Triple Line Pistol Putter
$5.20 $7.99 35%
RW60 Winn PCI Half-Cord Black
$5.30 $7.49 29%
RW53 Winn G8 Rave AVS V17 Ladies
$4.70 $3.99 7%
RW61 Winn PCI Hybrid Std Black/Red
$5.30 $7.49 29%
RW62 Winn PCI Hybrid Std Black
$5.30 $7.49 29%
RW64 Winn PCI Hybrid Oversize Black
$6.25 $8.99 30%
RW80 Winn PCi TL V17 Polymer Cord Standard Black
$5.30 $7.49 29%
RW81 Winn PCi TL V17 Polymer Cord Standard Blue $5.30 $7.49 29%




  1. Charlie Bentley says:

    I thought maybe you were dropping the Excel grips, but I didn’t see the RW08 on the list which is the one I always use. Will you continue to sell tht one?

  2. Jeff Summitt says:


    Only the medium firmness will be discontinued. You will be able to purchase the RF08 all of next year.

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