What’s The Buzz About Arthritic Grips?

One form of golf grip you may encounter is called arthritic.  These are typically specialty grips with little tiny numbs to evoke sensation to the hands rather than a smooth (or relatively smooth) outer surface.  The two examples that are commercially available are the Tacki Mac Arthritic and Lamkin Arthritic.

Let’s define what arthritis is. It is a form of join disorder that involves inflammation to one or more of the joints.   Pain or discomfort can occur due to daily wear and tear to muscle strains around stiff joints. The two most common forms are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis is much more common and generally affects older people although it is reported 1 out of every 5 individuals have some signs or symptoms.

Arthritic joints lose cartilage which absorbs shock.  This is what provides that nice smooth gliding surface for the joints. But as the cartilage becomes worn or damaged the joint no longer has a painless, range of motion. So the body attempts to make up for the lost cartilage by producing fluid in the joint lining called synovium, which it also causes the joint to swell and restrict motion. It is the swelling is what causes the pain.

If the joints in the hand or fingers are swelled, the person will have a harder time clasping down on an object so naturally a larger grip will ease the pressure and muscle strain to hold onto a golf club.  Not coincidentally, both the Tacki Mac and Lamkin Arthritic grips are oversized.

But there are also a lot of larger grips as these may be labeled midsize, oversized or jumbo.  Even though a person may have hands that are of average proportion for a man or women, they may prefer the oversized grip simply to relieve pain in the hands from arthritis.

To further reduce pain, softer larger sized grips are suggested for those that suffer from hand related discomfort.  These can be your synthetic type grips like many of the Winn Oversized models or softer materials like Lamkin’s 3Gen material to absorb shock.

The fact that one out of every individual will have some sort of signs or symptoms is hard to ignore. Therefore, if you or one of your customers suffers from arthritis or discomfort (as many aren’t clinically diagnosed), there are many types of grips can make playing this great game enjoyable one again.  These may be models with nubs to provide sensation within the hands, larger sized, softer materials with shock dampening properties or a combination of these.

Tacki-Mac Arthritic OS #RT12

$1.90 ea.
Lamkin Arthritic Grip

$3.99 ea.


  1. Robert Pshyk says:

    Hello HIREKO, Just wanted to know why the Tacki-Mack Arthritic Grip is 1/2 the cost of the Lamkin equivalent?
    Thank You

  2. Jeff Summitt says:


    The Tacki-Mac grip is made from a synthetic rubber and the Lamkin from rubber. Pricing is a function of many items including branding. Tacki Mac is a not necessarily a house hold brand with less advertising to account for in their pricing. The Tacki-Mac is also a larger sized grip.

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