New 2012 Winn Grip Line

Introducing the New 2012 Winn Grip Line

The new 2012 Winn Grip line has arrived and is in stock! What’s new?

The name Dri-Tac says it all
The Dri-Tac series is Winn’s tackiest ever! Using their proprietary polymer material (WinnDry) provides a cushioned, comfortable feel with exceptional non-slip performance for all weather conditions. The benefit is a tackier grip allows a golfer to reduce grip pressure for a more tension free swing. There are 6 models to choose from ranging from one ladies, two men’s standard, two midsize and one jumbo size to cover all your fitting needs. Plus these are standard weight grips to maintain a normal swingweight.

Winn DriTac Lady Gray
#RW129 $5.99 ea.
Winn DriTac Standard Dark Gray
#RW130 $5.99 ea.
Winn DriTac Standard Black/Red
#RW131 $6.79 ea.
Winn DriTac Standard Midsize (+1/16) Dark Gray
#RW132 $6.49 ea.
Winn DriTac Midsize (+1/16) Black/Blue #RW133 $7.29 ea.
Winn DriTac Oversize (+1/8) Dark Gray #RW134 $7.99 ea.

Lighten up with the Dri-Tac Wrap Lite
The rage in golf right now is "light” and the the Dri-Tac Wrap Lite grips delivers. These are the lightest grips available today by using WinnLite Technology, which removes over half of a typical grip weight to improve clubhead feel and add distance. The new WinnDry polymer material delivers the tacky, all-weather playability. Plus Winn goes back to their roots and uses a contoured spiral wrap design for added stability and a glove-like fit. Available in men’s standard, midsize and jumbo sizes.

Winn DriTac Wrap Lite Standard Black
#RW135 $5.79 ea.
Winn DriTac Wrap Lite Midsize (+ 1/16) Black
#RW136 $6.29 ea.
Winn DriTac Wrap Lite Oversize (+1/8) Black
#RW137 $7.99 ea.

Outstanding torque resistance with the WinnPro Wrap
For the serious player who demands tackiness, responsiveness and all-weather playability from their grips, you now have the WinnPro Wrap to select from. The WinnDry polycord material has a firm, textured feel to remain tacky in wet, humid or dry conditions. The contoured spiral wrap design also allows the fingers to fit naturally in the subtle ridges for more accurate shotmaking. These standard weight offerings with a traditional tapered profile are available in either men’s standard or midsize.

Winn Pro Wrap Polycord Standard Black
#RW138 $5.99 ea.
Winn Pro Wrap Polycord Midsize (+1/16) Black
#RW139 $6.69 ea.

Putter Grips
Winn grips are synonymous with putting. For 2012, Winn is now offering 6 new stylish putter models using their Excel polymer material to provide that comfortable, tacky feel you have been accustomed to. The two jumbo models use the WinnLite technology to maintain head feel in conjunction with the larger size to enable a pendulum stroke.

Winn Excel Medallist Pistol Putter Blk /Rd/Yel
#RW140 $7.99 ea.
Winn Excel Midsize Pistol Putter Blk/Olive
#RW141 $14.99 ea.
Winn Excel Midsize Pistol Putter Gr/Bl/Wh
#RW142 $8.99 ea.
Winn Excel Midsize Pistol Putter Or/Wh/Or
#RW143 $8.99 ea.
Winn Excel JumboLITE Pistol Putter Gr/Rd/Stone #RW144 $13.99 ea.
Winn Excel JumboLITE Pistol Putter Blk/Gr/Wh #RW145 $13.99 ea.

New Winn Belly Putter Grips!
Also new for 2012 are two 17 inch pistol-shaped belly grips that were originally requested by PGA Tour players and now available to the general public. One comes in an attractive navy and red color scheme and the other is a neutral black and silver.

Winn Excel 17-inch Pistol Belly Putter Blk/Silver
#RW146 $12.99 ea.
Winn Excel 17-inch Pistol Belly Putter Navy/Rd
#RW147 $12.99 ea.


  1. Lee Risner says:

    Do you have 1/8 over size grips in different colors other than gray & black thank you

  2. Chuck Tonani says:

    We need to know the weight of the grips, in order to
    calculate swing weights of the finished clubs.

    I wonder sometimes when total weight is too lite?

  3. eric despirlet says:

    Hi Jeff,great news but,too bad i just ordered yesterday about two dozens of grips-somme winns-but would be most interested to get the respective weights for each 2012 grips,particularly the light weights.I’ll will be calling Anthony at sale monday7th first thing!By the way,he could not find out anything on the very very light shaft that you reported in a earlier mailing sometime in June.Can you help him? Thanks.Hope to see you in Orlando next jan.Eric

  4. Jeff Summitt says:


    The only oversized grip that is not black will be in the existing line. Check out the RW115:

  5. Jeff Summitt says:


    Click the buy now icon on each of the grips. It will sent you directly to the product page. Scroll down and click the specification tab and you will find the weight.

  6. Jeff Summitt says:


    See the comment to Chuck regarding the weights. As far as the shaft, it might have been the Acer Superleggera (HS501). Here is the link:

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