New 2012 Dynacraft Avatar Evolution Hybrids In Stock!

I am one person who doesn’t like to reinvent the wheel so-to-speak if you have a products that works extremely well. Case in point was the Dynacraft Avatar XMOI hybrids. Well, we call them hybrids, but they are like little hollow-bodied irons that were extremely forgiving and make getting the ball up in the air effortless. The Avatar XMOI’s became orphaned at the end of last year we we decided to drop the matching driver and fairways wood to that series. However, they have found a new home under a different alias – meet the Dynacraft Avatar Evolution hybrids!

In mid 2011, Hireko introduced the Dynacraft Avatar Evolution driver and fairways woods. These were designed to push the limits on size and forgiveness. In the short period of time since they had been out, they have sold quite well. Better yet, we had quite a lot of accolades from our customers on their performance. Plus I have to give a call out to the often overlooked fairway woods in this series because they are special. However, they were without a companion iron or hybrid to match the set.

The Avatar XMOI was the perfect match to the set. All we needed to do was revamp the cosmetics as there was little else we could do to improve them. When I received out first sample of the Evolution version with the white body and silver frosted topline, I immediately thought of Mike Myers (as Austin Powers) in his British accent say “Smashing”.

The tag line for the Dynacraft Avatar Evolution is “broaden your horizons”. If you are looking replacing a hard-to-hit long iron or adding at an entire blended set of ultra-game improvement hybrids and irons, then the Dynacraft Avatar Evolutions should be at the top of your list.

Check out Technical Director Jeff Summitt’s Videoblog on the new Dynacraft Avatar Evolution Hybrids

Download the Dynacraft Avatar Evolution Hybrids Specifications Sheet Here

Dynacraft Avatar Evolution Hybrid – Clubhead $17.95 ea.
Dynacraft Avatar Evolution Hybrid – Custom Assembled $44.95 ea.


  1. Glenn says:

    Aren’t these “new” hybrids just the XMOI in re-painted in white?

  2. Tom Baynard says:

    Five minutes ago, I received a blog announcing the introduction of the New 2012 Dynacraft Avatar Evolution Hybrid clubs, but when I hit the “Buy Now” block, I found all lofts out of stock. Is this something that has sold that fast, or have you not got any in stock yet?

  3. Jeff Summitt says:


    They are very similar. The whole set was retooled and this was not just a color change.

  4. Jeff Summitt says:


    They will be in stock on November 17th, but we are taking pre-book orders now.

  5. Hi Jeff: I really got to get on the backorder list quick, although I am pushing 79 years old now, this is my idea of a golf club. I know you and Rob’s dedication to all players, but I always favor your work for over 25 years. Keep it up, your work keeps me in business. thank you!!

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