Introducing The New 2012 Lamkin Grip Line!

Why wait for 2012 for new products to arrive? We didn’t and you shouldn’t either. That’s why Hireko is pleased to announce a whopping 26 new Lamkin grips models which will be in stock starting the second week of October. So sit back a get a sneak peak and quick preview at what is to come.

The R.E.L. finally has company

Last year introduced a new line called the R.E.L., which kind of flew under the radar as it was offered as a single model. There it sat alone in our catalog surrounded by family after family of grips like the red-headed stepchild in the Lamkin line – oh so very sad. Why? If you didn’t get a chance to try one, it is a great feeling grip. I have been a Crossline fan for a long time, but in my opinion the R.E.L. has a better feel. It was softer and seemed to dampen more vibration due to the 3GEN synthetic rubber compound they use in it’s construction.

If you are already familiar with the Lamkin line, the R.E.L. is a similar grip to their Performance Plus, but with a different surface pattern and a traditional tapered profile.

Personally I prefer a larger grip and Lamkin came through this year by offering this model in a midsize and oversize model. Oversize is another description for what is also known as jumbo. They also added an undersized model for ladies or men with smaller hands. The great thing about Lamkin grips is they show the grip size clearly on the end cap. No more guessing.

#RL193 Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN Oversize $5.49 each
#RL194 Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN Midsize $5.29 each

Over the Rainbow

I am sure you have watched the Wizard of Oz. If so then you probably remember when it starts out in black and white (after all it was made in the 1930s) and once Dorthy lands in Oz, all of the sudden there is color everywhere.

Somewhere under all those grips must be a pair of red ruby slippers as the R.E.L. family now has 11 different colors to choose from (gray, neon purple, red, neon pink, orange, white, yellow, green, electric blue, blue, purple and of course black.) The two neon models are undersized models while the rest of the colored models are men’s standard size.

Now you can color coordinate any shaft, head, golf bag or sport the colors of your favorite team.


#RL195 Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN Gray $4.99 each
#RL196 Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN White $4.99 each
#RL197 Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN Blue $4.99 each
#RL198 Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN Red $4.99 each
#RL199 Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN Purple $4.99 each
#RL200 Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN Orange $4.99 each
#RL201 Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN Yellow $4.99 each
#RL202 Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN Green $4.99 each
#RL203 Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN Neon Blue $4.99 each

A Fitting End

The R.E.L. family has one more model in the arsenal. The R.E.L. 360 happens to be an orientation free grip. What we mean by that is it has no logo or alignment markings whatsoever. This allows for the grips to be installed onto a number clubheads with adapter systems like Dynacraft Prophet ICT series, TaylorMade R11, Titleist 910D, Nike models with STR8 Fit among others so the view of the grip is the same regardless of orientation. These also make excellent grips choices for people who use fitting systems such as the QuikFit that Hireko offers. It is also available in standard and midsize .

#RL207 Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN 360 Standard $4.99 each
#RL208 Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN 360 Midsize $5.29 each

It’s perfectly fine to choke (down) on your next wedge shot

There a new addition to the Performance Plus line that I mentioned earlier. One of the attributes of the Performance Plus series is it has a reduced amount of taper compared to an ordinary grip. What this does is take some of the “wristiness” out of the swing by providing more control due to the a larger size under the lower hand. What clubs needs more control than any other? That’s right – the wedges.

The grip’s reduced taper is a natural to be able to choke or grip down on the club to create those finesse shots or when you want to dial down the yardage. The grip is a full inch longer than a conventional grip and has two “buttons” which are separated by 1.5″ to act as alignment guides for your lower hand’s thumb. Now you can have a repeatable hand position and take some of the guess work when you go from practicing onto the course.

Make sure when you go to install this grip as the buttons should appear on top, while the Lamkin logo will be underneath and out of site at address. In this case, the lettering on the end cap will be your additional point of reference. One more thing, the Performance Plus Wedge grip is also available in a white version.

#RL191 Lamkin Performance Plus 3GEN Wedge Grip White $7.99 each
#RL192 Lamkin Performance Plus 3GEN Wedge Grip $7.99 each

Distinguished Appearance

One grip I had to do a double take on when I first saw it was the Tour White Full Cord. This is the white version of Lamkin’s Tour Black Full Cord, but you can’t see the white corded material against the white background which gives it a very distinguished appearance. This grip was designed for the better player in mind. For starters, a full cord grip is one, if not the best, all weather surfaces with excellent traction to ensure a secure handle. Plus better players may want that clean look at address so the customer has the option of placing the black Lamkin logo underneath. Again, you can use the writing on the grip cap for alignment. In this position, the golfer can manipulate the grip opened or closed if they want to work the ball and not be distracted.

#RL190 Lamkin Tour Full Cord White $6.49 each

Psst…do I have a deal for you

Let me let you on on a little secret. Lamkin is introducing a new affordable line of grips named X10. Here’s the deal, if you look really close at the pattern it looks exactly like the current Crossline Tour, but without the yellow paint fill. Not only are you getting a quality product, but at a bargain basement price. These are also available in 4 different sizes (undersized, standard, midsize and oversize) for all your fitting needs.

#RL211 Lamkin X10 Undersize $2.99 each
#RL212 Lamkin X10 Standard $2.99 each
#RL213 Lamkin X10 Midsize $3.29 each
#RL214 Lamkin X10 Oversize $3.49 each

Where have all the ladies grips gone?

Lamkin’s most popular grip (Crossline) is now available in two new undersized models. If you are wondering what undersized is, it is the gender neutral name for what has traditionally been named ladies. However, there are a number of men who might have smaller hands that like the size and feel of a smaller grip, but wouldn’t normally think about purchasing a ladies grip. Undersized is simply a better term in today’s age of fitting.

Just a hunch here though, the model with the pink paint fill…well, that most likely will be exclusively for ladies.

#RL204 Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN Undersize $4.99 each
#RL205 Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN Undersize Neon Pink $4.99 each
#RL206 Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN Undersize Neon Purple $4.99 each
  #RL209 Lamkin Crossline Undersize Black/White $3.79 each
#RL210 Lamkin Crossline Undersize Black/Pink $3.79 each


In a twist, Lamkin added a black version to the EBL Smooth Pistol White with 3GEN putter grip. Normally companies wait and add the white version once they know the black model will sell. Just like the white version, this model is perfectly smooth with a tacky surface.

  #RL215 Lamkin E.B.L. 3GEN Smooth Pistol Putter Black $5.99 each

New Taylor Made Replacement Grips

We have the original replacement grips for the most popular name brand clubs in the industry today. This includes the Tour Preferred, Burner Standard, Arrow and Afterburner. Plus we are offering a specialty model called the Crossline Bubble. While TaylorMade no longer uses the Bubble graphite shaft, there are still many floating around in bags across the globe. This is the only grip that will still fit the Bubble graphite shaft as the butt end measures 0.810″ and tapers down to 0.680″ at the mouth of the grip (hence the odd core size).

#RL216 Taylor Tour Preferred $5.99 each
#RL217 Taylor Made Burner Standard Ribbed $5.99 each
#RL218 Taylor Made Arrow Standard $5.99 each
#RL219 Taylor Made Crossline Bubble Ribbed $5.99 each
#RL220 Taylor Made Aeroburner Standard Ribbed $5.99 each

New Cleveland Golf Replacement Grips

We offer three of the most recent grips for Cleveland Golf. First, there is the 845 Wedge/Iron grip. It has been the stock offering on all wedges for the past five years as well as the stock offering of their TA iron series. The CG Gold Wood grip is the standard offering on all HiBore XL, XLS and XLS Monster drivers, fairway woods and hybrids. The 2010 Launcher was specifically designed for the new Big Butt 2010 Launcher driver and fairway woods where conventional grips will not fit these clubs due to the larger 0.650″ diameter.

Cleveland Wedge Standard #RL221 $5.99 each
Cleveland XLS Standard #RL222 $5.99 each
Cleveland Launcher DST Standard #RL223 $5.99 each

Time to stock up

The best thing about a company bringing out so many new models is the manufacturer is going to discontinue a few models just to make room in their warehouse for the new ones. What does that mean for you? That’s right, bargains on great quality products, so stock up.

Discontinued Lamkin Grips Old Price Closeout!
#RL170 Lamkin Performance+ 3GEN Black $7.99 each $3.70 each
#RL171 Lamkin Performance+ 3GEN Black Midsize $9.99 each $3.85 each
#RL98 Lamkin Crossline Tour $5.99 each $2.83 each
#RL178 Lamkin Crossline Tour 0.600 $5.99 each $2.83 each
#RL99 Lamkin Crossline Tour Midsize $5.99 each $3.99 each
#RL100 Lamkin Crossline Tour Oversize $6.99 each $3.14 each
#RL133 Lamkin Crossline Tour Navy Blue $5.99 each $3.11 each
#RL134 Lamkin Crossline Tour Red $5.99 each $3.11 each
#RL101 Lamkin Crossline Tour Full Cord $10.99 each $6.76 each
#RL181 Lamkin Crossline Undersize Light Blue $4.99 each $2.71 each



  1. Jerry Howard says:

    Any new putter grips???

  2. Jeff Summitt says:

    Jerry, only one, the E.B.L. Smooth in black.

  3. duncan McKenzie says:

    Do any of the Lamkin grips have alignment marks on them such as the RL100?

  4. Jeff Summitt says:


    The X10 will have the same pattern / alignment marks as the RL100.

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