Belly Putter Options Using Universal Hosel Adapters

Belly putters continue to be a hot topic with all the recent success by tour players.  If you or your customer is looking for a putter that might make a good candidate for a belly version, then there is one option you probably haven’t considered.

If you look up specifications for the name brand belly putters on the market, you will find most are in the 385g-400g range with the upper end of that range being the most popular.  However if you start to look for putters in that weight range, you will find they are far and few between severely limiting your options. Plus most of the heavier putters are mallet styles with a 90º socket or post for the shaft, thus requiring a curved putter shaft.  Not to be Debbie Downer and burst your bubble,  but no long or belly length putter shafts are available with a triple bend to create both the lie and offset in the use of these heads.  Single bend yes, triple bend no.

That prompted me a month ago to discuss how to extend an existing putter into a belly length.  But there is another option other than extending the shaft on a new club build.  Take for example our Dynacraft On-Line putter.  The weight may only be 365g, but with either of the two of the universal putter adapters Hireko sells (plumber’s neck and slant), we can kill two birds with one stone.

First, it will add 42g to make it the weight you typically see for a belly length putter.  Second, either the plumber’s or slant neck adapter requires a straight shaft in which we offer some extended length models without the need to extend them.  Plus there is no alignment issues with a straight shaft that you have with the triple bend shaft.

To start out, you will epoxy the universal hosel adapter into the socket.  This is one time fast-setting epoxy is perfectly acceptable.  Just make sure to install the adapter so it is aligned correctly.  The base of the adapters are square and make is easily to align with the face.  Once the epoxy has set up, epoxy the shaft and let it dry, then cut the shaft to length and grip.  When done, you will have a very functional face balanced belly putter for roughly $33.50 in component parts.

Dynacraft Online Putter – Clubhead #P390 $19.95 each
Plumbers Neck Putter Adapter
#H003 $3 each
Slant Hosel Putter Adapter
#H002 $3 each
5-Minute Quickset Epoxy
#EP06 $5.95 each

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  1. tom roberts says:

    Great idea. Have been trying to figure out how to easily make something similar but at 79 deg. for a side saddle putter. Add this to your list and you will have it all covered.

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