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Modern Guide to Clubmaking 6th Edition

Now in gorgeous full color!

The all-new 6th edition Modern Guide to Clubmaking book explains in detail the proper procedures for modern clubmaking and the first one every produced in color! Step-by-step photos and detailed text explain how to assemble clubs, trim shafts, installation of grips – every procedure to properly assemble component clubs. There are also more advanced discussions on such topics as setting up a shop, how components are manufactured, frequency and moment of inertia matching to common repair procedures such as finishing a through bore, extending a club, bending an iron to re-boring a hosel. This comprehensive book is perfect for anyone interested in the craft of clubmaking.

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Total Clubfitting in the 21st Century Book

This step-by-step book provides information related to fitting for each and every specification of the golf club. With a heavy emphasis on dynamic fitting, this definitive guide incorporates many approaches to a “best fit” situation. Covers everything you want to know and more about custom fitting, including:

. How the personal interview sets it all up

. Understanding the effects of clubhead design parameters

. Why length may be the most important fitting consideration

. How lie influences ball flight

. Face angle and the relationships to ball direction

. Why not only loft but other factors influence ball trajectory

. Sorting through the confusing world of shafts

. Getting a handle on grip sizing and material types

. How weight and weight distribution affect swingweight

. Why wedges require special fitting

. Why putter fitting is the most overlooked part of the game

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