Hireko Technical Director Speaks at the Midwest Regional International Clubmakers Guild Symposium

This past weekend Hireko’s technical Director Jeff Summitt attended the Upper Midwest regional symposium of the International Guild of Clubmakers (ICG) in Lorain, OH. The ICG is an independent organization designed to promote the growth of custom clubmaking, club fitting and repair. The attendees hailed from Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Pennsylvania spending two days discussing issues that affect their business. Saturday involved sharing stories at the barbeque and on the golf course, while five speakers were lined up for the symposium on Sunday.

The first guest speaker was Jamie Pipes who is the director of product development for UST Mamiya. Jamie spoke about the development and fitting attributes of their soon to be released Proforce VTS shaft series. In their testing they found some interesting results regarding torque and how it should be fit based on the player’s swing mechanics. You’ll hear more about this shaft in the future, but let’s just say that old theory of low torque is better for stronger golfers or in general is not necessarily true.

Next up was Chuck Mooney at Golfin’ Colors. He shared information about his custom powder coating process as a way to personalize (some hand painted) or simply refinish a golf club to look new again. Following was Frank Choi, who is in charge of sales and marketing for Harrison shafts. He spoke in depth as well as demonstrated their new accuracy boosting device called the Shotmaker. It is an insert that fits down inside a shaft to provide stability and limit deformation to increase accuracy and reduce spin.

Next, Jeff Summitt spoke about product development at Hireko as well new technologies. One of which is the QuikFit system to help clubmakers fit more efficiently. Jeff also showed some of the new 2012 clubheads that you will see in the next several months including two new putter concepts that got a lot of interest.

Lastly, Dave Skodny, a local web designer spoke about optimizing your website to gain rankings in the search engines as well as social media sites. A raffle was spread out between speaker with products donated by Aldila, Golf Pride, UST, SK Fiber and Hireko. All the attendees walked away with a lot of goodies and information.

If you are interested in clubmaking, all we can say is get involved! For addition information on the International Clubmakers Guild, please go to their website at www.clubmakersguild.com.

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  1. Robert J Williams says:

    I think what you guys do is awesome for us little guys. Thanks for everything you do for the game of golf.


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