Two White Drivers From Hireko Golf Offer Radically Forgiving Performance!

The Dynacraft Avatar Evolution Driver
The concept that bigger is better has been the mantra of golfers everywhere. By far, the vast majority of drivers sold today measure at the maximum allowable size (460cc) under the Rules of Golf. It has been proven that as the mass is spread out it increases the forgiveness or that fancy term “moment of inertia” to make off-center shot less penalizing and retain a greater amount of distance and feel. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to spread the mass out.

If golfers could get their hands on a bigger head that was within the rules, believe me they would. This is how the Dynacraft Evolution driver concept was conceived – make better use of the volume and dimensional limits as humanly possible. The Dynacraft Evolution’s footprint would normally result into a volume of 512cc, but with some creativity this driver design is able to stay within the limits.

But that is only part of the story how the Dynacraft Evolution is pushing the envelope by making this our highest moment of inertia driver. Using a new construction technique, we shed weight from the only place possible – the crown area. Our super-thin crown technology allows additional discretionary weight to be at our disposal for even greater forgiveness and at the same time ensures the center of gravity is in the right place to create those high launching, tape measure drives.

Comes with FREE Headcover!

Dynacraft Avatar Evolution Titanium Driver Custom Assembled $99.95

The Acer XF Leggera Titanium Driver
The Acer XF Leggera is designed specifically for those who already hit a fairly straight ball but seeking the maximum amount of distance off of the tee. If you are not of Italian descent, Leggera translates into light and here is how this driver works.

Golfers try to obtain more distance by using a lighter weight shaft, which most do so already. But that is only half of the equation if someone is seeking additional distance. The other component for tape measure drives is to increase the club length for greater leverage. But there is a potential problem. You see, existing head weights are too great to allow drivers to be made longer than they are already today creating a club that feels head heavy and unwieldy. This situation only defeats the purpose of a longer club by resulting into a weak fade or slice off of the tee. And who wants that?

The solution is to marry a lighter weight head to a lighter and longer length shaft which further reduces the overall weight of the club for an even faster clubhead speed. Realize that manufacturers can’t just magically remove weight from a massive 460cc titanium driver without some consequences. That is why we shed the weight from only the crown area using a new construction technique.

Our super-thin crown technology ensures the center of gravity is in the right place to create those monstrous drives you have only dreamed of.

Greed is good, so go long and not wrong, with the Acer XF Leggera…

Acer XF Leggera Titanium Driver $104.95