New Karma Scented Ladies Golf Grips Just Arrived!

These golf grips really smell, but at least they smell good!

In 2009, Hireko Golf introduced another golf industry first – a line of scented golf grips for women.  Before you say “What were you guys thinking?”, I’ll have to admit even I was a bit skeptical at first when it was mentioned by our product planning committee.  After all, I am not exactly the target market for these products. The idea of the Karma scented grip spawned that different fragrances could be mixed into the rubber compound and each scent would provide a different therapeutic benefit.

When I got home, I entrusted my wife to give her honest assessment of what she thought about the idea.  Boy did I open up a can of worms.  She went on to explain aroma therapy, what is does, how it works, just how popular it is.  Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…for 30 minutes explaining what a great idea it was and why hadn’t anybody done it before.

Then it dawned on me when I looked around our living room area.  In ever nook and cranny laid a jar, votive or a decorative vessel holding some sort of smelly candle or bouquet of potpourri. If it works at home, there must also be a thriving market for the Karma Scented Series grips when women are out on the course.  If men can enjoy a smelly cigar while playing a round of golf, women have every right to neutralize that smell with something a little more pleasant.

At the 2010 PGA Show, we brought samples of the original 3 scented grips to our booth.  I didn’t think we would get reaction since most of the attendees are men and most people come to our booth for the heads.  But surprisingly, we got a lot more positive feedback than we imagined.  The smelly grips, as liked to call them, were a hit.

For those of you out there who don’t believe in all this aroma-therapy mumbo jumbo, you have to admit at the least that these colorful designs that will appeal to a lot of female golfers. However, I am still waiting after nearly 3 years for my bacon-scented men’s grips.  Mmm…bacon!

The Karma Scented grips are available in five colors and fragrances with all new updated graphics and texture.

Pink (Rose)
Calms feelings of anger and frustration and helps to overcome tiredness.
$1.19 each #RF116
Green (Jasmine)
Calms the central nervous system reducing anxiety and leads to enhanced mental functioning and acuity.
$1.19 each
Purple (Lavender)
Reduces muscle tension and encourages deep relaxation for a soothing, calming and reassuring mood.
$1.19 each
White (Vanilla)
Well known to produce a very comforting sense of inner peace and a relaxing feel.
$2.39 each
Brown (Chocolate)
Well, that kind of goes without saying…
$1.19 each


  1. john says:

    how about a bug repellant scent?

  2. Denny says:

    This is a great idea for women golfers (maybe men too). Anything to relax you as you play your round can make you hit the ball better. The price looked very inexpensive. Are the grips not made well or are they going to go up in price once the idea catches on?

  3. Jeff Summitt says:


    All the Karma grips are at everyday low prices as how brand grips (and shafts) cannot command the price of branded grips.

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