Extending a Putter Shaft to Belly Length

Due to the overwhelming amount of phone calls and emails I have received about how to change a conventional putter into a belly length, I decided to show all of you a quick tip.  If you look at the average putter length today, it is 34”, while the average commercially available belly putters are 43” meaning that you can simply add an 9” extension to your present putter to convert to a belly length if you did not want to re-shaft. This is especially important if your putter is already equipped with a curved or bent putter shaft where an elongated version is not available.

Most standard length putters utilize a shaft with a butt diameter that ranges between 0.580” and 0.600” therefore you will need to know what size you have first. A good product to use is our steel shaft extenders which are available in two sizes.  If your shaft measures 0.590” you will want to use the smaller size.  Although these are designed to extend two clubs as they are double butted, it will serve our purpose well with only one minor modification.

Once you epoxy one end of the extender into the shaft (high strength, fast setting epoxy is fine), let it dry.  You will find that you have 6.5” of the extender that remains parallel.  On the 0.580” extender, the part at the end measures 0.545”, while the 0.600” extender is 0.565” at the end. But that can be built up with 2” wide masking tape.  You will find 4 complete wraps will bring it up to body of the extender.

Before you add the tape, you (or your customer) can try putting with the club “as is” which would be 9.25” longer than before.   If if feels too long, gradually cut it down until it feels correct and then your ready to add the masking tape and finally the putter grip.

In case the putter head is too light or you find that the belly putter is not for you (or your customer) the process is completely reversible. Just remove the grip, heat and peel the tape from the club. Next heat up the butt end of the steel shaft with a heat gun or torch to break the epoxy bond to remove the extender. Now you have your original length / putter set up that needs re-gripped.

Steel Shaft Extenders #EX $2.75


  1. Tom Barnes says:

    I have the new spider ghost putter Taylor Made. Which extender do I need? What about grip?

  2. Jeff Summitt says:


    TaylorMade is probably using True temper putter shafts which most have a butt diameter of 0.600″. However there is no substitution for measuring the shaft yourself as shaft butt size is not a specification you will every see for a name brand putter.

    As far as the grips, we offer 3. There is our 19″ round Karma RF-112 along with two from Winn. The Winn RW-21 is a 21″ round model, while the RW-20 is also 21″ long, but has a flat front.

  3. Donovan says:

    What a great idea, I’m sold, I have an old 2-ball putter that would be great to experiment with in regards to seeing if a belly putter is right for me.

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