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Hireko Golf’s Acer XF Thriver: On the tee, loft is your friend

By Kiel Christianson,

Senior Writer

What do touring pros do when faced with a tight fairway? They pull a club with more loft than their driver. And if the hole is a long one, they’ll pull a 3-wood, which is almost as long as a driver but has added loft to help ensure accuracy.

Why does increased loft improve accuracy? Simple physics: The more energy transferred upward in the form of backspin, the less energy is transferred to the sides in the form of sidespin.

The problem for average golfers is that typical 3-woods have smaller heads and thus smaller faces than drivers. This makes them shorter than drivers, which makes it easier for higher-handicap players to mishit.

Hireko Golf has solved this problem for average golfers with the Acer XF Thriver ($100, assembled).

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Acer XF Leggera Titanium Driver Custom Assembled $104.95 ea.
Acer XF Leggera Titanium Driver Component Clubhead $64.95 ea.

Hireko Golf’s Acer XF game-improvement irons are extra-forgiving

By Kiel Christianson,

Senior Writer

In 2009, unheralded Hireko Golf introduced the Acer XK irons, which were named the “best buy” irons of the year by several major golf publications.

The success of the XKs is a tough act to follow, but that hasn’t stopped Hireko from trying.

This year, the company unveiled the Acer XF game-improvement irons, which are even more appealing to mid- to high-handicappers looking for distance and forgiveness.

The XFs have a somewhat reduced topline with a brushed, non-reflective finish. These features are intended to instill players with a feeling of control and softness, and even some workability. The progressive offset for the pitching wedge through 3-iron runs from 5 millimeters to 8 millimeters, respectively, to help higher-handicap players keep their hands behind the ball, with time to turn them over on release.

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Acer XF Irons Custom Assembled $24.95 ea.
Acer XF Irons Component Clubhead $9.95 ea.