Collegiate Shafts from Loomis Golf.

New! We just added Loomis Collegiate Series wedge and putter shafts to select shafts below. Just click on your favorite school to purchase!Hireko is committed to providing its customers with a variety of products that fit into any budget or skill level. That is why we are proud to now offer the new Collegiate line from Loomis Golf to our already extensive product line.

A Little History
For golfers new to the game, the Loomis name may not ring a bell. But for those who have been around the block a while will remember that during the mid-90’s G. Loomis shafts were some of the hottest shafts on tour. Their shafts were distinctive, producing tip-heavy, ultra-low torque shafts that provided incredible stability. Yet at the same time, their shafts maintained a sense of feel.



Once the owner Gary Loomis sold off the golf division (they were also famous for their high performance fishing rods), the G. Loomis shaft brand disappeared until just recently. Jeff Meyer, who was the V.P. Of Engineering for G. Loomis during that span is now back at the helm of Loomis Golf. Their first line of shafts is called the Collegiate line which feature the licensed logos and trademarks of 45 of the top colleges and universities in the U.S. This list will continue to grow.

In keeping with the Loomis tradition, the Collegiate wood shafts are manufactured using some of the highest modulus materials available. Loomis’s unique and proprietary manufacturing process produces some of the densest laminates in the golf shaft industry and this process is what gives these golf shafts their superior feel and performance.

Surprising Results
I had an opportunity to try out these shafts. Normally I use S-flex, but decided to try some of the other flexes as well including the A (senior) and XX – yep, that’s stiffer than X-flex! Personally I wanted to see what would happen to ball flight and direction with the shafts being 47 cpm different yet with similar weight and the same torque. For clubmakers, I have included the DSFI data. This is in the same format as we use for the Shaft Fitting Addendum so you can compare them to other shafts.

Surprisingly, the senior flex produced only consistent fades, but not the hooking, slicing or the general inconsistency you might think when someone uses a shaft much more flexible than their swing speed wood indicate.  The most surprising was the double extra stiff flex.  The ball flight was dead straight, slightly lower and with no loss of  distance compared to the other flexes.  Yes, it was firm but didn’t feel like a telephone pole as you might expect.  I had to pull a couple more golfers aside who had about the same swing speed as me to have them try them.  They too experienced similar results.

Fine Tuning the Flex
The Collegiate wood shafts would follow Trim Chart G in our catalog and on-line.  However, there is some latitude for customization.

Driver 3 Wood 5 Wood and Beyond
Tip Trim 0″ 1/2″ 1″

For instance, if a clubmaker wanted to the reduce ball spin for their customer, they could cut 0.5” to 1” additionally from the tip.  By trimming an additional 0.5” from the tip, the frequency went up @ 4 cpm and the torque decreased by 0.1º.

I’m a Buckeye, what are you?
With the Collegiate line you can proudly show your colors.  Whether you are are a Dog or a Duck, a Cat or a Cougar, a Trojan or Spartan, you can sport your favorite NCAA team’s logo on your golf shaft while hitting it longer and straighter.



  1. Mike Guillory says:

    What? No Purdue shaft??

  2. Paul Bryant says:

    Do you have a driver shaft for Clemson University?

  3. Terry says:

    You don’t offer the best team…..West Virginia!

  4. Rick Ash says:

    G Loomis needs to do an Arkansas Razorback shaft. All SEC schools should be represented!

  5. David Carroll says:

    What no Boston University? I might buy the Collegiate shafts if they offered my alma mater, BU. Sure they’re more known for hockey, but what do hockey guys do in the off-season – play golf.

  6. Jeff Summitt says:

    I am glad to see all the pride here!!! If you don’t see your college or university listed, more and more will be added over time.

  7. admin says:

    Loomis has informed us that Boston College, Clemson, Pitt State and South Carolina will be available in August. Hopefully more to come soon!

  8. Don Hatten says:

    Why not Purdue (2010 NCAA Woman’s Golf Champs)?

  9. kevin wallace says:

    you mentioned above that you hit the ball dead straight with the xx flex. i use a graffaloy blue shaft reg flex and tend to hit it to the right a bit (rt hand golfer). i like the softer tip feel. but could i get better results with a stiffer flex and still get a softer feel and not lose any distance? would this pertain to any shaft? thanks

  10. Jeff Summitt says:


    The Grafalloy Blue in R-flex was one of the stouter R-flex shafts made. It was not just stiff, but stiff tipped as well. One of two things will occur by going to a stiffer, but softer tipped shaft. One, the tip may bow more forward and help close the face prior to impact and reduce or eliminate the push. Or it may make it worse. It is always hard to say as each golfers responds to different specification changes.

    If you like softer tipped shafts, then obviously you have experimented enough to know what works best for you. The key is to get as much information about the shaft you liked best so if you go to different brands, you can find models that have very similar specifications.

  11. Bill Hanna says:

    I have a Mobile Club Repair and Fitting Van and live in Big 12 country. I have sold a Nebraska and a Kansas Shaft already. How soon for Missouri and Kansas State shafts to be available.
    P.S. Also purchased a Ohio State shaft for myself LOL

  12. Mark Ramsey says:

    We need Northwestern.

  13. Johan says:

    What about Iowa Hawkeyes??????????????

  14. Thomas Wilson says:

    Lookin for “Missouri Tigers” and also “Northwest Missouri State Bearcats” and also “Missouri Western Griffons” could sell a BUNCH!

  15. Brad says:

    No Duke? i emailed them to LET ME KNOW if they add Duke to the lineup…could look pretty nice with my Blue Devil mascot driver headcover and the standard Duke Blue Devils 3 wood headcover!

    Really wish I could try out the performance of this shaft…what flex would be recommended to a 95+ swing speed? right now im pretty much sitting in between a regular and stiff and from this review…sounds like my thoughts on pulling off a stiff flex isn’t too far-fetched.

  16. Jeff Summitt says:


    They are adding new schools a little as a time, so there is hope you may see your Blue Devils sometime in the future.

    At 95+ mph, on paper you may be a straight S-flex. However, if you have a relatively smooth tempo and you use R flex shafts in other models without dispersion problems, you could go to the R flex and tip trim it 1″ to make it play in-between flexes.

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