Acer XF Leggera Driver Featured Online In Golf Digest “New Stuff”

The best selling Acer XF Leggera Driver was featured this month in Golf Digests’ online “New Stuff” column. You view the Golf Digest article online  here.

Here’s the full excerpt from Golf Digest Online:

Hireko Golf driver sheds weight

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The quest for more distance from drivers that are tightly regulated by the USGA has gone in a variety of directions, among them lightweight drivers. Hireko is the latest to embrace this with its Acer XF Leggera driver.

The head weight is 190 grams, Jeff Summitt, technical director for Hireko Golf, said. That would bring it in under the weight of the clubhead on Cleveland’s lightest driver, the Launcher XL270 (192 grams).

Hireko Acer.jpg

Summitt said that through a propietary process weight is removed from the crown area. “Instead of chemically milling the head, we do another process where we remove weight,” Summitt said. The head is made from commercial grade titanium.

Complete the club with a lightweight shaft and grip and, “you can get it down in the 260 range,” Summitt said. That would make it 10 grams lighter than the Launcher XL270.

The Acer XF Leggera coms in 9.5, 10.5 and 12 degree models (10.5 degrees only for the left-handed model) and has a price of $104.95.

— John Strege, Golf Digest

$64.95 each Component Clubhead
$104.95 each Custom Assembled


  1. […] Acer XF Leggera Driver Featured Online In Golf Digest “New Stuff” […]

  2. mike ginther says:

    i assembled one of the acer xf leggera driver for myself and i feel it has improved my game by 5 friends tried it and now i am getting 3 more drivers for them.a great driver.

  3. Ted Kisgen says:

    What shaft and grip do you recommend to ensure ultra light weight?

  4. Jim Fisher says:

    My XF Leggera partnered with a 49 gm. shaft and 25 gm. grip is responsible for my longer, straighter drives. I hardily recommend it for seniors whose swing speed has declined over the years. You will be pleasantly surprised to regain 20 – 30 yards you may have lost.

  5. Jeff Summitt says:


    To ensure a lighter overall weight, the first place to look is at the grip. The Winn Lite grips start out around 25g (men’s standard size) or half the weight of a standard grip. In shafts, there are some as low as the mid 40’s. With the typical driver shaft being 60 some grams, even selecting from the 50g range will save additional weight.

  6. I have sold over 30 Acer leggarra drivers with light weight shafts such as Grafalloy Pro Launch 45gm, Pro Launch AMp 59gm and Booyah. All of these customers gained 15-20yards in distance and accuracy.

  7. Tommy Saqye says:

    I have a Grafalloy Epic shaft that has never been used….any ideas that it could work with the Acer Leggarra driver head? Just wandering? Thanks, Tommy

  8. Jeff Summitt says:


    If that shaft fits your swing profile, then it should work in that head as much as any. The only difference is the assembly length should be longer to offset the lighter head and the benefit of an overall lighter weight as a result.

  9. D.Golf says:

    I tried this head with the Pro Launch AMP 59gm shaft and gained 15 yards. Love it.

  10. Graeme says:

    I assembled a 9.5* XF Leggera on an Integra Sooolong 45gm R shaft at 47.5″ long, with Winn RF Excel grip,yesterday, and took it to the range this morning. I am a 73-y-o, many years ago, a competitive amateur golfer. My current driver was cut down to 44.5″, several years ago, after disastrous results while experimenting with 47″+ shafts. This combo proved to be a very positive experience with climbing and longer than normal drives. At first, I hit a few pulls and slices; but with a small change in my downswing, concentrating on hitting more from the inside, I began to get continung straight drives. The weight of this light club feels good to me, and my relatively smooth swing is a good match. I look forward to some improved scores with this longer club. It looks good, feels good, and is very impressive in performance.

  11. Raman Talwar says:

    I believe Hireko has come up with an excellent alternative with Acer Leggera. It’s neat looking, light and attractively priced. Even with name brand shafts, your cost is under 150.00.

  12. Frank Autrey says:

    I am concerned about the 49 gram Acer Leggera shaft at 6 degrees of torque.I for instance am an 8 hdcp and have a 95 mph swing speed but am a hard swinger.Does this shaft seem suitable for others in this category?

  13. Jeff Summitt says:


    Most 50g shafts are higher torque as there is less material available to control torque. The thing to watch out for is if the shaft has higher torque and a soft tip section, which the Superleggera does not. I would be most concerned with weight if you are a hard swinger. Do you need a shaft that light and can you control it? Weight has much more of an influence than torque on direction. You can always select a shaft such as the SK Fiber Superfly which has a nominally higher weight, but lower in torque.


    I am 77 years old and I made a Acer Leggera driver with a Acer Velocity shaft and a Lamkin N-Dur grip. I have gained between 12 to 15 yards on my drives. I can now use one club less on my second shots. I have also won the senior Championship at my home course. I have sold 15 Leggera drivers and every customer has loved them.

  15. Mark Ramsey says:

    Longer and straiter

  16. J.D.Connell says:

    I would like to get a new driver but am not sure how to go about getting “FITTED PROPERLY!”
    Can you please direct me to a reliable source to get this accommplished w/o a lot of B/S involved?

    Thanks in advance,

  17. Majd says:

    I would like to give this driver a go but am not sure which shaft would best fit me. I guess I have a quick tempo and hit my 7 iron about 160 yards. At the moment I use a Ping G15 stiff and Ping G20 stiff.

  18. Jeff Summitt says:


    There are a number of products that should fit you. Is there a specific brand you prefer or budgetary concern (price cap)?

  19. laird says:

    Received a Leggera @192 grams(not 190 like advertised). Felt and sounded great, looks too closed, hits long, but too high. Please Hireko, make an 8.5 degree with a square face. I’m going to try getting mine bent open. Thanks.- golferlaird

  20. Jeff Summitt says:


    One thing to remember, not just with our equipment, but every manufacturer, is there will be manufacturing tolerances for weight, loft, lie, and face angle. Unfortunately 8.5º is too low of a loft to have any commercial success and requires expensive tooling to have it made. If you could have it bent open, the ball flight would go more right (assuming RH) and a higher ball flight. Just think of what happens when you open up the face of a wedge.

  21. jack zabawa says:

    I like the Leggera. I want 59/60 gr. shaft stiff high kick point
    med/low ball flight. Suggestions?
    Is there touch up paint for white Leggera?
    How similar is it to Acer xf driver?

  22. Jeff Summitt says:


    Look at the Grafalloy ProLaunch Red with Speedcoat as a shaft that meets those requirements. There is no touch up paint for the Leggera, but you can take it to an automotive paint shop and have them match the color and possibly get a small aerosol can filled. The XF is the same head but without the lighter crown.

  23. Dennis Clark says:

    I have been using a 9.5 degree Legerra with an Aldila55 green shaft, regular flex. I am a good 15-20 yards longer and absolutely love the club. Do you have fairway woods to match or, if not, anything similar? Do you recommend the same shaft for a 3 wood or should I go to a 65?

  24. Jeff Summitt says:


    We don’t offer a lighter fairway wood as that would require a longer overall length. With a driver, you have the assistance of a tee you don’t with a fairway woods. There is a standard XF fairway wood and you could certainly use the NV 55 to keep the overall weight light if distance is your goal and you have a relatively smooth tempo. Opt for the NV65 if control is what you have more in mind or if your swing is on the quick side as the extra weight will help pace out your tempo.

  25. Brian Kiefaber says:

    Looking to pair a 10.5 degree Leggera with either a UST MP5 shaft or the Graffaloy AMP. Does one shaft have an advantage over another?

  26. Jeff Summitt says:


    Both are higher launching (at least in the softer flexes) with the MP5 being the lighter of the two.

  27. Oscar says:

    hello, I n eed an extra stiff shaft! can you please recommend me one? what about the Pro Force V2 shaft I love it I use it on my woods… but it is 65grams let me know thank you.. also what is the tip of this XF LEggera driveR? thank yu

  28. Jeff Summitt says:


    The XF Leggera has a 0.335″ hosel ID. You can use the ProForce V2,especially if you have used that shaft in the past and hit it well. The only difference is the length could be extended 1″ over what you have and you can get the lighter weight and longer swing arc for potentially more distance.

  29. Ned Champeaux says:

    I am going on 67 yrs old and decided to try a lightweight driver, have always hit Callaway. I used the 9.5 Degree XF Leggera along with the Leggera Shaft and built it to 46″. It took me a few buckets of balls on the driving range to get used to the weight. I am now at least 30 – 40 yards longer on my drives and would recommend the head and shaft to anyone older that is looking for distance. This has to be one of the best deals in golf.

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