New TaylorMade R11 Adapter and Ghost Ferrule now Available!

New TaylorMade R11 adapter and Ghost Ferrule Now Available

We want to give you just a quick note about a change in a product that we are presently selling. The TaylorMade Replacement R9 Shaft Sleeve (code R9SLV) is now being replaced with the R11 sleeve. This item will fit both the previous R9 and as well at R11 drivers and allow the use of 0.335" shafts. Additionally, this ferrule makes the 2 degree adjustments the same as the factory sleeve. Each shaft sleeve comes complete with installation instructions.

Taylor Made R9 Adjustable Sleeve #R9SLV

$24.95 each

We are also offering a separate replacement ferrule – in white – aptly called the Ghost ferrule to complement TaylorMade’s white head. The adjustments are written in red and easy to see. The model we are selling will fit a 0.335" shaft with the R11 adapter I mentioned earlier and also comes with instructions.

Ghost Ferrule for Taylor Made R11 Woods – 0.335 #BB017

$6.10 each

In either case with the standard black or Ghost ferrule, avoid any use of acetone when cleaning off the excess epoxy, otherwise it will remove the writing. Use isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol instead.

A Few Catalog Corrections

Every once in a while we find typos in the specs that may make a different is component selection, fitting or assembly. Here are a list of these to amend to your catalog.

The Karma Air Cell Red and Blue grips are listed as round, but they are ribbed. The rib (also known as reminder) is designed to assist in hand positioning.

Lamkin’s Performance Plus White with 3GEN standard and mid size grips are a 0.580” core rather than a 0.600”.

In shafts, SK Fiber’s ultralight offering called the Superfly has a raw length of 47” rather than the stated 46”. As a result, the weights will vary slightly with the A-flex at 47g, R-flex at 51g and the S-flex at 53g.

New Graphite Design G Series Shafts Just Arrived!

One of the hottest shafts on tour is now in stock!

New for 2011, the G series shaft with X Directional Technology (XDT) is the next generation of premium Graphite Design shafts and is designed to be very adaptable to today’s new head technology. The G series performance characteristics favor a low to mid launch trajectory and mid ball spin.

The new X Directional Technology ( XDT) incorporates the use of the already proven Graphite Design MSI (Material Stiffness Integration) design method as well this new and unique application of graphite fiber alignment throughout the shaft structure. During the development phase of XDT, measurable performance gains were discovered through a more balanced distribution of the graphite fibers within the plies of the shaft design. This proprietary application of XDT has made the new G series the most balanced, versatile high performance golf shaft available today.

Material Stiffness Integration, MSI, is a proprietary design concept by which Graphite Design develops golf shafts. By using a combination of different materials that vary in stiffness and fiber volume we are able to produce the best playing golf shafts available. This combination of materials also reduces vibration giving the golfer, shafts that feel better than our competitors.

Composite materials consist of two main components, graphite fiber and resin. The stiffness of each fiber has an impact on how much vibration is transmitted up the shaft affecting the feel of the shaft. The resin acts more like a sponge absorbing the vibrations, creating exquisite feel. Using proprietary design formulas which integrate these materials we able to provide superior performing and feeling golf shafts.

G-series and X Directional Technology (XDT), the next “Generation” in golf shaft design.

G-Series Shaft Specifications

Name Kickpoint Flex Weight  


49 grams
50 grams

$169 ea.


59 grams
59.5 grams

$169 ea.


66.5 grams
68 grams

$169 ea.
GDG70 MID Stiff
75.5 grams
77.5 grams

$169 ea.

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UST-Mamiya ProForce V2 65 Graphite – 0.350

USTV2350 $59.99 ea. $47.99 ea.

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UST-Mamiya Comp SC Black/Red

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UST-Mamiya Pro DC Black/Red

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UST-Mamiya Pro DC Black/White

RU06 $6.99 ea. $5.94 ea.
UST-Mamiya Pro DC Black/Blue

RU07 $6.99 ea. $5.94 ea.
UST-Mamiya Pro DC Black/Gold

RU09 $6.99 ea. $5.94 ea.

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Who says an advanced game improvement model can’t look conventional? While it does feature a moderate topline, reduced offset and classic profile at address, the secret is in the sole and rear cavity mass stabilizing bar. Enhanced perimeter weighting and wider, thicker sole focuses weight where it is needed for most golfers to experience a higher ball flight, a more solid feel and with precision accuracy. Put some muscle between you and the ball and fire away in confidence.

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Power Play System Q2 Iron – Clubhead

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