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Are you a clubmaker looking to advance your knowledge, skills and network with fellow clubmakers? If so, there is an organization for you called the International Clubmakers Guild (ICG). This non-profit organization was founded to serve a wide array of individuals from golf clubmakers, club fitters and club repairmen to PGA professionals, swing instructors, component suppliers, equipment designers, engineers and even golf scientists.

The ICG is an independent; member owned and operated organization, where the membership determines the benefits and programs of the organization. The organization is open to professionals and hobbyists alike, which is a great way to foster growth. So if you want to learn more about the crafts of clubmaking, club fitting and repair this would be a great place to join.

Hireko is proud sponsor of the International Clubmakers Guild. For addition information on the International Clubmakers Guild, please go to their website at

Also, for professional clubfitters, don’t forget to look at our exciting new QuikFit system. It is a way to fit your customers not only quicker, but more economically and efficiently the first time and take out all the guess work. For more on the QuikFit, go the QuikFit link:


  1. kevin charter says:

    i would like to join the club been doing repairs for years

  2. Dave Kenz says:

    Jeff: The ICG is not the only organization dedicated to the advancement of clubfitting/clubbuilding. You folks at Hireko are missing an opportunity to support the best group of dedicated clubfitters/clubmakers in the AGCP, Association of Golf Clubitting Professionals. This organization is comprised of some the most recognized people in the golf industry. I constantly extol the value of Hireko to the AGCP. You folks need to get on board as a sponsor.

  3. Jeff Summitt says:

    Hi Dave:

    Thanks for commenting. The fine folks at the ACGP do a great job of advancing clubmaking, fitting & repair as well. I’ll have to run it up the flagpole about sponsorship.

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