Introducing The New Acer XF Thriver Driver – Back in Black!

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It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…No, it’s the Acer XF Thriver

What was Hireko’s best selling driver in 2010? Let me give you a clue, it was only 44” long had 14º of loft and split more fairways than a John Deere riding mower. While light and long driver may be the trend in golf today, many players paid attention and went against the grain to improve their driving and toward a lower score with the Acer XDS Insider Thriver.

So for are missing fairways off the tee on a regular basis you are probably asking yourself what exactly is a Thriver? If you combine the terms Three Wood + Driver you get Thriver. A 3 wood is more lofted and this cuts down on side spin, plus is shorter to enable you to have more control. On the other hand, a driver is approximately three times the size of a 3 wood which makes it much more forgiving on off-center shots. Plus you have the large confidence building, thin face that produces maximum distance. The Thriver has the best of both worlds when it comes to these two heads.

Check out Technical Director Jeff Summitt’s Video blog on the new Acer XF Thriver! Press play above.

Based on the overwhelming response and success we have had with the Acer XDS Insider Thriver, we have now added the Thriver option to our Acer XF line. This now adds a 4th distinctive version to address yet another common challenge that faces golfers today.

The Acer XF line goes from soup to nuts. Our best selling driver so far this year (Leggera) is lighter to make the club longer for potentially more distance – that is at least for golfers who can handle the longer length. The Acer XF Thriver is just the opposite as it weighs a full 10g more than a normal driver to allow for a shorter, more controllable length that now has the proper amount of weight in your hands.

Hands down, the XF line by far the most comprehensive driver line in the golf industry. The new Acer XF Thriver is just another example how Hireko is providing cutting edge designs and concepts to help golfers that other companies dare not.

Loft 14 degrees
Lie 58 degrees
Weight 210 grams
Face Angle 1 degree closed
Face Height 55 mm
Volume 460 cc

Which Acer XF Driver Is Best For My Game?

Acer XF Thriver Maximum control off of the tee

Acer XF Thriver Driver Component Clubhead $59.95 ea.
Acer XF Thriver Driver Custom Assembled $99.95 ea.

Acer XF (standard) Traditional driver set up, balance of distance and control

Acer XF Standard Driver Component Clubhead $59.95 ea.
Acer XF Standard Driver Custom Assembled $99.95 ea.

Acer XF Draw Slice combating tee club

Acer XF Draw Driver Component Clubhead $59.95 ea.
Acer XF Draw Driver Custom Assembled $99.95 ea.

Acer XF Leggera Maximum potential distance off of the tee

Acer XF Leggera Driver Component Clubhead $64.95 ea.
Acer XF Leggera Driver Custom Assembled $104.95 ea.


  1. cris caragan says:

    I have a 2010 thriver 14 degree with acer velocity graphite silver bought assembled from your City of Industry office. Is the new black thriver 15 degree? with same graphite shaft?

  2. Jeff Summitt says:


    We continued with the 14 degree loft on the XF Thriver based on the success we had with the XDS Insider Thriver. The stock shaft is the same Velocity, but in black. None of the Thrivers are pre-built, so you can order the shaft in another color if you like.

  3. Dale Moser says:

    Please provide the specs for the various Thriver options: head weight, volume, loft, lie, face angle, offset/face progression.

  4. dennis says:

    what if i purchase this new thrvier and do not like it for any reason. can i return for full refund. even if i have played with it for a few rounds.

    • Greetings Dennis,
      Our 60 Day Guarantee applies to assembled clubs with our stock shaft and grip. If you choose any other shaft or grip for us to assemble your club with, then the guarantee is voided. Thank you!
      Rob Altomonte
      Hireko Golf

  5. Caleb says:

    Will the XF Thriver ever be offered in a left handed model?

  6. Jeff Summitt says:


    Unfortunately no. The predecessor (XDS Indisder) was available in LH and just didn’t sell well enough to warrant offering the XF Thriver in the same option.

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