DSFI Information for FST Shafts!

I have had a lot of inquiries from customers who wanted the DSFI information for the FST steel shafts we had picked up after the 2011 Shaft Fitting Addendum was published.  So for those that begged and begged and begged, here they are.

Because we are limited on the space alloted in our Blog, the type might be too small to read, therefore I have also amended Chapter 5 of the 2011 Shaft Fitting Addendum to include these shafts in the tables. Those that have already downloaded this chapter may want the most up-to-date version.

Download Chapter 5 of the 2011 Shaft Fitting Addendum Now!

For those that wanted to know the difference between the Pro 115 and the standard FST 115 aside from the latter has a step pattern and the Pro is a stepless design, examine the data for a brief moment.  The Pro 115 has a lower balance point (BP2 column) meaning there is a greater amount of mass concentrated more toward the tip.  This does two things.  The first is even though the two shafts are the same weight, the Pro 115 will have the higher swingweight with the same given head weight.

Subsequently, by adding more weight to the tip section, this also increases the tip stiffness (Tip Deflect. Column) which produces a lower launch angle (T.B. Column).  So expect the Pro 115 to launch the ball lower as well.  That’s how you use some of the data to help filter out and fit for shafts. Hireko offers this kind of information for free in our annual Shaft Fitting Addendum.


  1. Scott says:

    Thanks for adding FST Mr. Summit!


  2. Ronniemac says:

    Thanks again Jeff, you are always on top of things

  3. Hartmut says:

    Is DSFI information for FST PRO 125 already available


  4. James says:

    Any update on the DSFI numbers for the Pro 125 shafts?

  5. Jeff Summitt says:


    I hope to have the new Shaft Fitting Addendum up next week so you and everyone else can see all the data. The DSFI was 73 and 75 respectively for the S and X flexes. They were close to the Pro 115’s but aboyt 7g more and ever so slightly firmer.

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