Check Out the 2011 Full Color Modern Guide To Clubmaking Book!

A New Spectrum to Modern Clubmaking

This week will mark a tiny footnote in the annuls of golf when the 6th edition Modern Guide to Clubmaking is released.  Originally published by Dynacraft Golf way back in 1987, it was written at that time by Tom Wishon which is when I first started working full time at Dynacraft.  The book’s release coincided with the rapid explosion of custom made golf clubs from components parts.  In the 1990’s and again in the early 2000’s, my good friend Jeff Jackson re-wrote this book as part of our curriculum for the Dynacraft Clubmaking Institute where we both taught for over a decade. While I am proud to be a part of the Modern Guide to Clubmaking to help foster the craft, there has always been one thing missing.

When I was born in the 60’s, although I was too young to remember, my parents went out and purchased one of the new-fangled color TV sets.  Oh, what a modern marvel.  You see everything previously seen on a TV in my parents household were shades of black and white.  I have never known a life without color like my poor parents and my older brother and sister had to endure.  How was anyone able to explain precisely what the color of something that may be foreign to someone else?  Color TV changed all that.

Yet for the past 24 years, the Modern Guide to Clubmaking has helped educate tens of thousands of future clubmakers how to properly assemble golf clubs from component parts using hundred of step-by-step instructions and pictures, which have always been in black and white.  In fact, the few other clubmaking books ever written had also been printed in black and white.  But Hireko is all about to bring a whole new spectrum to learning in this newest version.

However, the all-new 6th edition is much more than just about color.  It has been completely re-written this text for what clubmaking is today.  Step-by-step photos and detailed text explain how to assemble clubs, trim shafts, installation of grips – every procedure to properly assemble component clubs. There are also more advanced discussions on such topics as setting up a shop, how components are manufactured, frequency and moment of inertia matching to common repair procedures such as finishing a through bore, extending a club, bending an iron to re-boring a hosel. This comprehensive book is perfect for anyone interested in the craft of clubmaking the way it is done today.

Learn the “Modern” way our minds are supposed to operate – in full color.

Modern Guide to Clubmaking 6th Edition $29.95 each