This Seeing Eye Dog Will Hunt: Meet the New Power Play Adrenaline Iron

Just arrived and now in stock is the latest in Power Play Adrenaline line – the smokin’ hot Adrenaline irons. What makes these unique?  Well several things for one so let me explain the three key features that sets it apart.

Redefining an Oversized Iron
Irons are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes and this is what helps define the function the designer imagined. For instance, an iron with a wide sole and golfers will immediately know that is has a higher concentration of weight low to help get the ball up in the air. Or perhaps the head is shallow or not tall from top to bottom. This too would indicate the weight is low and designed to hit the ball higher.

The Adrenaline iron can be described as an oversized iron. Well, at least it has the largest effective hitting surface of any iron Hireko currently offers. This means from heel-to-toe and from top-to-bottom there is more room for error instilling not only more confidence, but adding much needed forgiveness on the off-center shots.

Hybrid Construction
Oversize irons can pose a challenge. On one hand they are very forgiving – on at least paper. But as I mentioned before the shape of the head defines where ultimately the center of gravity will end up. Once you make an iron deeper or taller, the center of gravity will rise making it more difficult to get the ball in the air. Make the head longer and longer and it can make the head harder to square up at impact. So there is a right way and a wrong way to produce an oversized iron.

The Adrenaline iron may have a large hitting surface, but it also has a wider sole to help offset the weighting. The rear of the club with an amazing 38% of the weight concentrated here. The two-piece construction is built on the principles of a hybrid but in the end looks like an iron.

The Eye’s Have It
Another reason why the Adrenaline iron is so forgiving has to do with its Tri-Cavity weighting system. If you are wondering what a Tri-Cavity is, well it is 3 cavities as they appear in the back of the head. The picture is not deceiving – those are actually two openings or eyes so-to-speak. This is what gives it the distinctive appearance as well as its performance.

The Power Play Adrenaline iron is going to provide that WOW factor the very first time you see it in person, but more importantly the first and each time you play them!

Power Play System Q Adrenaline Iron – Component Clubhead $9.95 each
Power Play System Q Adrenaline Iron – Custom Assembled $24.95 each